January 31 2024

Author by:
Natasha Dhar

How effective was a training session? Get detailed analysis and reports with Ascent Training Management System.

When it comes to your workforce’s evolution, effective training management isn’t just a checkbox, it is the catalyst for nurturing a dynamic, adaptable, and skilled workforce. Beyond the acquisition of new skills, effective training contributes to employee performance, job satisfaction, and overall organisational success.

Recognising the pivotal role training plays in shaping a skilled and motivated workforce, organisations are increasingly investing in comprehensive Training Management Systems (TMS). As organisations delve into training initiatives, the need to evaluate the impact of these programs becomes paramount. Among these, the Ascent Training Management System emerges as a leader, not just in conducting training sessions but in meticulously evaluating their effectiveness.

Ascent TMS’s comprehensive training insights: A brief overview

Training plan vs. actual plan

Ascent Training Management System offers a detailed comparison between the initially planned training sessions and the actual executed sessions. This feature provides invaluable insights into the alignment of training programs with organisational objectives.

Training need overview

The system provides a panoramic view of training needs within the organisation. Identifying skill gaps and training requirements becomes a seamless process with features like employee self-nomination, manager recommendation, and more- Empowering organisations to address specific needs effectively.

Training feedback and effectiveness

Post-training feedback is a goldmine of information. Ascent TMS collects and analyses feedback, providing organisations with insights into the effectiveness of the training sessions. This data becomes instrumental in refining future training initiatives.

Training expense

Financial planning is critical in every aspect of organisational operations. Ascent TMS offers a comprehensive breakdown of training expenses, allowing organisations to evaluate the budget/ROI for every training session.

Training master data

Managing training programs involves a multitude of data. Ascent TMS simplifies this with its robust training master data feature, ensuring easy organisation, retrieval, and analysis of essential training-related information.

Training evaluation by participants and manager

Personalisation is key to effective training. Ascent TMS enables organisations to evaluate training success based on participation rates along with participant and managerial assessments. This feature allows tailored interventions based on individual and team needs.

Strategy and plan is help business development

Informed training management starts here with Ascent TMS

As organisations steer through an era of constant evolution, the role of training management cannot be overstated. Beyond the mere execution of training sessions, the effectiveness of these programs holds the key to organisational growth. Ascent TMS offers a wealth of insights through its comprehensive reporting features. By evaluating every aspect of training management, it becomes the compass guiding organisations toward informed decisions, fostering a culture of continual learning, development, and success.


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