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Workforce Management Software

Benefits of using HR and Workforce Management Software

With advancements in technology, it is quite natural that departments like human resources also come into its ambit. This can improve the functioning of the business and improve the productivity. When the human resources system gets systematically organized and automated, the process is known as the Human resource management.

So, what is Human Resource Management System? Well, it is the process by which the human resource management is connected with information technology, with the help of HR software.

The Human Resource personnel are responsible for various processes including training, recruiting, payroll processing, attendance management, leave management, etc. All activities take up a lot of time and reduce the productivity of the HR staff.

So, most of the activities of HR are being handled electronically these days. And this is made possible with the help of HRMS. This not only helps in improving the productivity level but also makes the organization much more efficient. Given below are some of the major functions of the Human Resource Management System:

  • With the help of Human resources software, the employee’s histories, abilities, skills and accomplishments can be easily tracked.

  • It reduces the manual tracking and record keeping of each employee in the organization.

  • The HRM system can help in maintaining the Payroll, employee databases, record of attendance, performance evaluations, administration and record of benefits, recruitment management, scheduling of employees, tracking of the absenteeism of employees, and various other analytics.

  • The system can help in maintaining confidentiality of the employee records and the company data. With proper encryption and secured transmission, the data is secured in more fool-proof manner.

Why is Human Resources Management System essential?

HRMS reduces the time of the HR professionals and helps them in dealing with the HR tasks in a more efficient and effective manner. So, the businesses have to invest some time and money on implementing a good HRM system. Not only is the time saved but the operations are also free of errors.

When you decide to go for the Eilisys HR Software, you will get a comprehensive solution.

Attendance Management and Leave Management: With Attendance and Leave Management system, the employees would be able to apply for leaves online, and the managers would be able to approve for the same online.

Payroll Management: This makes the computation of employees quite easy. With different payroll components, along with taxes, it can integrate with the leave management process, and prepare the payroll every month.

They have a strong experience of 15 years and offer standard version platforms which can fit every company. And, due to this, they have more than 500 companies, who are using this product. Also, the total number of end users are more than 4 lakhs.

Why choose Eilisys?

Even though there are many companies offering Human Resource Management system, there are not many who provide simple solutions at affordable costs. Eilisys provides economical solutions and ensures that the system and data are safe and secure. You can protect all the data (including information regarding your employees and their salary details) in this system.

Moreover, the best thing about Eilisys is the after sales support which offers help at every stage. Right from installation to training, they would help you at each stage. They make sure that the software is up to date so that you always get the benefit of the latest human resource management system.

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