Enhance Efficiency of Your Organization & Employees with Attendance Management System

Regardless of the size of your organization, employee time management is significant for any business owner or employers. Every business owner has presumed that it requires a great deal of money to effectively manage their employees and time. NO!! The truth is something else!!

Attendance Management Software

All thanks to automated business tools and newest technologies, employee management has become more affordable and efficient. Employee time management or employee attendance management system is more than about compliance. It is software that helps in managing attendance and work timings (arrival time and departure time) of the employees. This software provides accurate results to the HR personnel by calculating the attendance of employees and a calculating number of the days the employee was absent.

Apart from this, it also provides information regarding shifts, overtime, half-days, grace periods, flexible-timings, etc of the employee. If you are on loss due to employee downtime, it’s always good to opt for a perfect employee attendance managing system.

Finding the Right Kind of Attendance Management System

Whether you’re a big enterprise or small company, you should clearly jot down your requirements. The kind of the organization and the number of employees who use the system/software are the important determinants to choose the attendance management system. Affordable, flexible, accurate, convenient and efficient are the factors that must be included in the attendance software. The right kind of software will outweigh the cost and time occupied in the calculations. Considering the right kind of software can make the daunting task easy and simple.

Why use employee attendance software?

Thanks to technological advances, employee attendance software have drastically reduced the understanding of multifaceted HR attendance management structure, operation, rules, and regulations. Employee attendance management software has significantly accelerated the attendance process without any major errors.

Below are some of the benefits of employee attendance management software:

Reduced errors, a time-saver: With attendance software, there is no room for errors in the calculation of days present, absent and other stuff. There is no need for doing long boring calculations at the end of every month.

Ease in usage: Attendance software is easy to use and doesn’t require any grade. With the usage of HR management software, it becomes easy to prepare payrolls of the employees.

Reduce workforce: It automates the task of calculating a number of days present and absent. It becomes easy to compute salaries and other perks given by the employer.

Increase Employee Productivity: Monitoring the employee’s activity helps in increasing their productivity. This software also helps in providing information regarding in time / out time and permission/holidays taken by the employees of the organization.

Let’s Shed Some Light on HR Payroll Software

HRM or Human Resource Management is software which is specifically designed to maximize the employee performance in service of an employer’s strategic objectives. Eilisys HCM software will be a great help for the HR personnel in saving lots of time which could be utilized in other more important core activities.  It helps in managing the personal data of the employee while taking care of the leave and attendance management, payroll, and other HR functions. Improve your employee performance with Eilisys!!

How An Effective Attendance Management System Contributes To The Overall Growth Of An Organisation?

To keep a check on the productivity of all the employees in the organization, one of the important aesthetics is to monitor the attendance of the staff of the enterprise in the corporate world. While it would be no wrong to say that employees and staff of the organization contribute to the profits and productivity of the company, at the same it is highly crucial for the staff and employees to be physically present in the organization to earn their salaries. In earlier times, almost each of the organization used to rely on the traditional ways of registering the employee’s attendance, such as by maintaining a monthly register.

However, maintaining and registering manual attendance had a lot of drawbacks and its disadvantages. And to combat these errors and incorrect attendance entries is by installing biometric attendance management system which is error free and at the same time allows saving time. At Eilisys, we provide the most efficient and error-free attendance management system in Pune and other parts of the country.

How does an attendance management system work & what is the process involved?

In most of the big companies of the corporate house and world, usually, the organizations install a biometric system for registering attendance that coherently works with the help of an issued card. While following this method, each employee is given a specific and unique card that has its particular barcode. The attendance is registered when the employee swipes off the card on the attendance machine and then the attendance is marked. While some of the companies follow the method of taking the fingerprint or the thumb impression of the employee to register and manage the employee management software.

How your organization will be benefitted by employing Eilisys Attendance Management Software?

