Why Choose Attendance Management Software to keep up with Modern Employee Attendance Management Techniques?

Do you still believe in conventional employee attendance management? Some may leverage the success and the comfort that they’ve had until now, in order to strengthen the argument. But, the question here is until when? If you look out of your window, you’d find your competitors or other business owners enjoying the benefits employee attendance management software, so why not you? It demands an investment in the beginning, but it is a sustainable solution bringing a lot of advantages such as cost-saving, saving revenue leakages, keeping better track and record of the attendance of your employees, and accurately computing the monetary element attached to it. All of this, only in one software, and that’s Eilisys’s employee attendance software. So, how exactly does Eilisys’s employee attendance management system help you? Find it out through this blog.

Advantages of Employee Attendance Management Software | Employee Attendance Software Benefits

Right from retaining employee interest through the right salary, overtime and leave calculations, to saving revenue loss for the organization; Eilisys offers a broad range of operational, technical, administrative as well as commercial benefits through its employee attendance management system. Let us take a look at the benefits of the employee attendance management software from the employer as well as employee perspectives.

Benefits for Employers

  • It is extremely simple, quick and hassle-free for the administrators and the technical associates to integrate the system with the existing biometric devices, swipe card machines, fingerprint devices, etc.
  • The software isn’t rigid. It could be customized in accordance with the requirements of the organization and its policies.
  • Simple and quick access to real-time data and detailed status of the attendance of your employees, including employee overtime, leaves, shift schedule, working hours, etc.
  • Shift supervisors, line managers, and if required, vertical heads could access information associated with the approval of employee leaves, half-days, etc.
  • The system allows easy integration with the company’s existing payroll software, thereby automating employee salary calculations.
  • The software keeps track of employee movements such as employee login, logout, swipes throughout the day, break timings, late check-ins, and early checkouts, etc. This helps supervisors and managers to calculate employee salaries based on their working hours and leaves availed throughout the month.
  • The system also allows employers to examine the overtime done by employees, and if those overtimes are approved or otherwise.
  • Employers or HR administrators can generate attendance reports in various formats including MS-Excel, PDF, HTML, and many other customized formats.

Benefits for Employees

Employees too constitute an important part of the attendance management systems or processes. Eilisys’s employee attendance management software brings a lot of benefits to the employee’s desk as well. Some of them are enlisted below.

  • Employees can apply for web sign in and sign out.
  • The software facilitates employees easy access to real-time information about their attendance and leaves at all times. The availability of real-time information helps employee plan their leaves in an organized manner.
  • Besides, employees have easy access to punch in and punch out reports. This helps to reduce the number of employee complaints about incorrect leave calculations, incorrect salary deductions, etc.

Regardless of whether you run a small company or a larger one, deploying an employee attendance management system is critical in the long run, to help save revenue, and retain employee as well as stakeholder trust. For an employee attendance software, get in touch with Eilisys at (+91) 20 6729 5300.

Overcoming Employee Management Challenges with Employee Attendance Software

Managing employee attendance through the conventional musters and maintaining a manual record of leaves, attendance exceptions, etc. is quite simple and hassle-free when you’ve got a few employees to look after. However, with the increase in the numbers of employees, it is necessary that the growth is complemented through the automation of a few aspects of employee management, and that is by deploying employee attendance software within the administrative processes of the organization.

Before we proceed to understand the software, let us do a reality check?

So, you think, you’ve been saving a lot of money by not requiring to invest in software, and proud about the fact that you’ve been successful enough manually managing it! Well, in that case, perhaps, your pride could be short-lived, as this strategy isn’t healthy in the long run. Something that apparently comes in as a money saver today could actually be costing you a lot of unrealized revenue leakage, and which could be detrimental from the viewpoint of long-term operations. If you haven’t realized this, then it is high time, you make the necessary technological investments, and if have, but have not done anything to seal the situation… it’s yet even more alarming! All in all, you’ve got to resort to technology, as, if you expect accuracy and timely results, it is imperative that you walk the automation way.

