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One of the fastest growing cities in India, Bangalore also ranks among the top 10 cities in the country in terms of the number of startups, SMEs and technology enterprises. After having established its reputation in other metropolitans of India, Eilisys, one of the top-notch software service providers in the country, is now all set to make a mark on the ever-expanding business canvas of Bangalore, by helping entrepreneurs with the most comprehensive payroll software solutions. Scroll down through the webpage to know more about Ascent payroll software Bangalore.

Payroll is amongst the most basic operations that every organization, irrespective of the nature of its business, has to comply with. However, often the complexities involved and intertwined nature of payroll elements make it difficult for the business owners to cope up with it (especially in the absence of an exclusive resource that looks after it). Payroll involves tax computations, managing several forms to ensure compliance, maintaining various records associated with the employee information, his/ her employment history and so on. Managing all these aspects, manually, indeed becomes a challenge given the dearth of time that everyone in modern-day business lives with. Such a situation calls for a technology-oriented approach towards managing payroll and managing it in the most appropriate, accurate, timely and compliant manner.

Eilisys’s Ascent payroll management software is a perfect product that epitomizes the highest standards of comprehensive payroll management, as it handles everything right from maintaining records of the new joiners to managing full and final settlement of all those who have resigned. Besides, it also automates some tasks that otherwise required manual intervention every time they were taken up. Here’s more to the functionalities offered by the distinguished Ascent payroll management software.

Functionalities of Ascent Payroll Software Bangalore

The Finance and HR departments of the organization are closely associated with payroll, and therefore, this payroll management software proves to be a useful tool for both the verticals, simplifying, expediting and automating several tasks for concerned staff members.

Finance Department

  • Create audit trails for earning/ deduction and changes to employee master information.

  • Automated TDS calculation

  • Parameter driven income tax calculation and salary JV.

  • Automated bank file or NEFT file upload in the banker’s format

  • Working on quarterly/ yearly e-TDS returns in NSDL format

  • Facilitation of a digitally signed form 16

  • Generation of loan perquisite valuation report

  • Allows tracking loan and advances

  • Generation of variation report for last month transactions

  • Can be easily integrated with the existing financial account system/ ERP

  • CTC reimbursement management through limit based online claims

  • Helps calculate interest on the basis of EMI or equated principal.

  • Enabling to configure own dimensions for the salary JV

Human Resources Department

  • Offers a comprehensive database of employee information, along with the previous employment details of the employee.

  • Allowssetting a user definable formula for each deduction/ earning code.

  • Managing aspects such as salary revisions, attendance, arrears calculation, leave regularization, investment declarations, etc.

  • Helps generate detailed reports for employee and salary master data

  • Enables processing of supplementary payroll

  • Manage important factors such as hold and release salary

  • Enable mass update for earning/ deduction code

Statutory Compliance

This involves managing various important forms including income tax ITNS 281 challan, form 16, professional tax statement, ESIC form 6, PF reconciliation statement, ESIC statement and online challan, PF and pension nomination (revised form 2), eTDS returns 24Q, PF challan, form 3A, 6A, 12A, 5, 10, 9, manage ECR online return and professional tax return cum challan.

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