Ascent | The best Payroll Management Software in India

Ever wondered what is common between the Mahindra Business Solutions, John Deere, Bain & Co, BCG, Tetra Pak, Samsonite, Alfa Laval, Westside, Crompton Greeves, Ambuja Cement, Sequoia, HSBC, ACC, Bajaj Allianz and SKF?

Besides the fact that they are the leaders in their respective fields and are known for their world class offerings, they all use Ascent Payroll system for managing their payrolls.

As the scale of operations of the company’s increases, the HR management system starts to pay a crucial role in keeping the engagement levels high for organizations. Also, as the scale becomes bigger, payroll management software systems start becoming a necessity rather than a luxury for smooth functioning. This is where Ascent Payroll software comes into the picture.

The role of payroll management software is not restricted to just paying salaries anymore, it is now capable of managing a host of objectives encompassing the finance department, statutory compliances and HR departments itself.

Ascent Payroll software is widely acknowledged as the best payroll management software in India since it assists in achieving efficient and smoother coordination between these three important functions.

For the Finance department, Ascent Payroll software system helps in tracking the financial angle of an employee’s salaries ranging from actual payment to the employees bank account, tracking of loans & advances, EMI, Income Tax & TDS calculations, digitally signing the Form 16, employee reimbursement management, creating an audit trail of earning/deduction for the employee and above all integrating with the existing ERP or financial software that the organization uses. These capabilities not only make the life of the Finance department easier but also help them focus on their core competencies.

From the HR departments perspective, a good payroll software management system is supposed to capture and maintain the employees past and current job history, create the Form 16 for all eligible employees, create the Full and Final settlements for parting employees, manage the salary revisions, investment declarations, attendance of individual employees, managing arrears and leave regularisation, hold or release salary in emergency situations and above all create an employee and salary master at any given point of time.

From the statutory point of view the payroll software system should be able to generate all relevant challans, returns and Forms pertaining to Income Tax, compute and deduct Professional Tax, reconcile the Provident Funds, generate the ESIC forms, statement & challans, and comply with all statutory requirements from time to time or as required.

Earlier, these things used to take days to compile and that too was not errored free. But what makes Ascent Payroll software the best payroll software of India is the fact that not only does it take care of all employee, organizations and statutory requirements, it brings in efficiency, accuracy and above all speed into the entire process. Depending on the nature of the activity and their authorization levels, most of these things are available to all the employees at the click of a button.

However, one thing is for sure, that compared to any other payroll management software in India, Ascent Payroll Software has emerged true on all requirement, is robust enough to take care of any scale of operations and is extremely accurate, fast and above all customizable to the needs of the particular organization.

No wonder Ascent Payroll Software is the preferred choice of over 930 organizations, big and small, and is used frequently by over 500,000 employees for managing their payroll related queries.

Payroll Solutions From The Leading Software Company

Eilisys is a leader in HR and payroll software applications. Ascent is one of the most popular payroll software products created by us. This has been proved to be one of the best payroll management systems in the market, thanks to its extensive features and ease of use. The successful implementation of our software by our reputed clients like HSBC, Samsonite, TUV, Mahindra, Mahle, and KPIT clearly shows why this is the best software.

Automating your payroll

People work for money. At the end of the month, every office, factory, and company needs to pay their employees, for which payroll has to be generated. Doing this manually is cumbersome and tedious. Automating the process using software is definitely beneficial. When you use the best payroll software in Delhi, then you are making your work definitely easy.

The software would consider the attendance, leaves and prepare the payroll list, which you can straight away send to the bank for deposit of salary to employees account. Ascent software can also be used to calculate income tax, deduct TDS, and can also accommodate flexible reimbursements, making it a truly great software to use.

