How leading manufacturing organisations solved blue-collar workmen’s challenges

The Background

As per the Annual Survey of Industries (ASI) there are over 200 thousand factories registered under Factories Act 1948. These are factories employing 10 or more workers using power and those employing 20 or more workers without using power. The ASI report further states that there are more than 10 Million people who work in these factories. With India’s manufacturing competitiveness getting further push with the Make in India initiative, this sector is expected to create 90 Million domestic jobs by 2025. This creates a compelling case for HR Technology companies to focus on this sector & their HR Tech needs.

The Complex Problem

When we look at these sectors few of the typical realities are –

1. Different shift timings,

2. Distributed work force in multiple location,

3. Local or central processing of their records and

4. High operational load on HR professionals in these sectors.

Here our attempt is to look at the fundamental requirements of both employer & employees & not really talk about the higher order needs like performance management, talent management, & career progression.

The owner’s basic expectations would be:

1. Timely and accurate Time & Attendance

2. Timely & Accurate Payroll processing

3. Ensuring that all statutory – contributory compliances are taken care of

Workers basic expectations would be:

1. Timely & Accurate Time & Attendance

2. Timely & Accurate payroll processing

3. Access to their information in their local language, at their duty location during their shift hours.

And when HR / IR professionals are expected to ensure that this is done for both the employer & the employee the typical behaviour is to protect the interest of the owner and thus not giving a superior experience to the workers involved. While we know there are notable exceptions to this, the fact is those are exceptions rather than the norm.

Why Not Solve the Problem?

In our view the main reason is the complexity of the problem. Among others this can be attributed to following reasons:

a. Multiple statutory compliances as per state,

b. Multiple local languages in the country and

c. Creating accessibility of information from a central location to multiple locations

The Solution

When we looked to solve this problem we decided to look at Banking sector which has tackled this at much larger proportion and has been doing an effective job. We firmly believed, if we were to adopt those solutions from Banking sector, the users adoption would be easier & seamless. It gives users access to information conveniently & protects their interest & dignity. Among the host of options we evaluated, the top 3 notable solution consideration are:

1. Kiosk

2. Mobile App

3. SMS /Missed call based services

The Eilisys Kiosk- “Ascent –Touch

At Eilisys, we have implemented Kiosk based access to leave, attendance & payroll information to workers in companies like Alfa Laval, SKF, ACC, Ambuja Cement, Kehin Fie, Wilo Mather & Platt, GKN Sinter and many others. The workers adoption of this simple solution has been encouraging and it has really taken a lot of load away from HR/IR professionals. Some of the transactions handled by the solution are:

A. Leave balance,

B. Total OT Hours earned in the month,

C. Shift Scheduling,

D. Daily Attendance records,

E. Issuing salary slips,

F. Form 16

G. maintain & update leave cards

We are partners for companies who are changing the employee experience not only for their white collar – staff but also to their blue collar workers.

The Future

We continue to develop solutions for unique needs of our customers and seek such complex business challenges. We are currently working on other approaches to this solution mentioned above and would update you in due course of time (Which is after we have successfully implemented a few of those)

We firmly believe, the users are at the centre of creating the solution & our technology solutions should make their life easier. We help our customers create transparent, hassle free work environments thus enabling the staff to take up higher order activities.

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