  • With the help of an effective attendance management system, you can now easily monitor and watch over the presence and absence of all the staff and employees of your organization.
  • It further facilitates to record and monitors the absenteeism patterns, leaves, and in effect in the productivity of the employees.
  • A good attendance management system will also help to make the HR payroll and data management system all effective and efficient.
  • With the help of biometric system installed in your organization, it will aid and assist the HR management to keep a check by collecting all the leave records of all the staff and employees HR payroll in the enterprise. It makes the process of monitoring the leaves and payroll of the staff hassle free.
  • Also, the biometric system uses the latest of technology updates, it allows no scope for errors and misleading attendance entries in the attendance management system. It further facilitates to avoid any manipulation and error done by the employees, which was a common phenomenon that used to occur while using the traditional methods of registering the attendance.
  • The most important and relevant benefit that comes along with the installation of the biometric attendance system is that it cuts down all the manual and paperwork involved.
  • So, with these many benefits and advantages of attendance management software, it is best in your organization’s interest to get this installed in your company.

Why Employee Management Software Systems is Critical for Any Organization?

Employees also referred to as Human Asset, are the backbone or would say strong pillars on which any organization run. And it is very critical for the organizations to know how efficiently they’ll be used. But how the organization will do this, sometimes become a challenge for them, as doing this manually could be fine if the strength of your company is just 10-15 people but it will not be possible in case when employee’s strength is in thousands and they are spanned across different locations.

Thanks to the IT technological advancements which brought some effective solution for this problem such as Employee Management Software or HR Payroll Software.

It is necessary to have such systems in place to ensure that employee should remain engaged in the assigned tasks, can perform well to their abilities, and hence performance can also be measured. Employee management is not a simple task, implementing any employee management software system will also require a thorough understanding of each & every aspect of the organization and its various functional departments.

So let’s check why the implementation of an Employee management software system or HR Payroll Software is necessary for any organization and what benefits it can bring in after implementation.

A. Modules of an Employee management software system or HR Payroll Software are:

  1. Employee Data/Details: Employees personal as well as professional details are kept here such as address, educational qualifications, emergency contact details, family, department or function in which they are working, project details, etc.
  2. Attendance & Time: Nowadays every organization has the Biometric attendance system to keep a track of the employee’s timings such as working hours, office in & out time, leaves, overtime details etc. This helps the organizations to process the payroll and track the performance of the employees. Attendance management System Pune provides the customized solutions for this.
  3. Self-service Portal- Employees self-service portal enables the employee to manage their personal as well as professional data. With this, they don’t need to run behind an HR person to get the pay slip, PF details, overtime details, tracking of leaves, attendance approvals etc.
  4. Organizational Updates & Notifications- In case an organization made new policy, want to introduce new employees, and has new company updates, and then they can do this through their Employee Management Software system or HR Payroll Software module, which make the communication across organization easy and timely.
  5. Task Assignment- This module helps you to assign the employees on projects, so that budgeting can be done and the working hours of the employee can be calculated.
  6. Appraisals & Performance Monitoring- When HR has all details pertaining to the employee like project details, number of working hours, attendance, project completion data, it becomes much easier for HR to track the performance of the employee and do the appraisals.

B. Benefits of Employee Management Software or HR Payroll Software 

  1. Constructive feedback can be shared with employees on the basis of data available. It helps to the performance reviews in a much detailed way.
  2. Helps to motivate employees in both scenarios, if they are performing well then they can be encouraged more, and in case if they are not performing well, then a session can be taken with them to understand their issue and then motivating them to perform.
  3. Communication becomes more transparent and easy as sometimes due to workload and tight project schedules makes it difficult to communicate.
  4. Employee and reporting manager relationship also gets better as many things are already available in the system, which help the managers to assess the employee’s capability. And employees don’t need to provide clarifications and justifications.

Employee management software helps to reduce the burden of both HR and employees, as many things are readily available in the modules which are easy-to-use, that makes the organization performance much effective.

Know How The Workforce Management Software Helps Your Business To Function Efficiently

Technology covers almost everything. Workforce or what you call as human labor is no longer an exception to this powerful technology. Dragging the human resourced into its ambit helps the business organization to function efficiently. As your business functioning is now effectuated, it helps in increasing your business productivity by a considerable difference.

While many of the well-established business organization might already have installed the workforce management software, the others still might not be familiar with this concept. One of the significant benefits of the workforce management tool is that you can evaluate the performance of your employees efficiently. Here, we shall be discussing the basics of your employee management software and how shall it benefit your organization.

What is a workforce management tool or software?

