March 28 2024

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Lata Raina

Need of the hour: Why organisations need robust contract labour management software for smarter operations

contract labour management

The reliance on a contract workforce is high in industries like manufacturing, healthcare, and automotive- And thus, calls for robust contract labour management software that can proactively navigate this operational pillar. These industries require intuitive software for many reasons, each contributing to smoother operations and enhanced productivity.

5 reasons to deploy contract labour management software in your business

Insights into daily operations across different locations: Contract labour management software provides invaluable insights into daily operations. Accurate real-time tracking of time and attendance data across multiple geographies and shifts helps organisations comprehensively understand workforce activities. This enables them to optimise scheduling, resource allocation, and efficiency.

Promotes cost-effectiveness: With multiple data points, these systems can facilitate cost and manpower optimisation. Labour cost analysis and identification of areas of inefficiency empower organisations to make data-driven decisions. This streamlines operations, reduces expenses, and maximises productivity.

Compliance with labour laws: Staying compliant with various labour laws and regulations is another crucial aspect for organisations. Contract labour management software ensures that they adhere to legal requirements. This mitigates the risk of penalties and legal repercussions associated with non-compliance.

Reduced reliance on contractors: This is a strategic goal for many industries. Using dedicated software for contract labour management empowers organisations to minimise dependence on external parties, enhance operational control, and reduce associated risks.

Ensuring complete security:  Stringent security controls are another plus that comes with advanced labour management software. With features like role-based access control and secure data storage, they safeguard sensitive information and ensure compliance with data protection regulations as well. 

Get all these robust features and more with Ascent Contract Labour Management System (CLMS)

Ascent CLMS, with its power-packed features tailored to the specific needs of industries relying on contract labour, surpasses other CLMS offerings in the market. Here’s how-

Real-time insights and extensive workforce information: This feature provides organisations with up-to-date insights into workforce activities, enabling proactive decision-making and resource optimisation. Extensive information management capabilities allow for detailed tracking of contract employees and contractors, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Role-based customised reports: With Ascent CLMS, organisations get valuable data points and reports on labour costs, performance metrics, and compliance status. This promotes strategic planning and data-driven decision-making.

Automated email alerts and escalations: Our system comes equipped with features that streamline communication and ensure timely responses to critical issues. This enhances operational efficiency and reduces administrative burdens.

Compliance-ready and stringent security features: Another advantage of Ascent CLMS is its in-built compliance-readiness. This ensures that organisations remain aligned with labour laws and regulations, reducing the risk of non-compliance-related penalties and fines. Additionally, features like onboarding of contract workforce through Aadhaar numbers enhance security while onboarding and accuracy in managing contractual arrangements.

In conclusion, robust contract labour management software is indispensable for industries reliant on contract labour. Ascent CLMS offers a comprehensive solution- Addressing critical pain points for organisations and empowering them with the tools needed to optimise operations, ensure compliance, and drive success. To know more or to request a demo, connect with our team today.


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