Benefits of Time Tracking Software | Advantages of Employee Attendance Software

The software brings in a lot of benefits when deployed at the right time, and with the right customized features embedded. Here are some benefits the Eilisys’s employee attendance software would bring to your table.

  • Accuracy while computing information
  • Timely processing of information
  • Real-time availability of information at all times.
  • Automating a lot of complicated and time-consuming tasks.
  • Customized features to suit the specific business requirements.
  • Detailed analytical reports to understand various employee attendance trends.

HRMS Software Mumbai | Time Tracking Software Features | Features of the Employee Attendance Software

Eilisys’s employee time tracking software simplifies employee management on various fronts that include some of the following.

Compliance Management

  • Applying overtime policies by being compliant with the local and national labor laws.
  • Generating compliance reports associated with form20, leave a card, muster roll, etc.

Handling Exceptions

  • Email notification to employees for proposed salary deductions, attendance exceptions, etc.
  • Configurable deduction policies for attendance exceptions.
  • Regularizing exception through on-duty or punch regularization application
  • Managing various attendance exceptions including missed punch, late-in, early-out, absenteeism, etc.

 Integration Abilities

  • Easy integration with the existing attendance systems and with payroll systems through the configurable output template.


  • Over 30 standard reports, and the ability to design a customized report with the help of the report writing tool. 

Easy and Efficient Shift Management

  • Shift schedule management with the workflow based approval process.
  • Customized template for specific shift patterns.

 Managing Extra Time

  • Exclusive abilities to configure compensation as overtime or banking of hours to claim comp-offs
  • Sealing revenue leakages through overtime posting based on the pre-approved overtime plan.
  • Customized calculation rules for varying day types including regular working days, weekly off, public holidays, extra time, etc.

 Time Tracking – Simplified!

  • Real-time data availability of time and attendance
  • Shift management at the supervisor’s fingertips
  • Automated email notification for attendance exception to the concerned employee.

Eilisys’s employee attendance software is a modern solution for modern business owners who wish to keep up with the quick-paced dynamics of employee management. So, if you too are one amongst the prudent business owners, Eilisys’s offers you all the reasons to deploy its employee management software. So, pick up your phone and connect with Eilisys at (+91) 20 6729 5300 today!

Know How The Workforce Management Software Helps Your Business To Function Efficiently

Technology covers almost everything. Workforce or what you call as human labor is no longer an exception to this powerful technology. Dragging the human resourced into its ambit helps the business organization to function efficiently. As your business functioning is now effectuated, it helps in increasing your business productivity by a considerable difference.

While many of the well-established business organization might already have installed the workforce management software, the others still might not be familiar with this concept. One of the significant benefits of the workforce management tool is that you can evaluate the performance of your employees efficiently. Here, we shall be discussing the basics of your employee management software and how shall it benefit your organization.

What is a workforce management tool or software?

As the name suggests, workforce management (WFM) tool assists your business with its efficiency in staff schedule management. WFM tool helps you to gain quick visibility about your business metrics. For example, it facilitates you to calculate the average count of workers required for producing a particular product on a daily basis.

How does your employee management software assist you in effectuating your entire business flow?

Scheduling of the labour availability:

Earlier it was not possible for the entrepreneurs or the seniors to deal with the exact number of the personnel required in the production process. Now with the WFM tool at your fingertips, it becomes essential for you to have a balance between your working force. It facilitates you to calculate your daily worker requirement. The new workforce can be utilized in other productive activities.

Easy to integrate software:

No doubt your workforce management tool helps in rendering an ample amount of benefits. Perhaps, it is not a complete solution for effectuating your business environment to a full extent. Depending upon the type of your industry, you might be using different software for other purposes. Some of the essential software present in the majority of the companies are HR payroll software, software for reporting production processing, and finally, the one that is meant for quality control. In such a scenario, it becomes essential for your WFM tool to integrate quickly with the existing software. Hence, the majority of the leading WFM tool manufacturers have emphasized on the introduction of easy to integrate WFM software to impart quick access to your business cycle.

