August 31 2023

Author by:
Natasha Dhar

A centralised platform for contract labour in the healthcare industry: Ensuring efficiency and compliance

In the fast-paced healthcare industry, the demand for contract labour has been steadily rising. Contract workers play a crucial role in providing essential services and filling staffing gaps in various healthcare facilities. However, managing contract labour efficiently and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements can be challenging. Ascent Contract Labour Management System is designed to tackle all these challenges strategically.

Addressing the challenge of efficient monitoring

Hospitals and healthcare facilities often engage contract workers through multiple staffing agencies. As a result, tracking the work hours, performance, and assignments of these workers can become fragmented and chaotic.

Ascent offers a centralised platform that streamlines this process by providing real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities. Healthcare administrators can access a single dashboard to oversee all contract workers, ensuring they are fulfilling their roles effectively and meeting the required standards.

Ensuring security and integrity

Ensuring the expertise and integrity of the contractual workforce becomes especially necessary when it comes to healthcare. Ascent Contract Labour Management System utilises multi-factor authentication including Aadhaar Verification to make this easier.

Efficient compliance management

The healthcare industry is governed by strict regulations and compliance standards. When dealing with contract management, ensuring compliance with these regulations can be complex.

A centralised contract management platform like ours eases the burden of compliance management by automating the process. It can track certifications, licences, and training requirements of contract workers, sending timely reminders for renewals. This proactive approach helps healthcare facilities stay compliant and minimises the risk of regulatory violations.

Promoting uniform practices, policies, and quality of care

Healthcare providers often operate multiple facilities across various locations or geographies. Managing contract labour consistently across these diverse settings can be challenging without a standardised approach.

A centralised platform establishes uniform practices and policies, streamlining the onboarding process for contract workers. It ensures that all workers receive the same training, adhere to the same protocols, and are aligned with the organisation’s core values, resulting in a cohesive and efficient workforce. This also improves the overall quality of the care delivered.

Increasing operational efficiency

A decentralised management of contract labour can lead to inefficiencies and redundancies. A centralised platform optimises the allocation of contract workers, matching their skills with the specific needs of each healthcare facility. This reduces the time and effort spent on manual coordination, allowing administrators to focus on other critical aspects of patient care and operational management. Simple features like auto shift detection, and control of shift scheduling with supervisors can greatly impact operational ease and effectiveness.

Enhancing communication and collaboration

Effective communication and collaboration are vital for the seamless functioning of any healthcare facility. A centralised platform provides a common communication channel for contract workers, permanent staff, and administrators. This fosters a sense of teamwork and facilitates the exchange of information, ultimately benefiting patient outcomes.

Contract Labour Management System: An indispensable tool in the healthcare industry

Ascent Contract Labour Management System strategically tackles the challenges faced by the healthcare industry. By offering a centralised platform, it increases operational efficiency, ensures workforce integrity, and enhances communication within the team, positively impacts patient outcomes and the overall success of healthcare facilities.

So if you are struggling with issues like how many contract employees do I really have? How many of them are present today? Am I compliant with all necessary and sufficient state wise laws on contract labour? Do I proactively know who is working continuously? Who has overshot the prescribed OT hours as per state laws, or who has been absent consistently? Do I have an effective way of managing my contract labour supplier performance? How do I arrest ghost employees while ensuring blacklisted individuals do not sneak past? And many other similar scenarios, it’s time you consider the Ascent Contract Labour Management system.


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