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HR Analytics Dashboard - attrition analysis, Overtime analysis and leave analysis.

Ascent Analytics

With Ascent Analytics your data is presented in easy to understand dashboard format which helps you identify trends and take specific actions. Some of the readily available dashboards as part of our analytics solution are – attrition analysis, Overtime analysis and leave analysis.

Attrition Analysis

The ascent analytics solution allows you to define an attrition target and observe the attrition trends with respect to the target over a defined period. The data can further be analysed based on your cost centre, Location, Grade and gender. This easy to understand graphical representation of data allows your HR and business teams to quickly identify where attrition has peaked or has remained high over a period and then pose right set of questions to understand the underlying root causes.

Employee Attrition Analysis, HR analytics - Eilisys
Overtime Analysis, HR analytics dashboard - Eilisys

Overtime Analysis

This solution allows you to look at cumulative hours of overtime performed across the organization over a period and can also be further analysed by cost centre, location, and grade. The graphical representation also provides you with average hours of overtime performed by employees over a period, which can clearly indicate possible signs of fatigue and burnout. These signals can help HR and business leaders take proactive action to address underlying challenges or introduce policies and procedures which help the organization perform at an optimal level.

Leave Analysis

The leave analysis solution indicates the cumulative number of leave days in your organization over a period of time. By graphically representing the data such as total number of leaves over a period and providing information about number of applications by leave duration, the solution aims to help HR and business managers identify patterns and trends. These visualizations assist in identifying specific location, grade and cost centre with their leave trends while also providing with analysis of type of leaves being utilized by employees.

analysis dashboard, HR analytics - Eilisys
Payroll analysis dashboard, HR analytics - Eilisys

Payroll Analysis

Understand how your payroll costs are varying over a defined period. The graphical representation and the ability to separate onetime costs from “regular” payroll costs are aimed at helping you understand the changes in your payroll costs. A payable day vs. paid days chart provides you with variance in the same which can indicate to source of variance in payroll.

Performance Management Analysis

The performance management analytics solution will help you not only track process completion it will also help you analyse the performance grading across locations and businesses. Quickly look at which business and location seems to be doing better than other locations in terms of performance ratings. Identify consistent performers over past 3 years and then compare them for compensation and other information to ensure you are paying your top performers across business and location consistently. With many more such features, performance management analytics allows you to convert your static performance management data into dynamic actionable insights.

Employee Performance Management Analytics Dashboard - Eilisys
Learning & development analysis offers you simple dashboards which help you track information beyond process compliance.

Learning & Development Analysis

The solution offers you simple dashboards which help you track information beyond process compliance. Identify average learning hours per employee by location and business and compare that against your target. Learn which learning programs are the most attended/subscribed to across locations and businesses or within a particular location and businesses. Analyse average satisfaction score across programs and compare that with your target, while also identifying the programs which received the highest satisfaction scores. Track all of this over a period of time and you have solid information that you can use to make specific business decisions.

Onboarding Analysis

Understand how many individuals were onborded in each location and business over a defined period. Compare locations and businesses for overall completion of the onboarding process and mandatory training programs assigned to the same. Compare overall employee satisfaction with the onboarding process across locations and businesses and compare the same to your target. Identify why new employees are joining you and how is that different or same across locations and businesses.

Employee Onboarding Software, HR dashboard - Eilisys
Exit Analysis - The solution offers you a graphical view of employee exits over a period of time and compares that by location and business.

Exit Analysis

The solution offers you a graphical view of employee exits over a period of time and compares that by location and business. Identify what percentages of employees leaving the organization have completed the mandatory and optional parts of your exit process. Identify overall score or rating assigned by employees in the exit interview and analyse various parameters defined in exit interview across locations and businesses. This solution is designed to help you drive specific actions to optimize attrition.

Travel and Expense Analysis

Identify which locations and businesses are spending the most on travel and expense, while also determining the top 5 costs within the same. Identify top travellers across organization and then further identify them by location and business. Evaluate trends of Travel and Expense over a defined period and know exactly where you are with respect to your budget. Quickly identify trends in exceptions and isolate them by location and businesses to further identify specific drivers of these exceptions. Our aim is to provide you with the most visible analytics tool to help control this variable cost. The analytics solution comes with other simple yet powerful in built tools and also has flexibility to create your own dashboards that make sense for your business. The aim of the analytics solution is to aid HR and business managers in taking policy and/or business decisions based on actual data from their organization. We are working on adding some additional features which could help you perform predictive analytics and even look at what-if scenarios based on your own data and historic trends. It is our constant endeavour to work with our customers and help them solve their business challenges.

Travel and Expense Analysis, hr dashboard - Eilisys
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