December 1 2023

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Natasha Dhar

Managing contract labour efficiently: Addressing the top challenges faced by the manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry is synonymous with relentless change and fluctuating demands. As organisations grapple with the ever-shifting landscape, managing contract labour efficiently becomes a paramount challenge. Here, we will explore how the Ascent Contract Labour Management System (CLMS) adeptly addresses the top 5 challenges encountered in contract labour management within the manufacturing sector.

Fluctuating business demands and workforce planning

Fluctuating business demands are a norm in the manufacturing industry. Balancing the availability of contract labourers with these shifting requirements can be a formidable task. Inconsistent manpower availability can adversely affect production and lead to understaffing or overstaffing, which carries significant cost implications. Moreover, changes in the contractual workforce can impact the standardisation and quality of work output.

The Solution: Ascent CLMS provides unparalleled monitoring features and detailed cost reports. The centralised system offers a simplified overview of manpower availability across multiple geographies, facilitating optimal resource allocation. The system automates shift detection through in and out timings, eliminating the need for manual tracking and streamlining attendance management. Detailed monthly cost reports include contractor-wise costs, enabling better budgeting insights and forecasts.

Onboarding contractual workforce

Swift onboarding of contract labourers is crucial in manufacturing. Traditional identity verification processes, involving manual collection and verification of documents, can be time-consuming and error-prone. Repeating this process for various projects can also be cumbersome for contract workers.

The Solution: Ascent Contract Labour Management System digitises and automates the onboarding of contract labour. The system validates the rejoining of contract workers using their unique identification (Aadhar), ensuring workforce integrity. This eliminates the need for manual processing, saving time, and reducing errors. This feature enhances security by safeguarding against unauthorised personnel and offers the flexibility to implement multiple levels of authentication for onboarding only verified profiles.

Efficient data management

Managing data for every contractor and contract labourer, including personal information, documents, skillsets, project roles, payroll details, and more, can be a complex task, especially when done manually.

The Solution: Ascent CLMS automates every aspect of contractual workforce management. The centralised platform stores all essential data, streamlining everyday operations and ensuring data is readily accessible and accurate.

Compliance and legal risks

Compliance with labour laws, contracts, and regulations is paramount for manufacturing organisations. Adherence to legalities, including wage and hour regulations and state-specific requirements, is vital. Non-compliance can result in liabilities, penalties, and damage to the organisational reputation.

The Solution: Ascent CLMS empowers manufacturers to enforce rules such as continuous working, overtime management, and absenteeism tracking. Proactive alerts and actions allow companies to maintain productivity and optimise resource utilisation. The system keeps track of labour licence renewals and state-wise regulations, ensuring compliance with legal requirements, and preventing disruptions through timely reminders. Integrated platform monitoring simplifies compliance management and ensures adherence to regulations.

Multiple Contractors – Coordination and Reconciliation

Manufacturers often rely on multiple contractors to manage their contract labour, which can lead to challenges in coordinating payment details, invoicing, reconciliations and resolving discrepancies. These processes can be time-consuming, challenging, and error-prone.

The Solution: By automating the reconciliation process, Ascent Contract Labour Management System reduces dependence on contractors for payroll-related tasks. This streamlines operations, minimizes financial disputes, and mitigates the risk of financial leakages.

Managing contract labour efficiently: Addressing the top challenges faced by the manufacturing industry

Ascent CLMS: An indispensable tool for the manufacturing industry

The Ascent Contract Labour Management System (CLMS) offers an integrated and robust solution to address the top challenges encountered in contract labour management in the manufacturing industry. By skillfully tackling everyday challenges, Ascent CLMS empowers manufacturing businesses to enhance productivity, simplify operations, and foster growth. With Ascent CLMS, manufacturers are well-equipped to navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of contract labour management in the industry. 

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