Overcoming Employee Management Challenges with Employee Attendance Software

Managing employee attendance through the conventional musters and maintaining a manual record of leaves, attendance exceptions, etc. is quite simple and hassle-free when you’ve got a few employees to look after. However, with the increase in the numbers of employees, it is necessary that the growth is complemented through the automation of a few aspects of employee management, and that is by deploying employee attendance software within the administrative processes of the organization.

Before we proceed to understand the software, let us do a reality check?

So, you think, you’ve been saving a lot of money by not requiring to invest in software, and proud about the fact that you’ve been successful enough manually managing it! Well, in that case, perhaps, your pride could be short-lived, as this strategy isn’t healthy in the long run. Something that apparently comes in as a money saver today could actually be costing you a lot of unrealized revenue leakage, and which could be detrimental from the viewpoint of long-term operations. If you haven’t realized this, then it is high time, you make the necessary technological investments, and if have, but have not done anything to seal the situation… it’s yet even more alarming! All in all, you’ve got to resort to technology, as, if you expect accuracy and timely results, it is imperative that you walk the automation way.

Benefits of Time Tracking Software | Advantages of Employee Attendance Software

The software brings in a lot of benefits when deployed at the right time, and with the right customized features embedded. Here are some benefits the Eilisys’s employee attendance software would bring to your table.

  • Accuracy while computing information
  • Timely processing of information
  • Real-time availability of information at all times.
  • Automating a lot of complicated and time-consuming tasks.
  • Customized features to suit the specific business requirements.
  • Detailed analytical reports to understand various employee attendance trends.

HRMS Software Mumbai | Time Tracking Software Features | Features of the Employee Attendance Software

Eilisys’s employee time tracking software simplifies employee management on various fronts that include some of the following.

Compliance Management

  • Applying overtime policies by being compliant with the local and national labor laws.
  • Generating compliance reports associated with form20, leave a card, muster roll, etc.

Handling Exceptions

  • Email notification to employees for proposed salary deductions, attendance exceptions, etc.
  • Configurable deduction policies for attendance exceptions.
  • Regularizing exception through on-duty or punch regularization application
  • Managing various attendance exceptions including missed punch, late-in, early-out, absenteeism, etc.

 Integration Abilities

  • Easy integration with the existing attendance systems and with payroll systems through the configurable output template.


  • Over 30 standard reports, and the ability to design a customized report with the help of the report writing tool. 

Easy and Efficient Shift Management

  • Shift schedule management with the workflow based approval process.
  • Customized template for specific shift patterns.

 Managing Extra Time

  • Exclusive abilities to configure compensation as overtime or banking of hours to claim comp-offs
  • Sealing revenue leakages through overtime posting based on the pre-approved overtime plan.
  • Customized calculation rules for varying day types including regular working days, weekly off, public holidays, extra time, etc.

 Time Tracking – Simplified!

  • Real-time data availability of time and attendance
  • Shift management at the supervisor’s fingertips
  • Automated email notification for attendance exception to the concerned employee.

Eilisys’s employee attendance software is a modern solution for modern business owners who wish to keep up with the quick-paced dynamics of employee management. So, if you too are one amongst the prudent business owners, Eilisys’s offers you all the reasons to deploy its employee management software. So, pick up your phone and connect with Eilisys at (+91) 20 6729 5300 today!

Top 5 Benefits of Tracking Employee Time That Every Company Must Know

employee time tracking software

Far behind are the days of filling columns in register books. Today, market offers excellent workforce management software and employee time tracking software that help businesses stay organized without the hassles of micromanaging. Packed with advantages of high configurability and accuracy, these can easily take care of overtime costs and related compliance. Companies can have clarity on how their staff spends time and whether they are being productive or not. This comes across as a great aide when planning time frames for various tasks or a project’s accomplishment as you have a clear indication on time utilized for successful completion of various activities.

Here we go through the top 5 benefits of employee time tracking software that are perfect answer to the question of, “Why should I track my staff’s time?”

  1. Makes employees accountable for their performance
  2. Undoubtedly, people work better when they know that they are accountable for their work. Workforce management software makes it simple for companies, employers or clients to calculate the overall cost of each project or assignment. With features like screen captures, they can chose the level of visibility they want on the performance of each employee. This incredibly eliminates issues related to time-theft like buddy punching (someone else marking attendance for an absent employee).

  3. Simplifies payroll
  4. Automating the collection of time through employee time tracking software will considerably reduce the time spent by HR department and employees on manual tracking, recording and processing it. The digital records can be integrated with your payroll processing system that offers high accuracy by eliminating human error. Also, your HR team can save significant time spent on payroll calculation.

  5. Facilitates effective resource utilization
  6. With an efficient employee time tracking software in place, companies can have an overall picture of the time being consumed on a project. The tool can help them re-plan the resource allocation or re-prioritize activities for completion of projects that are more critical.

  7. Keep employees in loop
  8. Engaging employees by keeping them informed through a tool like employee self-service is a step towards greater employee-satisfaction. Employees often seek information on their leaves or how much time off they have left. Being able to access their own information without any hassle or going through the HR department makes them feel empowered.

  9. Aides smooth compliance
  10. A manual time and attendance system makes it difficult to maintain proper records, thus no guarantee of accuracy. While an employee time tracking software cannot assure employment law compliance, it can provide you with accurate and relevant information that is needed to comply with labor regulations regarding proof of attendance.