May 20 2024

Author by:
Natasha Dhar

Ascent LAMS: A Leave Management System that Truly Understands Organisational Needs

When we set out to build an online leave management system, our priority was to develop a solution that understands and addresses the pain points faced by organisations. Today, Ascent Leave and Attendance Management System (LAMS) has over 2,000+ leading businesses that trust us for this critical operation daily. 


A round-up of the features that have garnered widespread appreciation from our clients


Automated leave accruals

One of the most appreciated features of Ascent LAMS is its automated leave accruals functionality. This feature takes into account various factors, such as an employee’s category, seniority, and age to calculate leave entitlements accurately. Whether it is monthly, quarterly, semester, or yearly accruals, Ascent LAMS handles it all seamlessly, ensuring a smooth year-end process.


Real-time calendar views

Manpower planning is a critical aspect of any organisation, and Ascent LAMS makes it easier with its real-time calendar views. This online leave management system provides staff leave calendars that give managers a comprehensive overview of upcoming leaves, allowing them to plan resources effectively. Additionally, the paid holidays and leave calendar further streamline the planning process, making this a highly commended feature of Ascent LAMS.


Configurable leave policies

Ascent LAMS offers highly configurable leave policies that can be customised based on an organisation’s specific requirements. From accommodating multi-level approvals to incorporating email notifications for pending leaves, our clients like how this system ensures that the leave process aligns seamlessly with an organisation’s unique policies and workflows.


Reporting and analytics

Effective decision-making requires access to relevant data and insights. Ascent LAMS excels in this area, providing a wide range of useful reports for employees, managers, HODs, HR, and finance teams. From leave encashment requests to a comprehensive dashboard displaying all leaves at a glance, this system empowers stakeholders with the information they need to make informed decisions.


User-friendly interface

A leave and attendance management system must be accessible and easy to use. Ascent LAMS shines in this aspect, offering a user-friendly interface that simplifies the leave management process for employees and approvers alike. Features like online leave requests, approve/decline options via email, and notifications for approver actions ensure a seamless user experience and are greatly appreciated by our existing clientele.


A leave management system you can rely on

Ascent LAMS stands out as an online leave management system that truly understands and addresses the needs of today’s organisations. Testified and recommended by 2,000+ businesses, its features streamline processes, enhance transparency, and offer unparalleled flexibility. Developed using critical user feedback, it boasts of multiple innovative features that drive true efficiency. To know more or to request a demo, connect with us today. 


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