June 6 2023

Author by:
Natasha Dhar

Adding Value to the Workplace with Advanced Time and Attendance Software

In any dynamic business or industry environment, the use of accurate Time and Attendance software becomes paramount for workplace productivity and the optimum use of employee time. An essential pillar in making the most of your people’s time, a comprehensive, accurate and quick time attendance system that is well-integrated becomes extremely valuable for any company. 

Moving on from antiquated manual tracking methods, Ascent brings to the table the latest in HCM Technology. Meant to boost productivity and optimize the usage of time for better work. Just one of our pioneering and innovative HCM solutions, Ascent is where intelligence meets efficiency. Meant to boost productivity and optimize the usage of time for better work.

Make the most out of employee time 

Identify and track monthly overtime hours with real-time data that allows you to seamlessly manage shift rosters, and calculate overtime. Get a clearer picture with reports and notifications going to reporting managers to match overtime data to actual project data. With Ascent Time and Attendance Software, make the most out of your employee’s time with efficient overtime tracking that can seamlessly integrate with a variety of attendance systems from biometrics to turnstile or face detection devices. 

Plan for your workforce with unified Time and Attendance software, empowering managers 

The Ascent time attendance system makes it easier than ever to keep track of accurate employee data, enabling managers to make quick, informed decisions to deal with non-attendance issues. 

Having said that, workforce planning is not a linear process in any measure with plenty of changes made in real time due to numerous reasons. An efficient automated mechanism is in place for shift scheduling and roster management by capturing shift changes and swapping shifts.

Ensuring compliance

In a large organization bound to extend across state lines, a system of compliance with rules in different states that can be regularly updated is mandatory. Using a built-in repository of state-wise compliances, Ascent Time and Attendance Software provides accurate statutory reports from Leave card and muster roll to overtime and adult register.

Reducing the need and frequency of manual intervention, we help you stay ahead of compliance and keep up with regulatory changes. A configurable and rule-based system simplifies state-wise attendance complexities and mitigates any risks or legal issues for the company. 

Automation with accuracy

Highly configurable to your company’s needs, automated payroll mechanisms can be accurately configured being adaptable to diverse payroll structures. The intuitive system adapts to policy changes and allows you to evaluate, adjust and improve it, keeping in mind user-friendly business rules. 

Gain actionable insights 

A unified dashboard provides complete visibility to management when it comes to actual productivity achieved by teams. This is understood by gaining visibility of the roster versus solid hours. A notification system is integrated, alerting managers to deviations in time data, empowering them to make timely interventions.

An example of our configurable systems, the Ascent time and attendance software has an inbuilt exception handling system based on company policy. Cut down on man-hours spent by utilizing automation in approval of time data in exceptions.

Experience seamless, highly accurate and configurable Time and Attendance Management System with Ascent Time and Attendance. Contact us to kickstart a journey of productivity and seamless time management.


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