July 26 2023

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Lata Raina

Streamlining the operations of the manufacturing industry with Ascent Contract Labour Management System

As the manufacturing industry keeps tussling with the challenges that come with its erratic nature, the need for robust Contract Labour Management has never been more evident.

The pandemic has provided an unprecedented opportunity for Indian manufacturing to further cement its position on the global stage. As the industry consolidates its position, growing and managing contract labour force becomes a strategic imperative. Ascent CLMS aims to help manufacturing industry by helping streamline the entire Cl operations. Read on to know more.

In the dynamic world of manufacturing, businesses often rely on contract labour to meet fluctuating demands and optimise costs. However, managing a large workforce spread across multiple locations, monitoring compliance, and ensuring uniform practices can be a daunting task. The common hurdles faced by companies while managing contract labour workforce are:

1. A high number of contractual workforce 

Companies often manage contract labour in the same way, whether they are managing 50, 500 or 5000 contract labour. This often means highly manual processes, person dependence and a lack of effective control and reporting.

2. Multiple vendors across multiple geographies

Companies typically deploy local contractors for various needs like piece-rate contracts or providing mathadi or skilled/semi-skilled labourers. Managing these multiple vendors across geographies to ensure all compliances are being met all the time while ensuring operational efficiency is a daunting task.

3. Reconciliation with contractor data for monthly payroll processing

At the end of each month, the HR teams have to reconcile data with the contractor to ensure the bills are accurate. Such reconciliations are prone to manual errors, are highly time-consuming and may result in revenue leakage of anywhere between 3-10%


4. Centralised monitoring and control of contract labour data and practices

If you are a manufacturing organisation with more than 1 plant, then knowing which contractors supply what and where becomes a challenge. Understanding how many contract employees were required vs available on a certain day and various other data becomes mission critical. Central teams are often unaware of the realities of the ground, thus leaving room for local malpractices.

5. Compliance management

As a principal employer, one has to ensure compliance with multiple state and central laws around contract labour. Along with these, one has to ensure necessary registrations are obtained and updated. Various returns and registers have to be maintained and kept updated. Doing all of this manually in multiple locations is a nightmare for any organisation.

6. Enforcing uniform practices and policies

Cross-pollination of talent across geographies, and ensuring a blacklisted person does not get onboarded in another location/plant are just some of the aspects one has to ensure for an efficient contract labour management operation. Monitoring, tracking and maintaining these checks manually is very difficult for most organisations.

Front view of two men working with special electric steel cutter machine for welding or making gates in smithy. Concept of process produce modern fence in garage.

Enter Ascent Contract Labour Management System

Ascent Contract Labour Management System emerges as a pioneering solution capable of addressing the diverse challenges faced by the manufacturing industry. Let’s delve into its key features:

1. Auto-shift detection based on in and out timings

The system automates shift detection by leveraging in and out timings, eliminating the need for manual tracking. This feature streamlines attendance management, enabling accurate and real-time data.

2. One place for all compliances

Ascent Contract Labour Management System provides a centralised repository for all compliance-related information, ensuring that companies stay up to date with statutory requirements. This feature minimises the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties. The system offers notifications and alerts to ensure nothing is missed.

3. Location/unit-based access to admin staff

The system grants location or unit-based access to administrative staff, enabling efficient management of contract labour at each site. This feature promotes localized control while maintaining overall visibility and control for management.

4. Complete transparency

With our system’s comprehensive reporting capabilities, manufacturers gain complete transparency regarding the number of contract staff, adherence to budgets, and attendance records. This transparency facilitates informed decision-making and cost optimization.

5. Reduced dependency on contractors

By automating the reconciliation process, the system reduces dependency on contractors for payroll-related tasks. This streamlines operations, minimises financial disputes, and mitigates the risk of leakages.

6. Rejoining validation via Unique ID (Aadhar)

The system validates rejoining of contract workers through their unique identification (Aadhar), ensuring the integrity of the workforce. This feature safeguards against unauthorised personnel and strengthens security measures. Multiple levels of authentication can be built in to ensure we onboard only verified profiles.

7. Enforcing rules for proactive actions

Our solution empowers manufacturers to enforce rules such as continuous working, overtime, and absenteeism. With proactive alerts and actions, companies can maintain productivity and optimise resource utilisation.

8. Tracking and monitoring labour license renewals

The system keeps track of labour license renewals, ensuring compliance with legal requirements. By providing timely reminders, it prevents disruptions caused by expired licenses.

9. Tracking and monitoring statutory compliances

With the system’s integrated platform, manufacturers can monitor all statutory compliances, maintaining valid challans and documentation in one centralized location. This feature simplifies compliance management and ensures adherence to regulations.

10. Monthly cost summary

Ascent Contract Labour Management System offers a detailed monthly cost summary, providing valuable insights into contract labour expenses. This information enables companies to identify cost-saving opportunities and optimised resource allocation

Ascent Contract Labour Management System is a powerful solution for manufacturers grappling with the challenges of managing contract labour. By digitising and streamlining critical processes, ensuring compliance, and enhancing transparency, this comprehensive system empowers businesses to achieve operational excellence and maximise productivity. This solution not only simplifies contract labour management but also paves the way for growth and success in the competitive manufacturing landscape. 

To bring our revolutionary system used by some of the leading industry players to your company, connect with us today.


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