Benefits of the software

When you use Ascent, the best payroll management software Delhi, you get many benefits. This includes:

  • Minimum data input is needed, all calculations are done by the software.
  • You can connect the biometric attendance to the software, so the number of days worked will also be taken automatically.
  • It is very simple to use and doesn’t require expert knowledge.
  • It is 100% accurate and gives you correct results every single time.
  • It is suitable for every kind of business, whether it is a small office or a large factory
  • Loans taken by employees, EMI tracking, Generating Form 16, Deductions are all options the software has.
  • It is the best HRMS software in Delhi, and can help in mass updating of data for earnings and deduction, and can calculate arrears and revision of salary can be done very easily.
  • A small business can save manpower by using this software. It leads to cost savings.

The best software for you

Undoubtedly, Ascent is the best software for every kind of business. It has a proven track record. Being the top payroll software Delhi NCR it has been implemented in more than 600 organizations successfully. This itself is proof of the software’s popularity and reliability. All types of companies can benefit from this software.

We believe in total customer satisfaction and hence have given the option of a 60 days customer guarantee. Under this, if after 60 days of using the software, the customer is not happy, then we return the customer’s money. This is the confidence we have in our software. We are sure that customers would find the software perfectly suited to their needs.

Eilysys has a range of software in the HR and finance domains. Our software is used by more than 5,00,000 users and is robust. So, do contact us if you require payroll solutions, we can give you a detailed presentation on how our software would help your organization.

Manage All The Hassel And Stress Of Payroll Management of Your Organisation In One Go!

Owing to the magnanimity and complex structure of today’s business operations and structures, managing payroll of all the employees and staff is a real time pain. The ever growing statutory compliance and the requirement of large number of calculations make this process all the more complex and layered. To manage all of this without stress and great ease, the businesses now need payroll management software which is all backed up with the necessary requisites and is absolutely safe and secure.

Eilisys is undoubtedly emerging as one of the leading Payroll Management Software India, and are known to be the most trusted, genuine, reliable and authentic in the name of providing the Best Payroll Software. Over the years, we have been providing an unmatched and unparalleled payroll management solution that is based on the simplistic principles and is capable of successfully handling all the aspects of payroll management.

The biggest challenge and problem that most of the organisations face today is to make sure that there is a proper and equal distribution of salaries of all the staff employed, hence the concept of employee software has been around for a considerable amount of time. But, the HCM software that we have here at Eilisys is an extremely easy tool to use, even for the complex and not so conversant employee and individual and is specially crafted to cater this challenge and need.

The payroll management software India by Eilisys is not only easy to use and simplistic, it at the same time makes the life relatively very easy and smooth to both the departments of human resource section and the accounts team of the business organisation. Also, considering the complexities involved in the whole process, many of the businesses are now outsourcing their work to other companies but this doesn’t ensure and guarantee that all the aspects and measures will be properly taken care of and that all the details of the components are taken down. Therefore, the Payroll Software System that we offer here at Eilisys is well developed and curated with an intention to bring down all the complexities and stress in a single go.

Also, at the times when the business is in need of expanding its services and solutions, there arises a need of software that is compatible and goes ahead with a series which is extremely user friendly, simple and easy and which is capable of fixing all the queries and challenges in a single place at a time. The most troublesome situation is when an incorrect salary slip is generated of an employee; the whole business management has to suffer in this circumstance. But, to fix all of this, the organisations need not to worry now.

The best payroll software by Eilisys is well equipped to handle and manage all of this and is specially developed with multiple configuration reports and programs for the following parameters:

  • PT Reports
  • Reconciliation Reports
  • MIS Reports
  • User Defined and Ad-hoc Reports
  • Customisable and Tailored Payroll statement, salary register and wage register
  • Reports under CLRA of various states of the country

If you are also looking for the best payroll management software, feel free to reach us at our office or else drop in a mail and our representatives will get back to you shortly.

Ascent Payroll Software Is For The All Round Benefit Of Your Organization

Payroll processing is a mundane yet mandatory activity in every organization. Whether you are a small-scale business unit or a large corporate, it is inevitable to put resources for payroll calculation.