As the name suggests, workforce management (WFM) tool assists your business with its efficiency in staff schedule management. WFM tool helps you to gain quick visibility about your business metrics. For example, it facilitates you to calculate the average count of workers required for producing a particular product on a daily basis.

How does your employee management software assist you in effectuating your entire business flow?

Scheduling of the labour availability:  Earlier it was not possible for the entrepreneurs or the seniors to deal with the exact number of the personnel required in the production process. Now with the WFM tool at your fingertips, it becomes essential for you to have a balance between your working force. It facilitates you to calculate your daily worker requirement. The new workforce can be utilized in other productive activities.

Easy to integrate software:  No doubt your workforce management tool helps in rendering an ample amount of benefits. Perhaps, it is not a complete solution for effectuating your business environment to a full extent. Depending upon the type of your industry, you might be using different software for other purposes. Some of the essential software present in the majority of the companies are HR payroll software, software for reporting production processing, and finally, the one that is meant for quality control. In such a scenario, it becomes essential for your WFM tool to integrate quickly with the existing software. Hence, the majority of the leading WFM tool manufacturers have emphasized on the introduction of easy to integrate WFM software to impart quick access to your business cycle.

Automates the final stage of higher authority reporting: In today’s strong market competition, it is essential that the businesses have the majority of their processes automated. Automated working processes helps the firms to gain competitive supremacy. We all know that the introduction of workforce management software helps in generating an in-depth business data for ease in reviewing process. What is still left to be unveiled is its automatic dissemination of these business-related data to the manager. Now, managers can view the automatically generated reports without the interference of any person from any department. This automatic dissemination further assists in maintaining the confidentiality of the business data and prevents it from the wrath of manipulation.

Essentials Of A Good Payroll Processing Company In Pune

Reckoned as the IT hub of Maharashtra, Pune marks the presence of several big and small IT industries. One of the most critical points of consideration for all these IT firms is the processing of their employee salary per month. The big firms usually operate their independent department for processing their employee’s salary. On the other hand, in small companies, the salary processing task is generally accomplished by either their head or any of one of the senior staff member. Owing to this, you might notice that the employees in such companies face delays in receiving their salaries.

To tackle this rising concern and effectuate the salary disbursement process, many Payroll Processing Companies in Pune have started marking their presence. Since there are heaps of such companies flourishing in the market, it becomes your responsibility to hire a perfect one.

Here are some of the essential traits you need to observe while you set out to hire such a payroll processing entity in Pune.

Accurate numeracy: Though, the payroll processing companies operate via payroll processing software, human intelligence is the one to dominate its artificial counterpart. The executives of the payroll processing companies you are about to hire should be well-versed with the numbers. This accuracy with numbers is essential as the significant responsibility of the payroll processing company hovers around salary calculations.

Compliance to the business ethics: Any Payroll Processing Company in Pune is claiming themselves as the best in the market, needs to be thorough with their compliance status. It becomes essential on business front’s which allows them to curb penalties, and avoid hustles. These payroll processing professionals have to be a quick learner of those rules and regulations that affect the entire payroll process.

Timeliness: As on the business front, you need your company to stay ahead in the competition, it becomes crucial on your part to satisfy your employees too. The first and foremost task of any entrepreneur is to take care of his employees. Hence, it becomes crucial for you to hire a perfect payroll processing company which is dedicated to following a strict deadline to accomplish their tasks. Since the entire working staff of your company depends on your payroll services, the payroll officials have to be disciplined in their working ethics.

Confidentiality: It is this department of your enterprise which has access to your data. Hence, it is essential that you proceed ahead in connecting with the payroll processing company which assures you with 100 percent confidentiality about your business data. This compliance becomes crucial when your payroll processing firm is handling business data which is sensitive. It is essential for you to discuss the lines of confidential data confidentiality with your payroll employees.

Software: Having a payroll processing software is one of the most crucial element and hence an undetachable part of the payroll services. HCM Software is one of the most employed software in today’s scenario. However, having robust software is not the ultimate responsibility for your payroll services. It becomes essential for you to check the compatibility of the hired payroll professionals concerning the working mechanism of this software. He or she should be fluent in handling the entire software as and when the need arises.

