January 11 2024

Author by:
Lata Raina

Three 2024 HR trends to look out for: Stay ahead of the curve with Ascent HCM

2024 HR trends: As organisations gear up for all the dynamism that the upcoming year holds, here are the 3 prominent HR trends to watch out for. Read how the Ascent HCM suite is poised to be the backbone supporting these changes.

Transparency, promptness, and enhanced compensation benefits

In 2024, the emphasis on transparency and promptness in compensation benefits is expected to take centre stage. This trend not only contributes to employee satisfaction but also builds trust and loyalty toward the organisation, directly impacting productivity and efficiency. Employees today seek clarity on their compensation structures, and organisations that provide transparent and prompt responses cultivate a positive work culture.

The Ascent Payroll Management System stands as a crucial tool to facilitate this 2024 HR trends. Ensuring 100% accuracy with arrears and single-click payroll processing, Ascent Payroll not only aligns with this trend but propels organisations toward a seamless, efficient, and employee-centric payroll processing approach.

Flexible work modules and multi-state compliance for remote workers:

The evolution of work modules will continue in 2024, with organisations embracing flexible arrangements like full-time office, hybrid, and work-from-home. However, ensuring seamless operations across all work modules while managing multi-state compliances for remote workers becomes a critical aspect. Each state has its regulations, and adherence to these is paramount for organisational risk mitigation.

Ascent HCM offers a comprehensive suite of solutions adaptable to diverse work modules. From payroll to leave and attendance management, Ascent HCM ensures accurate, consistent, and proactive operations. The system is designed to stay compliant, alleviating risks associated with varying state regulations. Every solution within the suite ensures strict adherence to state-wise regulations, providing exceptional value to organisations and their dispersed workforce- Helping you stay on top of all HR trends in 2024 and beyond.

Training and upskilling the workforce

Investing in employee training and upskilling remains one of the steadfast HR trends in 2024. Beyond fostering employee satisfaction, this trend contributes to organisational growth, innovation, and adaptability. As employees acquire new skills, the company gains a competitive edge, driving enhanced performance.

The Ascent Training Management System (TMS) is tailor-made for this trend. With a rich training library, gap identification, session scheduling, effectiveness tracking, and detailed reporting, Ascent TMS ensures a comprehensive approach to employee development. It allows organisations to measure the effectiveness and impact of each training session, providing valuable insights for future training initiatives.

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Staying on top of the HR trends: Empowering HR for the future

As the HR landscape evolves, these HR trends underscore the importance of technology-driven solutions that align with organisational goals. The Ascent HCM suite, with its versatile modules and commitment to transparency, compliance, and employee development, positions itself as an invaluable partner for organisations ready to navigate the future of human capital management in 2024 and beyond.


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