Keeping employee profiles updated, keeping track of the hours worked by employees, calculating leave and absence and processing payroll are daunting tasks.

Moreover, you need to carry the additional burden of staying up-to-date with tax and regulatory norms.

Is your organization still using manual payroll system? If yes, then it is a high time to help your HR and Accounts team members.

Get rid of old-fashioned manual payroll processing and implement a smart payroll processing software.

Ascent, the new-age payroll software

Those who want to keep pace with modern technology are moving to new-age payroll processing solutions.

Eilisys is one of the leading Payroll Processing Companies in Pune that brings the best payroll software for its clients.

It is the right solution that would make your payroll an incredibly easy process. You need a flexible, user-friendly and still efficient software; Ascent has all these qualities!

Get rid of the legacy system and shift to this smart HCM Software which makes the life of your payroll processing team smooth.

What makes Ascent special?

Since Ascent is the flagship software program of Eilisys Technologies which is amongst the expert Payroll Processing Companies in Pune, it has been developed to cater to the needs of clients spread across industries.

The efficiency of processing power and comprehensiveness of features outshine Ascent it in the bunch of competitive products.

Flexible reimbursement, income tax calculator and Expat grossing up tax are some of the features that make the life of operational managers easy.

If you are using some old, outdated program, then t is very likely that the features are outdated. You don’t get upgrades or updates from the service provider.

Does it mean that you are missing out the advancements? Yes, you are!

Ascent is a payroll processing software that keeps getting better and better. It gives you regular updates that allow you to extract the best output from the payroll software.

Ascent ensures that the payroll in your organization is executed to the best of its and your capabilities; today and forever.

What are the benefits of implementing Ascent?

When you implement Ascent in the company, you get a long list of advantages. It is developed by one of the best Payroll Processing Companies in Pune.

Finance Department

  • Management of Employee Master
  • Audit trail of modifications in the database
  • Automation of bank upload file for NEFT
  • Quarterly and yearly e-TDS returns in the applicable format
  • Automation of TDS calculations and digitally signed Form 16
  • Income tax calculation
  • Salary JV configuration
  • Seamless integration with existing systems (Financial accounting or ERP)
  • Online CTC reimbursement based on limits
  • Tracking of loans and advances
  • Transactional, MIS and statutory reports

HR Department

  • User-friendly employee information management system
  • Easy monitoring of previous details
  • Management of employee job history
  • Leave regularization and arrear
  • The configurable formula for every earning or deduction code
  • Automation of Full and Final settlement and generation of provisional Form 16
  • Employee and salary master data reports and export tool
  • Transactional and MIS reports and summary and export tool
  • It is the only HCM Software that gives Mass update facility
  • Hold and release of salary

Statutory compliance

  • All relevant compliance report generation
  • Generation of Form 16, eTDS Return and Income Tax ITNS 281 Challan
  • Generation of Professional Tax Statement
  • PF reconciliation statement
  • Form 6, statement and online challan
  • PF challan, various forms, and ECR Online Return

In short, Ascent is the only payroll processing software for every organization.


Payroll Management – Bring Value to Your Business

Gone are the times when every operation was done manually. Technology has drastically changed the way we live, learn and work. Whether its retail industry, the advertising industry or hospitality industry, everyone likes to have an efficient and error-free system. If you’re still relying on outdated work practices, then it is likely to give you a lot of paper logs, record books, decreased productivity and many more. Use the new advancement in employee management for getting a better-integrated payroll process experience.

Keep Your Company Updated With Payroll Software

Living in the digital era, it becomes quite difficult and inefficient to manually manage the payroll. Many business organizations prefer using payroll software to prepare and manage the payroll of their employees. One of the most important and crucial benefits of using a payroll software solution is that you can save your valuable time which is invested in doing boring calculations that seem to be never-ending. Let’s understand what payroll software is and its features.

