December 28 2023

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Lata Raina

Mitigate risks associated with engaging a contractual workforce: Ascent Contract Labour Management System

Navigating the realm of contract labour management

Engaging with a contractual workforce is both a strategic necessity and a potential source of risks for enterprises these days. As organisations in the manufacturing, healthcare, automobile, and cement industries increasingly rely on contract labour, they become susceptible to an array of challenges and uncertainties. 

The Ascent Contract Labour Management System (CLMS) is designed to safeguard organisations from these risks, offering a comprehensive solution to navigate the complexities associated with managing a contractual workforce.

The risks of contract labour engagement

Data and security concerns

The lack of a centralised repository for contractor and contract employee data exposes organisations to security-related risks. Unauthorised access and data breaches become potent threats, compromising sensitive information.

Ascent Contract Labour Management System establishes a secure repository for contractor and contract employee data. Strict access controls, like gate passes and employee ID generation, ensure that sensitive information is shielded from unauthorised access, mitigating security concerns.

Onboarding challenges

Inadequate onboarding processes can lead to identity verification issues, posing not only security risks but also threatening the overall integrity of the contractual engagement.

Addressing onboarding challenges, Ascent CLMS incorporates unique ID verification, leveraging Aadhar credentials. This proactive approach not only ensures the authenticity of contract employees but also fortifies the overall onboarding process.

Manual processes and error-prone systems

Traditional, manual processes in managing contractual workforce data can result in errors, leading to miscalculations in payroll, compliance lapses, and overall inefficiencies.

Ascent Contract Labour Management System digitises core processes, eliminating manual errors. From payroll calculations to compliance documentation, its efficiently automated framework enhances operational accuracy.

These designs are giving me a headache

Compliance risks

The dynamic nature of labour laws, varying from state to state, adds a layer of complexity. Ensuring adherence to regulations, license renewals, PF/ESIC contributions, and other compliance factors becomes a daunting task, leaving room for legal complications.

Ascent CLMS takes a proactive stance on compliance, catering to state-wise regulations, labour contracts, and essential alerts for license renewal/expiration. Features like the PF/ESIC contribution register and labour welfare fund register ensure meticulous compliance management. The system also facilitates the auto-deactivation of employees after the completion of their contract period, minimising legal risks.

Lack of unified insights in multi-geography engagements

Operating in multiple geographies can lead to fragmented insights and a lack of transparency. This not only hinders decision-making but also exposes the organisation to risks associated with uncoordinated operations.

Ascent CLMS’s multi-geography administration from a single interface promotes transparency and unified insights. Organisations can seamlessly manage contractual engagements across various locations, reducing the risks associated with inconsistent operations.

Ascent Contract Labour Management System: Empowering organisations with proactive risk mitigation

By proactively addressing the inherent risks of engaging contract labour, Ascent Contract Labour Management System transforms contractual workforce management into a strategic advantage. Organisations embracing this innovative system not only fortify their operations but also pave the way for efficient, compliant, and risk-free contract labour management and engagement. To know more or to request a demo, connect with our team today.


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