Automates the final stage of higher authority reporting:

In today’s strong market competition, it is essential that businesses have the majority of their processes automated. Automated working processes helps the firms to gain competitive supremacy. We all know that the introduction of workforce management software helps in generating in-depth business data for ease in reviewing process. What is still left to be unveiled is its automatic dissemination of these business-related data to the manager. Now, managers can view the automatically generated reports without the interference of any person from any department. This automatic dissemination further assists in maintaining the confidentiality of the business data and prevents it from the wrath of manipulation.

Be In Control Of Employee Attendance With Eilisys Employee Attendance Software

Widening business frontiers, along with opportunities, organically foster a lot of complexities of which employee attendance management is but one. The transition between managing few employees, to handling a multiple-designation team, could be quite challenging, and if these challenges weren’t enough, the difficulties encountered while keeping track of every employee movement and the attendance part would only add to your confrontations. As a result, perhaps, you end up overpaying or at times, underpaying, both of which could lead to employee dissatisfaction. But with Eilisys employee time tracking software, the growth transition as well managing medium to large scale employee attendance operations in the long-run are simplified. Scroll through this blog, while it acquaints you with the benefits resulting out of the Eilisys’s employee attendance management system.

Technology is a simplified solution to a lot of otherwise complex business operations, however, only if you accept it and get adept at it. A lot of business owners still believe in maintaining musters and limiting themselves to the application of technology only in the form of calculators. Considering the fact that business is ought to turn more complex and demanding in the years to come, technology proves to be the only solution. So, as prudent business owners, it is necessary that you foster employee satisfaction and employee convenience, both by embracing technology and integrating it into your existing systems. If necessary, revamp your processes, but the point here is to ensure accuracy and pace, no matter what! Take a look at what does Eilisys Ascent’s employee time tracking software has in store for you.

Employee Attendance Management System | Employee Attendance Software | Comprehensive Employee Time Tracking Software

Right from sharing those exception emails to multiple employees, to managing the critical compliance part, the modern employee time tracking software does it all. It relieves you out of the pressures built on account of handling all the tasks manually, thereby leaving you with the breathing space required to think about other equally important aspects of your business. Some of the benefits of the employee attendance management system are highlighted below.

  • Managing attendance exceptions such as absenteeism, late-in, early-outs, shift variations, etc.
  • Being compliant towards labour laws through the application of overtime policies.
  • Managing various compliance reports such as form 20, leave card, overtime, muster roll, etc.
  • Sending email notifications to employees as well as their managers for proposed salary deductions or leave deductions on account of attendance exceptions.
  • Real-time tracking and monitoring of employee attendance data.
  • System based management of employee shift schedule and daily attendance.
  • Extra time management
  • Ability to generate 30 standard reports and designing your own report through the report writing tool.
  • Simple and hassle-free integration with any attendance tools such as biometric or cards.

Highlighted above are only some of the benefits. There are many more helping business owners reap the desired results and fulfilling the objectives of investing resources into a technology based solution towards managing employee attendance. For an additional insight on the benefits delivered out of Ascent’s visit employee attendance software.

Benefits of Attendance Management Software

People who don’t value at their time usually do not have a good day to go. This is because most of them end up wasting their incredibly valuable and resourceful days. We can surely say this as it is not unknown that time is more important and valuable than money. People should realize that time is much more valuable than the money because with the use of the money we cannot make or purchase time but by utilizing the correct time we can make money. So, good time management is very important in life.

Nowadays, for organizing the system and saving money along with removing the frustrations due to the manual process, a new way named as an automated time and attendance system has been introduced. Accepting attendance management software

has not only proved to be effective in controlling time but it also has the power to convert and change the workplace wellness. By implementing an attendance management software, one can be able to increase the efficiency, manage labour costs, and increasing the profits.

In an organization where all the employees are using this software, they experience the delight of employee attendance management system along with the attendance, leave (vacation), and payroll that impacts the production and profits of the organization.

Let us discuss the different types of benefits of attendance management software.

  1. Reduce Errors:

Using this software, you can easily reduce the human error and without any confusion, it creates an orderly approach in addressing specific needs. As compared to a manual system, this employee attendance software has an accuracy rate of 99% more by deleting errors in case of data entry and calculations.

