November 1 2023

Author by:
Lata Raina

Enhancing efficiency in the IT industry: The Ascent HCM Suite’s impact

In the dynamic landscape of the IT industry, efficient management of human resources is the linchpin for success. Ascent HCM, a trusted name with a proven track record of satisfying over 2,000 clients and serving more than 10,00,000 end users, has become synonymous with innovation, customer-centricity, and operational excellence. Let’s delve deeper into the core solutions that have earned Ascent HCM Suite its stellar reputation in the IT industry.

Ascent Leave and Attendance Management System

Managing leaves and attendance efficiently is fundamental for any organisation. Ascent’s Leave and Attendance Management System digitises these critical processes, offering real-time calendar views for optimised manpower handling. Automated leave accruals, approvals, and comp-off management streamline administrative efforts, seamlessly integrating with attendance punches. Advanced features like shift scheduling, roster management, overtime tracking, and detailed reports, all easily configurable, ensure smooth operations while adhering to compliance requirements.

Ascent Payroll Management System

Payroll processing can often be complex and time-consuming. The Ascent Payroll Management System is designed to simplify this critical aspect of operations. With its single-click payroll processing, complete with income tax calculations, organisations can ensure accurate and timely payroll disbursals. The system also provides configurable reports, comprehensive audit trails, variance reports, parameter-driven salary structures, easy integration with existing ERP/financial accounting systems, and strict compliance with statutory requirements, offering a comprehensive payroll management solution tailored to the IT industry.

Ascent Travel & Expense Management System

Efficient management of travel and expenses is pivotal in a sector where mobility and client interactions are prevalent. Ascent Travel & Expense Management System provides real-time expense tracking and valuable spending insights. With strong anti-fraud controls, the system prevents duplication, misuse, and policy violations. The ability to track costs based on teams, projects, clients, or trips, combined with its compatibility on both iOS and Android platforms, makes it a flexible and indispensable tool. Furthermore, its configurability to suit any policy and compliance readiness adds to its appeal.

Solutions that come from a deep understanding of the IT industry

By adopting Ascent HCM solutions, IT organisations aboard a multitude of benefits. Enhanced efficiency, reduced administrative burden, significant cost savings, impeccable compliance adherence, and informed decision-making are just a few of the advantages. Ascent’s commitment to innovation and adaptability perfectly aligns with the dynamic needs of the IT industry, making it an invaluable asset for organisations striving for success in a fiercely competitive arena.

Bringing the Ascent HCM suite into your organisation not only promises a smoother workflow and optimal resource utilisation but also positions your IT company at the forefront of the industry’s technological evolution. To know more or to request a demo of our 15+ solutions, connect with us today.


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