September 26 2023

Author by:
Lata Raina

Features that set Ascent Contract Labour Management System apart- A brief overview

In the dynamic world of business, efficient contract labour management is often a challenging task. It requires precision, compliance adherence, and streamlined operations to ensure smooth productivity and maintain statutory requirements. Recognising this need, we at Ascent HCM, a trusted name with over 2000+ clients for reliability and innovation, have ventured into revolutionising the industry with our Contract Labour Management System (CLMS).

The hallmark of Ascent CLMS is being the first and one-of-a-kind solution in India, exclusively designed to streamline the contractual workforce. It’s a game-changer, providing companies with easy-to-use software that’s highly configurable to company policies. This adaptability empowers organisations to tailor the system according to their unique operational needs and also brings unparalleled accessibility to contract workers, and the management alike.

Real-time attendance tracking and manpower availability across multiple geographies is another standout feature. With a few clicks, the management can monitor attendance and the availability of manpower, ensuring that staffing levels are optimal for each location.

One significant advantage of Ascent Contract Labour Management System is its role-based customised reports. These reports offer deep insights into productivity and efficiency, enabling data-driven decision-making. Companies can analyse contractor and contract employee performance, allowing for proactive measures to enhance productivity.

Compliance management solutions are an integral part of the Ascent CLMS, ensuring adherence to the diverse labour laws that vary from state to state in India. This feature minimises compliance-related risks and legal complexities, providing peace of mind to organisations.

A unique authentication method via an Aadhaar card for every contract employee sets Ascent CLMS apart. This enhances security and accuracy in tracking contract employees while streamlining the onboarding and monitoring process.

Moreover, the system provides monthly detailed cost summaries, enabling companies to analyse their spending patterns accurately. This feature helps in budgeting and cost optimisation, a critical aspect of efficient operations.

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Ascent Contract Labour Management System: A reliable and revolutionary solution

In conclusion, these robust features offered by the Ascent Contract Labour Management System are ideal for various industries that heavily rely on contractual workforce like manufacturing, healthcare, pharma, automotive, and cement. The software equips companies in these sectors to streamline operations, ensure proactive decision-making, gain insights into spending, and adhere to compliance requirements effectively.

With the Ascent Contract Labour Management System, companies can navigate the complexities of managing a contractual workforce seamlessly. It’s a pivotal tool in the modern business landscape, empowering organisations to scale effectively and drive success through efficient workforce management. Trust in Ascent HCM’s legacy of reliability and innovation continues with this groundbreaking Contract Labour Management System, setting new industry standards and propelling businesses towards a more productive future.


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