  1. Reliable and accurate:

As per traditional manual method sometimes employee forget to log in the correct timings and some of the employees also misuse the system. But, in this new software, many such loopholes have been rectified and that helps to give correct inputs and there is no chance of any confusion by keeping the accurate and reliable data.

  1. Increase security:

Employee attendance software along with the time controls the employee access and track the employee entry with biometric data collection devices. These devices remove buddy punching and also reduce costly liabilities.

  1. Save Money & cost effective:

By using these type of modern technologies, companies can certainly help to reduce the labour costs. These systems also increase the efficiency and save money because collecting, managing, calculating, and processing the data for the payroll manually also takes a lot of time. It is a one-time investment because in this case, there is no need to pay a human for doing this task. So without wasting time, you can get an error-free report.

  1. Better regulatory fulfilment:

It gives enough information like accurate data regarding the working hours, leaves, and the net amount which should be paid to the employees which are required for regulatory compliance.

  1. Increase productivity:

This process is unified and makes day-to-day operations more efficient and conveniently increasing the productivity. Not only it frees up the employees time but also it decreases the staffing overhead.

  1. Increase Employee satisfaction:

It gives the quick access by which manager and employees fix the issue without having the hassles every month end.

  1. Real-time tracking:

Cloud-based employee attendance management system provides real-time tracking. For payroll processing, it also provides automated inputs. Because of this feature, all information related to payment schedule is made available in real time. To adjust work schedule manager can also create “scheduled versus actual” reports to adjust the work schedules.

Hope this information proves to be extremely beneficial to you. By accepting this new software and systems, one can make processes hassle-free and provide a flawlessly integrated system for your organization.

4 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Invest in Employee Management Software

Companies today use various kinds of software and technological solutions to make their daily business activities more efficient and easy. From the days of Tally and MS Office, companies now have moved to sophisticated software programs like payroll management. In the current business times, technological advancement is more of a necessity than a choice.

Those times are quickly fading where workforce management is done manually with lots of scope for errors and manipulation. Automation has become the norm and can revolutionize the way you do your business. Taking the stride, investing in employee management software is a brilliant technological advancement for your business.

Here are some outstanding benefits of using employee management software.

Monitor project progress and your human resource

Employee management software lets you have an insight on where and when your employees are. You can easily access an employee’s work location and work hours. With clarity on how your employees are spending their time you are in a favorable position to deal with any issue on an immediate basis. Such information also aids decisions on employee promotions and firing. Businesses with multiple job locations or a mobile workforce can immensely benefit from this built-in functionality of employee management software.

Instant access to contextual information

As a business grows it becomes difficult to keep track of all the information, particularly employee related data. Such information is critical to decision making and project planning. Employee management system effectively sorts out this problem. It makes it very easy to not just collect such regular data but also to access the information as and when needed. Any information including field employees or supervisors’ notes, project costs and work hours can be accessed at the time of resource allocation, project planning, evaluation or any other business decision making.

Flexibility to work from anywhere

With introduction of the cloud based technology, it is but natural that your workforce management system too becomes universal in that way. Such a setup lets you work from anywhere, be it your home, a different office location, or even when you are in transit. All you require is an internet connection.

Smooth intra company communication

Any good employee management system has built in functionality to facilitate prompt communication. Though communication can be done using other mediums too but employing just one program to do everything is far more convenient. HR team can quickly share employee related information and news on job openings or company events.

The system also allows for restricted access. This allows users to choose what information is to be shared with all and what can only be shared with few. So an employee would only see the information that he or she has access to. Moreover, employee management system makes it extremely simple for the employees to keep track of their leave balances and make request for time off.

5 Ways in which Poor Leave Management is Impacting your Business

Leave Management Software

Despite being an important aspect of a company’s payroll, leave and absence does not get the kind of attention it should. Managing it is too big a goal given that many companies do not even track employee absence! Leave management processes hold a significant place in company policies because paid time off significantly impacts a company’s bottom line. Continue reading “5 Ways in which Poor Leave Management is Impacting your Business”