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Comprehensive Payroll Software in India

Payroll software helps organizations to manage the work of employee tax filing, salary work, which includes calculation of wages, tax deductions, employee tax payment to government and much more. Use of payroll software can be beneficial for any organization. Through our Ascent Product Suite, you can keep track of employee leaves, attendance and overall payroll management. More to this, company expense management can also be done via our product.

Ascent Payroll Software

We at Eliisys offer our flagship product ‘Ascent payroll’ which is currently stated as the best payroll management software. Our software offers great features like flexible reimbursements for employee expenses, income tax calculation, expat grossing up. To ensure smooth, effective and speedy payroll calculation in your company, you can rely on our product.

Benefit of using Ascent Payroll Software:

The benefit of using this software are that very less data is required by the employee to be filled in i.e. only wage, number of work hours are to be updated, rest is calculated by the software.

Secondly, our software has been designed and developed in a manner that it suits all business needs. Even a small miscalculation by employees or HR team at companies can lead to a big loss; hence the software provides you with 100% accurate and authentic results, saving loss to your business.

There are many benefits for your organization by using Ascent Payroll:

1. Finance Department: Automated TDS Calculation, Digitally signed Form 16, Audit trail for Earning, Deduction, calculating interest based on EMI, loan and advance tracking,

2. HR Department: Mass update for earning and deduction, salary revision, employee job history, calculation of arrears, salary master data, provisional form 16.

How is the payroll software beneficial for small businesses?

If you are a small business owner and pondering over the use of payroll software in your company, then there are many points which can offer benefit to your company. Our payroll software being an affordable option is easy to use and purchase for small businesses also and with minimum data being entered in the software, anyone can do it. Also with payroll software, the business owners can compile the data at any place.

Successful Delivery of Product at Ascent

Our product has been successfully utilized by more than 600 organizations and they are just loving the speedy work done by them. Few of our clients are big name in the industry like West side, Samsonite, Fujitsu, Cybage and many more. With a ‘60 day customer guarantee’ we offer our clients to return the product in case they are not satisfied with it. At Ascent, we our the pioneer in the Human Resources management and have been treated as the number one company on which clients rely and this is not just what we say, but our customers speak for our work. The use of the payroll software is wide, ranging from small to large businesses. With our carefully designed payroll software, we match the use of each and every business. For a complete and detailed discussion about payroll software, you can drop us a mail or have a discussion with us directly by visiting our office.

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