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20+ Leading Industries Trust Ascent HCM Solutions

Automate & Improve HR Efficiency with Ascent

Why Ascent HCM Payroll Processing Software for your HR Needs?

100% Accuracy with Arrears
ERP Integration with Multiple SSO Options Image
ERP Integration with Multiple SSO Options
Single Version Across All Clients Image
Single Version Across All Customers
Strong References from Clients image
Strong References from Customers
Built-in Statutory Compliances Image
Built-in Statutory Compliances

Ascent HCM Payroll Delivers Seamless Integration & Error-Free Results

Ascent payroll software formerly known as Ascent payroll, is the choice of 20+ leading industries. Being an experienced payroll provider, we have built Ascent with extensive end user feedback thus developing an effective payroll system that is highly configurable, user friendly, quick and error free.
Being modular, Ascent payroll can seamlessly integrate with any enterprise business processes.
The capability to adhere to the legal and regulatory compliance framework makes the whole payroll processing experience very robust, greatly reducing the manual time spent by staff on corrections and compliance management.

Core Benefits of Payroll Management System

The payroll processing software creates value in the working of HR, Finance departments while significantly reducing the statutory compliance risk.

Easy To Use, Hassle Free System for Finance Department

Easy To Use, Hassle Free System
Ascent payroll reduces time and effort on payroll processing, improves payroll accuracy for the finance department, and boosts employee confidence and satisfaction. These benefits include:
  • Configurable Parameter Driven Salary JV and Income Tax Calculation
  • Automatic TDS calculation & Quarterly / Yearly E-TDS returns in NSDL format
  • Automated bank upload file or NEFT into banker’s format
  • Loans and advances tracking
  • Interest on Loan calculation based on EMI or equated principal
  • Digitally Signed Form 16
  • Variation report & loan perquisite valuation report
  • Easy integration with existing ERP / financial accounting
Total Accountability Ensured

Total Accountability Ensured for HR Department

Payroll management system is highly configurable and automates events reducing HR’s effort on operational tasks. These benefits include:
  • Accuracy – Maker & checker for people & compensation data
  • Flexibility – User defined formula for earning/deduction
  • Smart automation – Salary revisions, investment declarations
  • Key event automation – Bulk Full & Final Settlement with Provisional Form 16
  • Extensive and flexible Reporting – Payroll extensive reporting with export in Excel, PDF etc.

Always Synchronised with Updated Statutory Compliances

The integrated Ascent payroll management system provides all the required compliance reporting in a seamless fashion ensuring accurate and up-to-date data while interacting with authorities for statutory compliances. This includes:
  • Income Tax ITNS 281 Challan, Form 16, eTDS Returns 24Q
  • Profession Tax Return cum Challan & Statement
  • Labour Welfare Fund Challan & Statement
  • PF-ECR Online Return & Reconciliation Statement
  • ESIC Statement, Form 6
Always Synchronised with Updated Statutory Compliances

60 Days Customer
Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer service is our highest priority and we stand behind everything we sell. “Ascent offers an exclusive Satisfaction Guarantee for 60 days”. However, if for any reasons you are not satisfied with our products, simply return!
60 days customer satisfaction

Single Click Payroll Processing Software

Single Click Payroll Processing Software
Quick payroll processing at One click
Enables quick payroll processing at the click of a button payroll processing saves time by computing income tax as part of payroll management process.
The quick integration with other enterprise processes such as leave and attendance makes accurate data available instantaneously.
Tax Simplified For Expats
Ascent Payroll management solution automates expat tax computation, consolidation, and grossing. It saves time and boosts accuracy. The payroll software is updated constantly to suit changing international and domestic rules in the computation.

Online Reimbursements with Complete Reliability

The payroll management system is designed in such a way that there is minimum human intervention in automation of payroll related processes and unless there is an exception, the reimbursement of claims and loans are processed with the pre-defined set of rules and parameters.
Consistent Investment & CTC Declarations
The payroll software system provides flexible investment declarations and manages CTC Reimbursement through online claims based on limits on ESS. This feature saves great amount of time in the processing.
Online Reimbursements with Complete Reliability
Audit Trail for Analysing Root Cause

Audit Trail for Analysing Root Cause

The audit trail provides great help in tracking the activities. This is useful in rare cases when a root cause study must be done rapidly to fix a payroll processing issue or detect fraud in case of manual changes in data.
Tailored Variance Report Formats
Role-based access to the payroll database allows stakeholders to edit and use customised reports as needed. The variance reports provide great help in reconciliation and posting.
Six-Dimensional Salary Image
Six-Dimensional Salary JV with Allocating Project-wise Cost
The process of JV creation out of payroll data can become complex as project wise costing will get included in this JV. The two of the dimensions are user defined and other 4 are Account Code, Employee Number, Cost Centre & Business Area.
Comprehensive support through Bulk Full & Final Settlement Image
Intuitive And Distinctive Range of Bank Templates
The payroll software system allows configuration of different templates for different banks making it easy to provide monthly data in the format in which each bank requires it.
Comprehensive support through Bulk Full & Final Settlement Image
Comprehensive Support Through Bulk Full & Final Settlement
Full and final settlement requires all pending dues and payments. Payroll integrates with HR, Leave Management, Attendance Management, etc. Total payroll integration allows automatic full-and-final payment computation with minimal manual involvement. This feature on the ESS lets employees know the final settlement details. The system offers a bulk option for unusual cases.
We have dedicated 16+ years in successfully delivering smart HR and payroll software solutions that have evolved and are improvised to adapt to your business needs. Let us take the pain out of your payroll management system.

