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October 4 2023

Author by:
Natasha Dhar

Ascent Travel & Expense Management System: Empowering the IT industry with its comprehensive features

Global operations are a cornerstone of the IT industry, making business travel and associated expenses a critical challenge to address. The Ascent Travel & Expense Management System offers an all-in-one solution for efficient expense management. Packed with a wide range of powerful features, it provides a centralised overview for the organisation to track, analyse, and budget travel expenses on an individual employee, team, client, and project basis.

Let’s delve into the capabilities that make it the go-to choice for the IT Industry seeking a comprehensive travel and expense management system.

Real-time expense updates
It ensures that you’re always in the know about your travel expenses. With real-time data input, you can track expenses as they happen, giving you unparalleled control over your spending.

Configurable to any policy
Every business has unique expense policies, and Ascent understands that. That’s why, our Travel & Expense Management System is highly configurable, allowing you to tailor it to your specific policies and guidelines, ensuring compliance without compromise.

Authorised and systematic bookings
Say goodbye to duplication with Ascent. Its systematic booking process guarantees that no expenses are duplicated, ensuring your financial records stay accurate.

Analytics of travel expenses
Knowledge is power, and Ascent’s T&E solution provides that power with its analytics capabilities. Gain insights into your travel expenses and make informed decisions to optimise spending.

Ascent T&E is GST compliant so that you do not fret over GST reconciliation between T&E and your financial system. It can seamlessly integrate with your financial system, simplifying your GST filing.

Strong anti-fraud controls
It takes security seriously. Its robust anti-fraud controls prevent misuse of expenses and unauthorised access, safeguarding your financial data.

Expense claims approval and breach alerts on email
Ascent T&E sends expense claims via email, making it convenient for managers to review and approve them promptly without having to log into the application. It provides all necessary information required for such approval right within the email.

At the same time, Ascent T&E warns of and escalates policy violations to respective management via mail. This way, the authority is aware of the breaches and can take action to address them real-time.

Configure approval hierarchy
If your organisation has a different approval hierarchy based on the type of expenses and type of employees, Ascent T&E System has you covered.

Mobile compatibility (iOS & Android)
Access on the go with mobile compatibility for both iOS and Android devices. Stay connected and manage expenses from anywhere.

Dashboard expenses for team, project, client, or trip-wise travel costs
Get a comprehensive view of your expenses with a dashboard that categorises expenses by team, project, client, or trip. This visibility allows you to monitor and control your T&E effectively and proactively.

Scan bills and upload them under respective expense heads
Effortlessly organise your expense data by scanning bills and uploading them under the respective expense head, simplifying the expense reporting process.

Manual updation of expenses
For expenses that require manual input, It offers a straightforward manual updation feature, ensuring that no expense goes unaccounted for.

Crop man pointing at globe in office

Designed to simplify travel expense management for the IT industry

In summary, the Ascent Travel & Expense Management System stands out as an all-encompassing solution, empowering the IT industry with its diverse array of features for streamlined travel expense management. With its high level of configuration, ability for real-time data input, and seamless compatibility with mobile devices, Ascent proves to be an invaluable asset for businesses across various sizes and geographies. To bring the ease and effectiveness of Ascent to your IT company, connect with us today.


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