March 2 2024

Author by:
Natasha Dhar

Power your operations with Ascent Contract Labour Management System’s real-time insights and detailed reports

Contract Labour Management System
Contract Labour Management System

Even though industries like manufacturing, automotive, and healthcare heavily rely on a contract workforce, the need for a robust contract labour management system is often overlooked. Challenges like managing contract labour across multiple locations and immense reliance on contractors have long been a pain point for organisations in these sectors. However, with Ascent Contract Labour Management System (CLMS), a new era of streamlined and optimised contract workforce management has emerged.

Ascent CLMS addresses the inherent complexities of managing contract labour with its revolutionary approach. At its core, the system offers real-time insights and detailed reports that empower organisations to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Key features that make Ascent Contract Labour Management System a game-changer

Real-time time and attendance tracking: With Ascent CLMS, organisations gain access to robust time and attendance tracking capabilities. The system allows for seamless monitoring of shift schedules, roster management, and manpower availability across different locations, shifts, and lines. This real-time visibility enables organisations to optimise resource allocation and ensure operational efficiency.

Role-based customised reports: Ascent CLMS offers customisable reports tailored to meet the specific needs of each organisation. From contractor-wise attrition and performance metrics to employee rate management and daily work allocation analysis, these reports provide invaluable insights into the contractual workforce. By leveraging role-based reporting, organisations can gain deeper visibility into critical metrics and drive continuous improvement initiatives.

Automated email alerts and escalations: Ascent CLMS streamlines contract labour management with its automated email alerts and escalations feature. The system proactively notifies stakeholders about various scenarios, such as exceeding employee counts as per contractor limits, overtime hours exceeding statutory limits, continuous absenteeism, and impending contractor agreement/license renewals. This proactive approach ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and helps organisations stay ahead of operational challenges.

Ascent Contract Labour Management System revolutionises the way organisations manage their contractual workforce. By offering real-time insights, customisable reports, and automated alerts, Ascent CLMS empowers organisations to optimise their contract labour management processes and drive operational excellence. With Ascent CLMS, organisations can navigate the complexities of contract labour management with confidence and efficiency, unlocking new levels of productivity and performance.


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