50+ Standard Reports and
Customised Report Generator

50+ Standard Reports and Customised Report Generator
Productivity with 50+ Standard Reports
Increase productivity with 50+ standard reports using Ascent payroll processing software. Ascent Report generator tool allows you to create configurable report using 200+ parameters.
Digitally Signed Form 16, eTDS Returns, PF ECR with Guaranteed Security
Total payroll integration allows automatic Form 16 generation and delivery through e-mail or ESS. Employees receive their TDS statement and PF ECR digitally. This automation reduces HR’s end-of-year and employee-requested time and effort.
Loan and Advances with Eilisys payroll

Loan and Advances with Ascent HCM Payroll

Track loan and advances details from disbursement to EMIs with complete clarity in the transactions. Interest on Loan calculation are made based on EMI or equated principal which can be made using either the employee’s income or a cash payment. Ascent payroll software also provides the variance report & loan perquisite valuation report.
Built-In ‘Smart Auditing’ Feature
This feature avoids errors such as duplicate PAN, bank account etc. while removing the normal data entry and validation errors in typical batch processing.

Other HR Software
Products Offerings

2000+ Customers use Ascent HR & Payroll system software to help teams automate operations and streamline activities.
Leave Management
Automate workflows, implement leave policy and increase efficiency with Ascent leave software.
Time & Attendance
With proven functionalities and ease of use, experience hassle-free time and attendance software.
Contract Labour
Boost performance, mitigate risks and ensure compliance leveraging contract labour.
Travel and Expense
Travel & Expense
Automate expense tracking and maximise value from organisational spending with Ascent travel and expense module.
Mobile App
Salary slips, travel & expense claims, loan statements, remote team management with Ascent mobile app.
Fast and secure portal access to help your employees with their personal records & access all Ascent HR modules.
MIS Dashboard
Friendly way to gain visual insights from the data stored by Ascent modules in a graphical format to identify trends and take specific actions.
Training Management
Streamline training, to unlock true potential of employees, improve employee productivity and upskill the workforce.
Performance Management
Performance Management
Improve employee productivity, boost profitability and engagement through continuous feedback with Performance Management.
E-Probation & Confirmation
e-Probation & Confirmation
Detailed employee assessment of probation period and confirmation of employment in the organisation.
Exit Management
Exit Management
From resignation requests, relieving letters to full & final settlement, Ascent provides a single platform for entire off-boarding process.
Kiosk App
Multi-lingual Kiosk software portal for quicker, better and simplified operations to reduce HR burden.
Visitor Management
Visitor Management
Automated visitor management software to maintain visitor records and generate comprehensive log of entries & exits.
Maker & Checker
Maker & Checker
Dual approval control mechanism designed to minimise manual errors in employee profile management.

Frequently Asked Questions

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elitr, sed diam nonumy.

Is your payroll software useful for keeping track of employee time, leave, and sick days?

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How does Ascent handle security of my payroll & other data?

We have a coaching staff that comprises of different kinds of experts ranging from ex-players turned coaches to technical directors with decades of experience. For all the various programs, we have a different set of coaches who perform functions to the best of their expertise.

How can I be sure that my payroll is done correctly?

We completely understand! If you would like to hear about our future programs in general or are interested in a particular program, we urge you to sign up for our newsletter to get in touch with you for the same.

How does Ramco payroll software help with taxes, compliance, and regulations?

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Will you be able to provide payroll software system in the middle of a year?


Is your payroll software useful for keeping track of employee time, leave, and sick days?

Yes, please do. All you need to do is give us a copy of your leave policy, and we’ll handle the computations and tracking.

How does Ascent HCM handle security of my payroll & other data?

How does Ascent HCM handle security of my payroll & other data?

How can I be sure that my payroll is done correctly?

In order to guarantee that each payroll is done accurately as well as maximise tax efficiency, we conduct a thorough examination of each payroll.
Before the finalisation of your payroll, you have the ability to examine and correct any errors. In addition, our payroll staff is accessible to address any questions you might have.

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    Industry Leaders Love Ascent HCM & Payroll Software!

