Goodbye Manual Payroll – Welcome Automation with Eilisys Payroll Processing Software!

You could have still got over with this excuse of handling things manually, had you been living in the 60s and 70s, but not when you’ve got technology unraveling your comfort zone in the modern age! And, moreover, isn’t it a hassle to compute things manually? Stressing your brains unnecessarily, and even then, not deriving the desired results! So, it is time to your break free from the vicious clutches of your comfort zone, and scale-up your payroll functions to a more automated solution – Eilisys payroll processing software, helping fetch better results, and relieve you out of the hassles of the manual payroll management.

Needless to say, how critical paying your employees in time is. Your employees may empathize with you for delaying their salaries once or twice, but certainly not when they are compelled to read your month-end apologetic emails for delays. This, however, is not the only dimension to payroll. There’s another serious one, and that is compliance! Non-compliance towards tax calculations, documentation, forms, etc. could turn precarious for your organization over a period of time, given the inconsistencies towards delivering payroll on time and incorrect calculations. Phew… so, amidst all the critical concerns, Eilisys’s Ascent payroll software system comes in as a sigh of relief for all those who’ve been looking forward to changing things. Take a look.

Payroll is a complex web, plus, it is a multi-dimensional aspect that affects different verticals of your organization, including HR, accounts, and compliance. Ascent’s payroll management software, India is one of those seldom found comprehensive payroll processing software employing the latest technology, and covering all the aspects of payroll, thereby delivering a complete payroll solution to organizations, regardless of the number of employees, complexities and business areas you work in.

Here’s how payroll software system helps you streamline the entire payroll process, and bid the manual complexities.

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Besides organizing the entire payroll operation, the software benefits all the verticals that work towards payroll management.

Finance Department: Creating audit trails, automated TDS calculations, tracking of advances and loans, parameter driven salary JV, digitally signed form 16, calculation of interest on EMI or equated principal basis, a simple and hassle-free integration with the existing ERP/ financial accounting, and many others.

Human Resources Department: Maintaining employee job history, managing salary holds and releases, computing arrears, bulk FnF settlement with provisional form 16 on the same day, processing supplementary payroll, facilitating report export in various formats like MS-excel, PDF, etc. investment declarations, salary revisions, attendance, etc.

Statutory Compliances: This involves managing various forms such as ESIC form 6, ESIC statement and online Challan, provident fund Challan, forms including 3A, 6A, 12A, 5, 10, 9, professional tax statement, etc.

We’ve already emphasized enough on how important payroll operations are. The only thing that remains is your decision to deploy Ascent’s payroll processing software that would help you save energy, resources, and most importantly time that you’d other be spending on treading the age-old conventional path.

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