June 6 2023

Author by:
Lata Raina

Closing the Productivity Gap with the Ideal HCM Software for All Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturing industries see one of the widest varieties of uses for HCM software. From an employee punching in, to a manager doing checks, it is vital for accurate employee information, overtime hours, and shift scheduling options to be displayed in a quick-to-understand format. It is also important for the shop floor employee to be able to know their shift timings, and missed punches, track overtime and view their salary slips with ease. 

The comprehensive suite of Ascent HCM software provides manufacturing facilities that stand as the ultimate connection between the service and industrial sectors. All bases covered, your shop floor is assured of quick, productive employees and minimal delays.

A unified HCM software suite

The challenges on a manufacturing shop floor are constantly evolving. From shift attendance to local regulation compliance, these challenges become a manager’s nightmare if not handled properly. So handle them better, with Ascent.

We provide an advanced suite of centralized HCM software with in-built configurable menus for your company. Through 16 years of experience developing the best HCM software solutions, we know what a productive workplace looks like. Better planning, clear communication, and employee satisfaction are elements implemented by a comprehensive suite of solutions we provide. 

Running single or multiple shop floors in a manufacturing facility should not affect productivity and cause delays and yet, they do. Completely automating the time and attendance process, we eliminate the need for manual data entry thus uncomplicating the process and making it easier for both employee and manager.

This also helps while payments go out. Included in the HRM software suite is an automated transfer of time and attendance data into the payroll system with configurable deduction procedures. Talk about intuitive systems! Throughout this entire process, every relevant stakeholder is notified along with a report on payroll time data.

Keeping track of punch timings, a clear daily attendance record, and dynamic workforce planning, the Ascent HCM software suite automates and keeps track of everything that would have otherwise been done manually, saving the company time and manpower.

Manufacturing industries are dynamic and need dynamic solutions

Supporting millions of jobs every year, manufacturing industries play a vital role in not just creating products for the consumer market but contributing to the growth of whole industries. A sector with this kind of weight will need to maximize productivity, employee satisfaction and remain compliant with local regulations.

To facilitate these ever-changing needs, a company needs the right kind of HRM software, one that does not cut corners and can be highly configured for any industry it services. 

Breaking Communication Barriers

For employees on the shop floor, communications regarding working hours, shift schedules, and holidays will need to be done differently. Ascent solves the problem with a digital solution that happens to be in the pockets of all. An easy-to-use mobile app that lets employees record attendance, view payslips and their shift schedules. Earlier a passive link in manufacturing industries, HCM software has proven itself to drive productivity by defining adaptable innovation that works. Want to see how? Contact us for a demo and see how Ascent works for you!


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