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Employee Time Tracking Software

Attendance and Time Tracking Software

Attendance management still involves pouring over musters in most companies. This is a time consuming process and not always accurate. Even if the company has a biometric system, collecting the attendance data and creating monthly attendance reports remains a tedious task. This is where Eilisys attendance management software can come to your help. This software aids the HR and the Accounts department of the company to handle the attendance and work timings of the employees in an effective manner.

With this attendance management software , you do not have to worry about calculating the attendance of employees at the end of every month. This software not only calculates the no. of days the employee was absent and the no. of days he/she was present, but also things like shifts, overtime, half-days, grace periods, flexi-timings, etc. It also provides you with the facility to know whether the leaves and half-days taken or over-time done were approved or unapproved.

Benefits of Employee Time Tracking

For employers:

  • This software can be set according to the requirements of your company. You can configure it according to your company policies.

  • You can connect it with any kind of attendance system including biometric device, fingerprint device, swipe card machine, etc.

  • This attendance software can be easily integrated with your payroll software, thus automating the process of calculating the employee's attendance.

  • You can easily access the detailed attendance status of each of your employees, right from overtime, comp-off, leaves, working hour, etc.

  • Apart from the login and log out times, this software also keeps the record of things like late entries, time taken for lunch and other breaks, etc.

  • You can also know whether the leaves or half-days taken by the employees were approved or

  • You can also keep a check on the overtimes done by the employees. In short, you can know whether the overtime was needed and approved by a senior officials or whether it was a fraudulent.

  • At the end of every month, this attendance system automatically sends reports of monthly leaves to all employees.

  • This software helps to generate detailed leave reports in PDF, HTML, Excel and such other formats.

For employees:

  • The employees can easily view their attendance and leave status at any time. This will help them to plan their leaves carefully.

  • They can have access to their punch in and punch out time reports. This will help to reduce employee grievances over leave or salary deductions due to absenteeism or any such reason.

  • They can also apply for web punch in and punch out option.

Eilisys' attendance management software is perfect for both big and small companies. It can be customized to accommodate the requirements of your organizatio

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