February 9 2024

Author by:
Lata Raina

Ascent Contract Labour Management System’s comprehensive reports: A strategic advantage for organisations

Organisations often find themselves grappling with multiple challenges when it comes to contract labour management. From navigating several geographic operations to adhering to varying policies across different locations and ensuring compliance with ever-changing regulations, the complexities can seem never-ending. Amidst this complex landscape, the strategic advantage of comprehensive and extensive reports cannot be overstated.

Enter the Ascent Contract Labour Management System (CLMS), a solution designed to empower organisations with unparalleled insights through its comprehensive reporting capabilities.

The strategic advantages of comprehensive contract labour management reports

Contractor-wise attrition and performance report

Ascent Contract Labour Management System offers detailed insights into contractor-wise attrition and performance, enabling organisations to identify trends, assess performance metrics, and make informed decisions regarding contractor engagements. This data-driven approach facilitates proactive strategies to mitigate attrition and enhance overall performance.

Manpower availability report

Efficient manpower allocation is crucial to quality contract labour management. Ascent CLMS provides comprehensive manpower availability reports, segmented by location, shift, and line, offering visibility into resource allocation and utilisation. This enables organisations to optimise workforce deployment, ensuring optimal productivity and operational efficiency across different departments and locations.

Employee rate management based on employee skill type

With Ascent CLMS, organisations can efficiently manage employee rates based on skill type, facilitating equitable compensation structures and ensuring fair remuneration for contract labourers. This feature enhances transparency and fosters positive relationships with contractors, ultimately contributing to enhanced workforce satisfaction and retention.

Daily work allocation for different departments

The system streamlines daily work allocation for different departments, giving managers real-time visibility into task assignments and progress. This fosters accountability and facilitates effective resource management, ensuring that organisational objectives are met promptly.

Overlap/replacement employee list for recruitment planning

Ascent CLMS generates overlap and replacement employee lists, offering valuable insights for recruitment planning and resource allocation. Organisations can minimise disruptions and maintain continuity in contract labour management by identifying potential gaps in workforce availability and proactively planning for contingencies.


Leveraging insights for operational excellence

In conclusion, the Ascent CLMS emerges as a strategic ally for organisations navigating the complexities of contract labour management. By offering comprehensive reports on every aspect of contract labour management, Ascent CLMS empowers organisations with invaluable insights, enabling them to optimise resource allocation, enhance performance, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. In an increasingly competitive landscape, the ability to leverage data-driven insights becomes a cornerstone for operational excellence, and Ascent CLMS stands at the forefront, equipping organisations with the tools they need to thrive in today’s dynamic business environment. Connect with our team today to know more or request a demo.


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