November 1 2023

Author by:
Lata Raina

Unparalleled contract labour management solutions: See how Ascent CLMS tackles critical industry challenges

In today’s dynamic industrial landscape, contract labour management across multiple plants and geographies poses significant challenges for industries. The need to effectively track the performance and productivity levels of every contractor or contract employee is paramount for streamlined operations and prudent financial planning.

As industries grapple with these challenges, the Ascent Contract Labour Management System (CLMS)emerges as a powerful solution, providing comprehensive features to overcome the tiniest hurdles faced by organisations employing contractual workforces, which include-

Managing contractor and contract employee information

The Ascent CLMS offers a robust solution for managing vast arrays of contractor and contract employee information. From contact details to contract terms and compliance documentation, this software ensures that critical data is organised and accessible at a moment’s notice.

Real-time tracking and reporting

One of the standout features of this system is the real-time tracking of contract employee in and out punches, shift scheduling, statutory reports like muster roll, and management of overtime approvals and reports. This real-time tracking capability facilitates efficient resource management and ensures compliance with labour regulations.

Detailed, customised role-based reports

Ascent CLMS provides detailed, role-based customised reports tailored to meet industry-specific needs. These include contractor-wise attrition and performance reports, location/shift/line-wise manpower availability reports, employee rate management based on employee skill type, daily work allocation for different departments, and overlap/replacement employee lists for efficient recruitment planning. Such in-depth reporting aids strategic decision-making and proactive resource allocation.

Enhanced cost visibility

Understanding the costs associated with contractors and departments is essential for effective financial planning. The Ascent Contract Labour Management System offers insights into contractor-wise and department-wise costs, enabling organisations to track expenses accurately and optimise resource allocation for maximum efficiency.

Streamlining operations and boosting productivity

By employing the Ascent CLMS, industries can streamline operations and track productivity levels in real-time, even remotely. The comprehensive reporting features enable industries to proactively manage costs and budget effectively. This preemptive approach ensures that resources are utilised optimally, preventing any misuse of time or funds. Additionally, it helps identify bottlenecks in processes, allowing for timely intervention and process enhancement.


Ascent Contract Labour Management System: A game-changer for industries

The Ascent Contract Labour Management System is tailor-made for industries that frequently engage a contractual workforce, such as manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, pharma, and cement. It is a powerful tool, ensuring enhanced productivity and strategic financial planning. By utilising this system, industries can rest assured that their contractual workforce is efficiently managed, channels their best performance, and operations run smoothly, contributing to the overall growth and success of the organisation.

In conclusion, the Ascent Contract Labour Management System is an indispensable tool for industries reliant on contract labour. Connect with us today or request a demo to bring its robust and innovative features to your company.


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