Promote Work-Life Balance With Leave Management Software

Balancing work and life is very important so as to achieve both professional success and personal satisfaction. We all are actively engaged in work and also want to devote time to our loved ones. In order to keep both personal and professional life of employees on the right track, organizations must have to use workforce management software. This software keeps the track of all activities and in and out time of employees. See, different employees have different attitudes toward work. There are some employees who take excessive leaves whereas some employees who would rarely take a leave. Using this leave management system is essential to keep everything balanced.

Keeping the track of all sick leaves, emergency leaves, paid leaves and non-paid leaves of all employees in an organization is a strenuous task. After all, we are humans and thus mistakes can happen. In order to reduce the chances of mistakes, use of this software is the must. This software helps organizations to track what type of leaves an employee has taken in the month. This leave management software also differentiates between granted leaves and non-granted leaves so as to make correct salary document at the end of the month. By deploying leave management software, your employees are encouraged to take these granted leaves so that they can equally enjoy their personal life as well. Their efforts must be appreciated by tracking their total yearly and monthly leaves.

By using this software, organizations can easily check which employee is contributing a lot towards the company’s benefit and who is taking so many leaves. All and all, this software contributes greatly towards balancing work and life properly. It is a well-known fact that an employee who works without any breaks or vacation will soon stagnate in their professional life and not be an efficient worker. These leaves help an employee to take a refreshing break from work life so as to give some rest to both mind and body. Going on leaves is like recharging your spent batteries so that you can come back with more energy and extra fresh mind. Use of leave management software Delhi has become common nowadays owing to its great features. With the use of leave management software, organizations can:

Monitor the days of work monthly or yearly basis

Set a certain number of days per month or year which are mandatory to maintain perfect work-life balance. A leave management software will help you to know whether an employee has taken this much leave or not. For example, if you have allotted 12 paid holidays per year but the employee has taken only 3 or 4, then you can encourage them to take rest of the leaves so as to take the refreshing break. Moreover, you can also keep a strong eye on those employees who take excessive holidays.

Control the rate of absenteeism and tardiness with this leave management software

By using the leave management software Noida, you can easily monitor the leaves of employees and thus can easily control the rate of absenteeism and tardiness. It basically helps you to know about the productivity of your employee as well ensures you about their efficiency. This software is fully automated and thus there is no chance of mistake or misuse.

Benefits Of Using Attendance Management Software

Attendance Management System is the best and reliable way to keep track of employees’ working hours. This system is highly effective as it doesn’t need any type of manual instructions. See, the system of managing attendance is advantageous only and only if it is real time. This Attendance Management Software works on all facets with effortlessness and effectiveness. This is a flawless approach to eradicate all such hassle conditions at the end of the month. Any organization using this software or system will surely experience delight of seamless integration when it comes to attendance, leaves, salary formation etc. Let’s get to know some of the benefits of using this Attendance Management Software.

Reliable and Accurate

The first reason for deploying this software in the organization is that it is 100% reliable and accurate. Unlike the traditional method of reporting employee’s working hours, this software is automated and thus produces exact and accurate results. Those manual methods have several loopholes and problem but this software is genuine and authentic. It offers the right metrics of time so that one can prepare the right and fair report of attendance. Organizations must use this software so as to cut down their extra cost which in turn minimizes their loss. Come down in the favour of HCM software and enjoy hassle-free system.

Self Service

Using Attendance Management System Pune is very common nowadays as this is a self service which in turn saves lots of time and money as well. By deploying this software, organizations can not only obtain correct data but also can use the skills of that employee at some other point. This software features real time alerts for every event.

Improved Efficiency

Keeping the track of all employees and calculating the work fee for employees is undoubtedly a clumsy task. There are chances of error and moreover this is a tedious task to perform. With the help of Attendance Management Software, this task can be made simple and easy. It will thus surely improve efficiency and productivity of an organization.

Cost Effective

Another reason why this software is getting so much popularity among organizations is that this is cost effective. Pitching on Attendance Management System Hyderabad is a one-time investment as with this you don’t have to pay human for doing this task every month. It will surely save your money and also allow you to fetch error free report without wasting time.

