Tracking Employee Movement through Ascent Employee Time Tracking Software

Being stuck with the conventional employee attendance tracking techniques could incur you unrealized expenses, and moreover, could compel you to live with the inaccuracies resulting out of manual errors. Perhaps, while the conventional techniques have worked all through these years, with technology disrupting most of the manually intervened processes, and transforming into an imperative requirement, a technology-based solution to managing employee time tracking would soon find a place within your HR systems. Eilisys’s Ascent Employee Time Tracking Software is a comprehensive solution to all your time tracking needs, thus relieving you out of the hassles of maintaining an exclusive workforce to document employee movements and live with challenges such as inaccuracies, delays, etc. This blog would interest business owners who are looking forward to deploying sensible HR management software.

Employee attendance management is something that impacts multiple verticals at the same time. It is a major area of concern for the human resources and the accounts department from the viewpoint of managing exceptions, managing on-duty approvals, managing overtime, tracking employee movements, measure employee punctuality, and above all computing payroll in an accurate and timely manner.

Lately, despite the advancements of technology and the benefits it continues to bring on the table, a lot of business owners, even today, rely on manual documentation and tracking techniques. While some realize the hassles of living with it, some are resistant towards changes and reluctant towards inducting technology within their work processes. Here, business owners must understand the fact that technology is the only long-term solution to every business process in the modern context, and hence, getting an employee time tracking software on-board proves to be a prudent choice! It facilitates attendance tracking in multiple ways including biometrics, swipe cards, RFID, web punch, fingerprints, etc. based on the client’s preference and requirement. Let us now discuss some of the tangible benefits reaped out of the Ascent’s HR management software.

Ascent Employee Time Tracking Software | End-to-End HR Management Software

Ascent Employee Time Tracking Software offers various functionalities across different dimensions of employee attendance and leave management.

  • Compliance management through reports such as muster rolls, leave cards, overtime, audit registers, form 20, integrating labour laws through the application of overtime policies, etc.
  • Facilitating exception regularization through on-duty or punch regularization application, managing attendance exceptions such as missed punch, absenteeism, late-in, early-out, shift variations, integrating the organization’s internal deduction policies for attendance exceptions, sending automated emails to employees and managers for proposed salary or leave deductions owing to attendance exceptions.
  • Daily employee attendance management, shift-scheduling at the manager’s fingertips, real-time visibility and available of employee time tracking and attendance data,
  • Extra-time management through overtime configuration and eradicating revenue leaks by integrating the organization’s pre-approved overtime plan in the system.
  • Enables supervisors and managers to schedule shifts along with work flow based approval process. The system also provides configurable template for employees following a specific pattern of working.
  • Business owners, HR administrators, and the finance team can generate more than 30 comprehensive reports in multiple formats.
  • Business owners, HR administrators, and the finance team can generate more than 30 comprehensive reports in multiple formats.

Ascent Employee Time Tracking Software is a smart solution towards managing the nitty-gritty of employee leave and attendance. It certainly offers value for money, owing to its accuracy, simple integrations and configurations, timely availability of data, and most importantly automation. It relieves HR professionals out of manual operations, thus saving a lot of time and efforts allowing them the bandwidth to focus on other core activities. To request for a demo, call (+91) 20 67295300 or write an email at

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