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April 19 2024

Author by:
Natasha Dhar

A leave management system trusted by leaders across 20+ industries


leave management

There are no two ways about it- Organisations need an efficient leave management system to optimise operations. From enhancing efficiency and transparency to reduced paperwork and added employee satisfaction- Robust leave management software can streamline critical operations and accurately promote timely actions.


Understanding the need for one such intuitive, user-friendly, and adaptive tool, we designed the Ascent Leave and Attendance Management System (LAMS). Trusted by various industry leaders across 20+ industries, this flagship software has many features that cohesively work together to simplify leaves for employees and management alike. Here’s a quick overview-


Configurable leave rules:


Every organisation has its own systems and policies. Leave and attendance is no different. Ascent LAMS is built on this philosophy and allows organisations to set customised leave rules based on their specific requirements. This ensures compliance and consistency across the board.


Real-time calendar views:

With a single dashboard that offers comprehensive insights and real-time calendar views, Ascent LAMS facilitates exceptional manpower planning and resource allocation.


Category-based configuration:

Flexibility is inherent to the functioning of Ascent LAMS. This leave management software comes with configurable settings for different leave categories. This empowers organisations with the freedom to tailor policies specific to different types of leaves and ensure their thorough execution.


Email notifications:

Timely actions are critical to leave management. That’s why, Ascent LAMS sends email notifications to all stakeholders involved in the leave approval process. This ensures convenience, timely communication, required action, and transparency.


Multi-level approvals:

Ascent LAMS supports the ethos of your organisation’s structure. By supporting multi-level approvals, this leave management system allows for a seamless and efficient leave approval workflow tailored to the organisation’s hierarchy.


Online leave requests and pending leaves management:

Convenience and accessibility are key to employee satisfaction. That’s why the Ascent leave management system allows easy submission of leave requests online. Managers can also approve/decline and manage pending requests via email without even logging in to the system. This greatly reduces the administrative overhead, streamlines the process, and ensures timely actions.


Automated leave accruals:

Automation of critical processes while ensuring complete accuracy is at the heart of Ascent LAMS. It easily digitises leave accrual calculations based on various criteria such as working days, seniority, and time. This simplifies the year-end process, ensures accurate leave balances, and significantly reduces administrative burdens. 


Comp-off management:

The system automates comp-off management and facilitates leave encashment requests. This provides employees with flexibility and organisations with greater control over compensatory time-off policies.


A leave management system trusted by industry leaders for a reason


Ascent LAMS is tried, tested, and trusted by esteemed enterprise companies and industries for a reason. The intuitive interface promotes use amongst all employees and the robust functionality ensures ease and efficiency when it comes to organisational operations. Our partner clients also appreciate its accurate automation capabilities and real-time insights. By digitising routine tasks and providing actionable insights, Ascent leave management software enables HR teams to focus on strategic initiatives and employee engagement efforts.


All of these features work cohesively to make Ascent Leave and Attendance Management System (LAMS) a comprehensive solution for organisations seeking to optimise their leave management processes. With various capabilities designed to simplify workflows and improve transparency, Ascent LAMS helps organisations achieve greater efficiency, compliance, and employee satisfaction in managing leaves and absences. To know more or to request a demo, connect with our team today.



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