Payroll Software

Just imagine what could be the most important business process in any company. Well, its payroll calculation and administration. Without using any payroll management, it is one of the most cumbersome and time-consuming daily activities. Generating revenues, calculating salaries/wages, taxes, and deductions and other backend processes are performed by Payroll software. Payroll software is a tool that helps in automating the process of paying salaries to the employees. You can also look for efficient payroll software in Bangalore for reducing your cumbersome tasks of calculation.

Let’s Explore the Features of Payroll Software

Payroll software is not only restricted to automatic calculation of deductions but much more than that. You can also hire a company who can create, design or provide you with custom payroll software integrated with HCM Software. Features of custom payroll software vary from one organization to another. Before you and your organization spend hard-earned money on any payroll service, take a look at the features of payroll software:

  • Most common – Automatic calculation of deductions such as taxes, insurance, retirement contributions, etc.
  • Processing of direct paycheck deposits
  • Generating tax forms
  • Deduction of wage garnishments
  • Providing crucial audit, management, and financial reports
  • Sort and track personnel records

Compared to the old paper-based systems, payroll software considerably speeds up the payroll process while drastically reducing errors and enabling HR managers to effortlessly customize paychecks for individual employees of the organizations. Enjoy features of payroll software in Pune to get rid of the burden of payroll systems operations.

Benefits of Payroll Processing Software

If you want to efficiently manage your payroll operations, Payroll software is the most appropriate, accurate and compliant manner for the same. In this modern day businesses, payroll software in Pune has become an ideal product for comprehensive payroll management operations. Whether it’s calculating salaries, taxes and deductions of employees, Payroll processing software do it all from maintaining records to tax computations. Eilisys’s Ascent payroll management software is perfect payroll software that helps save labor dollars, eliminate errors, and avoid compliance issues. Enjoy error-free payroll operation with Eilisys!!

Essentials Of A Good Payroll Processing Company In Pune

Reckoned as the IT hub of Maharashtra, Pune marks the presence of several big and small IT industries. One of the most critical points of consideration for all these IT firms is the processing of their employee salary per month. The big firms usually operate their independent department for processing their employee’s salary. On the other hand, in small companies, the salary processing task is generally accomplished by either their head or any of one of the senior staff member. Owing to this, you might notice that the employees in such companies face delays in receiving their salaries.

To tackle this rising concern and effectuate the salary disbursement process, many Payroll Processing Companies in Pune have started marking their presence. Since there are heaps of such companies flourishing in the market, it becomes your responsibility to hire a perfect one.

Here are some of the essential traits you need to observe while you set out to hire such a payroll processing entity in Pune.

Accurate numeracy: Though, the payroll processing companies operate via payroll processing software, human intelligence is the one to dominate its artificial counterpart. The executives of the payroll processing companies you are about to hire should be well-versed with the numbers. This accuracy with numbers is essential as the significant responsibility of the payroll processing company hovers around salary calculations.

Compliance to the business ethics: Any Payroll Processing Company in Pune is claiming themselves as the best in the market, needs to be thorough with their compliance status. It becomes essential on business front’s which allows them to curb penalties, and avoid hustles. These payroll processing professionals have to be a quick learner of those rules and regulations that affect the entire payroll process.

Timeliness: As on the business front, you need your company to stay ahead in the competition, it becomes crucial on your part to satisfy your employees too. The first and foremost task of any entrepreneur is to take care of his employees. Hence, it becomes crucial for you to hire a perfect payroll processing company which is dedicated to following a strict deadline to accomplish their tasks. Since the entire working staff of your company depends on your payroll services, the payroll officials have to be disciplined in their working ethics.

Confidentiality: It is this department of your enterprise which has access to your data. Hence, it is essential that you proceed ahead in connecting with the payroll processing company which assures you with 100 percent confidentiality about your business data. This compliance becomes crucial when your payroll processing firm is handling business data which is sensitive. It is essential for you to discuss the lines of confidential data confidentiality with your payroll employees.

