May 27 2024

Author by:
Natasha Dhar

Why Choose Ascent HR and Payroll Software for your Business Needs

When it comes to managing your company’s human resources and payroll functions, having the right HR and payroll software can make all the difference. With over 2,000+ clients across 15 countries, Ascent is one of the most trusted payroll software companies. Here are some of the key reasons why businesses are choosing Ascent Payroll Management System for their HR and payroll software needs.


Proven accuracy and reliability

One of the biggest concerns companies have when evaluating payroll software companies is ensuring accurate payroll processing. With Ascent Payroll Management System’s built-in smart auditing features, you can avoid costly errors like duplicate PAN numbers, bank account numbers, or inaccurate compensations. The software processes payroll with 100% accuracy, giving organisations and their HR and finance much-needed certainty and ease of mind.


Robust core functionalities 

Ascent Payroll Management System offers a comprehensive suite of core payroll capabilities. This includes full and final settlement, arrears calculation, income tax management, investment declarations, online reimbursement claims, and more. The software seamlessly handles complexities like expatriate tax calculations and grossing up as well. 


Simplified statutory compliance

Staying compliant with statutory regulations for PF, ESIC, PT, LWF, and Income Tax is critical but can be tedious. Ascent automates this entire process, generating required returns and challan forms flawlessly. It also provides digitally signed Form 16s for employees and handles eTDS returns filing.


Extensive reporting and MIS

Get deep visibility into your payroll data through our payroll system’s exhaustive range of reports. From payroll registers to yearly tax statements, and investment reports to variance analysis, the configurable report generator simplifies payroll audits and analytics.


Flexible integration and scalability

Ascent is designed for easy integration with your existing ERP and HRMS systems through support for SSO and APIs. Its parameter-driven architecture allows easy configuration and scalability across locations.


Time-saving utilities 

The software comes packed with smart utilities that drive productivity. This includes one-click payroll processing, bulk processing for full and final settlements, quick import/export of employee data, and flexible CTC definition and reimbursement rules.


User-friendly self-service

Employees can conveniently access pay slips, submit investment proofs, and reimbursement claims through the self-service ESS portal. This boosts engagement while reducing the HR team’s effort.


The HR and payroll software of choice for 2000+ companies

With its innovative feature set, focus on statutory compliance, strategic automation, and strong integration capabilities, it’s no surprise that Ascent Payroll Management System is the payroll software of choice for over 2000+ companies. Trusted and recommended by top names from various industries like IT, manufacturing, healthcare, pharma, and automotive. With 1M+ end users utilising this software daily for this core operation, this system can be your reliable ally for incredibly accurate payroll processing. Connect with us today to request a demo.


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