    Here is what some of our customers have to say.
    We would like to congratulate & thank the entire team of Ascent for successful implementation of Leave Management System at SAVWIPL. We really appreciate the commitment and accountability demonstrated by the Ascent team during the implementation period. And we would like to applaud the prompt customer service extended by the colleagues. A massive thank you to each one of you! Our team is really satisfied and grateful for your continuous efforts & assistance, and we look forward to continuing this committed relationship.
    Mr. Rahul Dabi
    (Chief Manager – Skoda Auto Volkswagen India)

    Industry Leaders Love Ascent HCM & Payroll Software!

    Here is what some of our customers have to say.
    Ascent has great products, made by an awesome team. We had a payroll software before this and it was terrible and when we went out in market to search for a new payroll software then Ascent team showed up out of nowhere in competition to big boys of software world and they came so strong that we had no reason to why not take payroll software from Ascent. We are using this since 2011 and it is a very stable system.
    Mr. Amit Bedi
    (Director – Finance)

    Industry Leaders Love Ascent HCM & Payroll Software!

    Here is what some of our customers have to say.
    We have been a very loyal customer of solutions from Ascent for Payroll, Leave management and time booking solutions for more than a decade now. We find their solutions to be very user friendly, reliable and scalable. We have also benefitted from their flexible service support. We have also seen their product right from inception to maturity and we appreciate their efforts in constantly improving and enhancing the product. We wish them all the best and look forward to a complete HR solution from their desk.
    Mr. Kishore Daryanani
    (Ex – Head IT Business & Governance)

    Industry Leaders Love Ascent HCM & Payroll Software!

    Here is what some of our customers have to say.
    Ascent products are very user friendly and can be used without any hassle. It has many short cut key facility which really help us to get good speed for processing. We receive good support from Ascent team to resolve our queries and concerns. The report tab is very useful as it has no restriction to generate any type of report which is very helpful for us. Employee have ESS facility, viewable salary slip, Income tax sheet and declaration online option.
    Mr. Sudhir Kamat
    (General Manager– Finance)

    Industry Leaders Love Ascent HCM & Payroll Software!

    Here is what some of our customers have to say.
    We are extremely satisfied with the way the Ascent Payroll and LAMS package was rolled out and the way it has been supported since 2012.
    In terms of specifics, Ascent offers category wise distribution of access control, strong integration with SAP, prompt and useful MIS, managing changes in effective dates for salary revision, quick retrieval of historical data; and interactive employee access to the system thru ESS.
    Mr. Praveen Agarwal
    (Director – Finance)

    Industry Leaders Love Ascent HCM & Payroll Software!

    Here is what some of our customers have to say.
    I am very happy with product since moved from SAP leave & attendance system and had lot of issues faced during SAP. Overall happy with product and service. Excellent flexibility and security in data. Real time data available Employee Friendly – No training required even for the operators.
    Mr. Rahul Deo
    (Head – Human Resources Adient India)

    Industry Leaders Love Ascent HCM & Payroll Software!

    Here is what some of our customers have to say.
    In 2007, we took a decision which transformed our payroll processing. Payroll processing time reduced from 10 days to 2 days. Most reliable, stable, comprehensive and error free tool supported by honest and efficient team.
    Mr. Anil Pandey
    (Head Technology I & O – India, Middle East & Africa)

    Industry Leaders Love Ascent HCM & Payroll Software!

    Here is what some of our customers have to say.
    We purchased Payroll from Ascent way back in 2001 and since that time we are extremely satisfied not only with its basic features but also on the way in which it moved to a maturity level. The product is amasingly adaptive and user friendly. I have seen some of the leading payroll products and I can say with full confidence that no product in the market can be comparable to Ascent HR Suite.
    Mr. Avadhoot Upadhye
    (General Manager – Finance)

    Industry Leaders Love Ascent HCM & Payroll Software!

    Here is what some of our customers have to say.
    The Performance Management System of Ascent has the flexibility to be configured to accommodate any process. The system helped us adopt a major change in our process with very minimum development. Moreover, the team at Ascent understands business exigencies and the team is always available for support.
    Mrs. Harsha Thota
    (Human Resources – DSP Investment Manager)

    Industry Leaders Love Ascent HCM & Payroll Software!

    Here is what some of our customers have to say.
    On behalf of CG we wish to thank team Ascent Technologies for the excellent support and services provided by you. Your team’s technical and functional expertise is evident. We are extremely happy with the support teams proactive continuous support extended on day-to-day basis for smooth operations. We wish team Ascent Technologies all the very best for all their future endeavours and have no hesitation in recommending them for their domain knowledge and expertise for similar or even more challenging projects.
    Mr. Dhirendra Maurya
    (HR – Shared Services)

    Industry Leaders Love Ascent HCM & Payroll Software!

    Here is what some of our customers have to say.
    I truly appreciate your team and you for a seamless implementation of PMS. This wouldn’t have been possible without your team being completely involved right from understanding the need to delivering the same. Mandar was always there for us during implementation of Payroll and now Sagar has been on our side every time we had a request. We never felt that there were two teams working, it has been one.
    Mrs. Priyanka Vanjari
    (Head – Human Resources)

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