Software: Having a payroll processing software is one of the most crucial element and hence an undetachable part of the payroll services. HCM Software is one of the most employed software in today’s scenario. However, having robust software is not the ultimate responsibility for your payroll services. It becomes essential for you to check the compatibility of the hired payroll professionals concerning the working mechanism of this software. He or she should be fluent in handling the entire software as and when the need arises.

Benefits Of Using Attendance Management Software

Attendance Management System is the best and reliable way to keep track of employees’ working hours. This system is highly effective as it doesn’t need any type of manual instructions. See, the system of managing attendance is advantageous only and only if it is real time. This Attendance Management Software works on all facets with effortlessness and effectiveness. This is a flawless approach to eradicate all such hassle conditions at the end of the month. Any organization using this software or system will surely experience delight of seamless integration when it comes to attendance, leaves, salary formation etc. Let’s get to know some of the benefits of using this Attendance Management Software.

Reliable and Accurate

The first reason for deploying this software in the organization is that it is 100% reliable and accurate. Unlike the traditional method of reporting employee’s working hours, this software is automated and thus produces exact and accurate results. Those manual methods have several loopholes and problem but this software is genuine and authentic. It offers the right metrics of time so that one can prepare the right and fair report of attendance. Organizations must use this software so as to cut down their extra cost which in turn minimizes their loss. Come down in the favour of HCM software and enjoy hassle-free system.

Self Service

Using Attendance Management System Pune is very common nowadays as this is a self service which in turn saves lots of time and money as well. By deploying this software, organizations can not only obtain correct data but also can use the skills of that employee at some other point. This software features real time alerts for every event.

Improved Efficiency

Keeping the track of all employees and calculating the work fee for employees is undoubtedly a clumsy task. There are chances of error and moreover this is a tedious task to perform. With the help of Attendance Management Software, this task can be made simple and easy. It will thus surely improve efficiency and productivity of an organization.

Cost Effective

Another reason why this software is getting so much popularity among organizations is that this is cost effective. Pitching on Attendance Management System Hyderabad is a one-time investment as with this you don’t have to pay human for doing this task every month. It will surely save your money and also allow you to fetch error free report without wasting time.

Increase employee Productivity

Another benefit of using this Attendance Management Software is that it increases employee productivity to a great extent. See, if this software is deployed in an organization then it can easily monitor the real time activity of an employee which in turn reduces the chances of mistakes and thus increase productivity. This will also help the higher officials to know about in and out time of the employees and about their leaves and holidays. Employee productivity automatically increases with the deployment of this Attendance Management Software.

Time has changed and so are the ways to manage employees. This attendance software is ideal for all types of needs, whether simple tracking of time or important recordkeeping. Moreover, this software makes organization’s record tracking task easier. It requires no special maintenance except regular upgrades. So, deploy this software right away and get rid of any record keeping troubles.

Goodbye Manual Payroll – Welcome Automation with Eilisys Payroll Processing Software!

You could have still got over with this excuse of handling things manually, had you been living in the 60s and 70s, but not when you’ve got technology unraveling your comfort zone in the modern age! And, moreover, isn’t it a hassle to compute things manually? Stressing your brains unnecessarily, and even then, not deriving the desired results! So, it is time to your break free from the vicious clutches of your comfort zone, and scale-up your payroll functions to a more automated solution – Eilisys payroll processing software, helping fetch better results, and relieve you out of the hassles of the manual payroll management.

Needless to say, how critical paying your employees in time is. Your employees may empathize with you for delaying their salaries once or twice, but certainly not when they are compelled to read your month-end apologetic emails for delays. This, however, is not the only dimension to payroll. There’s another serious one, and that is compliance! Non-compliance towards tax calculations, documentation, forms, etc. could turn precarious for your organization over a period of time, given the inconsistencies towards delivering payroll on time and incorrect calculations. Phew… so, amidst all the critical concerns, Eilisys’s Ascent payroll software system comes in as a sigh of relief for all those who’ve been looking forward to changing things. Take a look.

Payroll is a complex web, plus, it is a multi-dimensional aspect that affects different verticals of your organization, including HR, accounts, and compliance. Ascent’s payroll management software, India is one of those seldom found comprehensive payroll processing software employing the latest technology, and covering all the aspects of payroll, thereby delivering a complete payroll solution to organizations, regardless of the number of employees, complexities and business areas you work in.

Here’s how payroll software system helps you streamline the entire payroll process, and bid the manual complexities.

Payroll Software Products Chennai | Payroll Software in Delhi | Payroll Management Software India

Besides organizing the entire payroll operation, the software benefits all the verticals that work towards payroll management.

Finance Department: Creating audit trails, automated TDS calculations, tracking of advances and loans, parameter driven salary JV, digitally signed form 16, calculation of interest on EMI or equated principal basis, a simple and hassle-free integration with the existing ERP/ financial accounting, and many others.

Human Resources Department: Maintaining employee job history, managing salary holds and releases, computing arrears, bulk FnF settlement with provisional form 16 on the same day, processing supplementary payroll, facilitating report export in various formats like MS-excel, PDF, etc. investment declarations, salary revisions, attendance, etc.

Statutory Compliances: This involves managing various forms such as ESIC form 6, ESIC statement and online Challan, provident fund Challan, forms including 3A, 6A, 12A, 5, 10, 9, professional tax statement, etc.

We’ve already emphasized enough on how important payroll operations are. The only thing that remains is your decision to deploy Ascent’s payroll processing software that would help you save energy, resources, and most importantly time that you’d other be spending on treading the age-old conventional path.

Ascent Payroll By Eilisys Technologies Is One Of The Best Payroll Software Available In India

Payroll management software is used for maintaining the financial records of an employee that consists of the salaries, wages, deductions, bonus and net pay. Such kind of records must be maintained and kept by an employer as they are required legally. Payroll management software in India is required for various purposes. The general impacts that payroll management software have is that if the salaries are released late, it has an adverse impact on the morale of the employees and they may feel that their job is not stable or secure, which may lead them to underperforming and reduces the productivity. Such kind of situation also leads to quality of work getting suffered. Hence, no matter what the size of an organization may be, they must ensure that they possess the best payroll software, so that such kind of situations can be avoided. A payroll software system is a must for the organization to maintain the morale of their employees and to save taxes as well.

There are various reasons for having payroll management software in the Indian context. In the beginning, best payroll software is necessary for compliance with the legal and tax requirements and to simplify the method through which the employees are being paid. A payroll management software helps in saving time on maintaining the payrolls and considers various variable factors such as leaves, overtime and benefits. Doing all such calculations manually will take considerable amount of labor and time and a payroll management software automates all such processes and calculations. Having a payroll software system helps to automate such tasks so that employees don’t have to do it manually and repeated payroll tasks can be saved in the system so that new formats don’t need to be created again and again in a manual process.

A payroll management software maintains the data regarding the exact amount of salary that has been paid to each employee of an organization and maintains the deductions and leaves that each employee has availed. As the payroll software system is customizable, all such kind of data can be maintained easily, and one doesn’t need to refer various data sources, as all the required information is in the payroll software system itself. With the help of a payroll management software, it is ensured that employees understand the policies of the company and the audit process for the company also gets simplified. A payroll software system also is cost effective and mostly the company providing the software takes care of maintaining the system and the upgrades. This directly helps in reducing the number of employees required in maintaining the payroll and thus impacts the profitability of the company positively.

In addition, a payroll management software is secure in nature and maintains the employee data in tight security that is ensured by strict controls. This translates into specific access codes and administrative rights are provided to select few in the company to gain access to the system. On the other hand, employees can easily maintain and track the records pertaining to number of hours they have worked, leaves they have taken, bonuses and other parameters. This makes the entire system transparent and reduces the burden on payroll administrators.

Ascent payroll is one of the best payroll management software in India. Ascent payroll is one of the best payroll software and is a flagship product of Eilisys technologies. This payroll management software is flexible in nature and has features like income tax calculator, flexi reimbursements and expat grossing up tax. This ensures that Ascent payroll by Eilisys technologies is a perfect tool for fast calculation of payrolls.


Ascent payroll is a flagship product of Eilisys technologies is an excellent tool for the calculations of payrolls. Payrolls are important function in any company and the automation of this process saves both time and increases profit. Ascent payroll tool helps to increase the productivity and smoothen the payroll calculation process.

Managing Payroll Complexities with the Best Payroll Processing Software

Payroll certainly isn’t only about calculating the salaries and further crediting them to the employees. It is an entire vertical in itself dealing with a lot of intricate and interlaced operations that add to the complexities, thus making it a challenge for employers that haven’t really built the human and technical muscle power to successfully counter those complexities.

Payroll is a multi-dimensional and an impactful activity that, if managed flawlessly builds up the employee as well as stakeholder confidence, and if blocked by frequently occurring hiccups could tarnish the organization’s image in different ways. Accept it or not, that’s how critical payroll management is! It requires well-defined and complete payroll processing software that eradicates the need to spend those back-breaking late hours in the office, inspecting records and crunching numbers. That’s where Eilisys comes from! So, scroll down to explore what exactly Eilisys’s payroll processing software has to offer.

Now that you’ve realized the monetary, technical and operational challenges posed by managing payroll all by yourself, it is time you should upgrade your work processes, deploying comprehensive payroll processing software. Considering the sensitivity of payroll as indicated earlier, it becomes imperative for every professional setup to resort to a technology-empowered solution, in turn, helping you deliver accuracy and relieving you out of the time-consuming payroll operations. Here’s more to how the best payroll processing software is a prudent choice for your business.

Eilisys HCM Software | The Best Payroll Processing Companies in Pune | The Most Organized Payroll Processing Software

Payroll isn’t confined to a particular, but a multi-dimensional business process impacting different departments, and therefore, benefitting the entire concerned if supported through comprehensive payroll processing software. Different departments such as the HR, finance can leverage the benefits offered by Eilisys’s payroll process software, along with fool-proofing the statutory compliance part.

HR Department: HCM software helps the HR department to accomplish various tasks such as maintaining employee job history, processing supplementary payroll, generating various employee related reports in multiple formats like PDF, excel, processing full and final settlement with provisional form 16, managing investment declarations, salary revisions, attendance, applying a user definable formula for every deduction/ earning and much more.

Finance Department: Automating TDS calculations, digitally signed form 16, tracking loans and advances, parameter driven salary JV, income tax calculation, automating bank upload files, NEFT files into the banker’s format, integrating and configuring the company’s own dimensions for salary JV, calculating interest depending upon the EMI or equated principle, etc.

Statutory Compliance: ESIC form 6, ESIC statement and online challan, professional tax statement, PF reconciliation statement, PF and pension nomination (revised form 2), income tax ITNS 281 challan, form 16, eTDS returns 24Q, PF challan, various forms such as 3A, 6A, 12A, 5, 10, 9, ECR online return professional tax return cum challan.

One of the most preferred payroll processing software within the trade, Eilisys has been serving several reputed organizations across the country and has built a reputation as the best payroll companies in Pune and other cities of the country. Besides payroll, HCM software offers other software systems including attendance, leave, analytics, meeting room manager, visitor management, ESS, etc. Delaying the incubation of technology in your business process, would result in nothing but furthermore delays in delivering the required and eventually in loss of priceless time and revenue. Hence, as the old adage goes, the sooner, the better it is! So, get in touch with Eilisys today, and book your package of payroll processing software today!