Increase employee Productivity

Another benefit of using this Attendance Management Software is that it increases employee productivity to a great extent. See, if this software is deployed in an organization then it can easily monitor the real time activity of an employee which in turn reduces the chances of mistakes and thus increase productivity. This will also help the higher officials to know about in and out time of the employees and about their leaves and holidays. Employee productivity automatically increases with the deployment of this Attendance Management Software.

Time has changed and so are the ways to manage employees. This attendance software is ideal for all types of needs, whether simple tracking of time or important recordkeeping. Moreover, this software makes organization’s record tracking task easier. It requires no special maintenance except regular upgrades. So, deploy this software right away and get rid of any record keeping troubles.

Goodbye Manual Payroll – Welcome Automation with Eilisys Payroll Processing Software!

You could have still got over with this excuse of handling things manually, had you been living in the 60s and 70s, but not when you’ve got technology unraveling your comfort zone in the modern age! And, moreover, isn’t it a hassle to compute things manually? Stressing your brains unnecessarily, and even then, not deriving the desired results! So, it is time to your break free from the vicious clutches of your comfort zone, and scale-up your payroll functions to a more automated solution – Eilisys payroll processing software, helping fetch better results, and relieve you out of the hassles of the manual payroll management.

Needless to say, how critical paying your employees in time is. Your employees may empathize with you for delaying their salaries once or twice, but certainly not when they are compelled to read your month-end apologetic emails for delays. This, however, is not the only dimension to payroll. There’s another serious one, and that is compliance! Non-compliance towards tax calculations, documentation, forms, etc. could turn precarious for your organization over a period of time, given the inconsistencies towards delivering payroll on time and incorrect calculations. Phew… so, amidst all the critical concerns, Eilisys’s Ascent payroll software system comes in as a sigh of relief for all those who’ve been looking forward to changing things. Take a look.

Payroll is a complex web, plus, it is a multi-dimensional aspect that affects different verticals of your organization, including HR, accounts, and compliance. Ascent’s payroll management software, India is one of those seldom found comprehensive payroll processing software employing the latest technology, and covering all the aspects of payroll, thereby delivering a complete payroll solution to organizations, regardless of the number of employees, complexities and business areas you work in.

Here’s how payroll software system helps you streamline the entire payroll process, and bid the manual complexities.

Payroll Software Products Chennai | Payroll Software in Delhi | Payroll Management Software India

Besides organizing the entire payroll operation, the software benefits all the verticals that work towards payroll management.

Finance Department: Creating audit trails, automated TDS calculations, tracking of advances and loans, parameter driven salary JV, digitally signed form 16, calculation of interest on EMI or equated principal basis, a simple and hassle-free integration with the existing ERP/ financial accounting, and many others.

Human Resources Department: Maintaining employee job history, managing salary holds and releases, computing arrears, bulk FnF settlement with provisional form 16 on the same day, processing supplementary payroll, facilitating report export in various formats like MS-excel, PDF, etc. investment declarations, salary revisions, attendance, etc.

Statutory Compliances: This involves managing various forms such as ESIC form 6, ESIC statement and online Challan, provident fund Challan, forms including 3A, 6A, 12A, 5, 10, 9, professional tax statement, etc.

We’ve already emphasized enough on how important payroll operations are. The only thing that remains is your decision to deploy Ascent’s payroll processing software that would help you save energy, resources, and most importantly time that you’d other be spending on treading the age-old conventional path.

Be In Control Of Employee Attendance With Eilisys Employee Attendance Software

Widening business frontiers, along with opportunities, organically foster a lot of complexities of which employee attendance management is but one. The transition between managing few employees, to handling a multiple-designation team, could be quite challenging, and if these challenges weren’t enough, the difficulties encountered while keeping track of every employee movement and the attendance part would only add to your confrontations. As a result, perhaps, you end up overpaying or at times, underpaying, both of which could lead to employee dissatisfaction. But with Eilisys employee time tracking software, the growth transition as well managing medium to large scale employee attendance operations in the long-run are simplified. Scroll through this blog, while it acquaints you with the benefits resulting out of the Eilisys’s employee attendance management system.

Technology is a simplified solution to a lot of otherwise complex business operations, however, only if you accept it and get adept at it. A lot of business owners still believe in maintaining musters and limiting themselves to the application of technology only in the form of calculators. Considering the fact that business is ought to turn more complex and demanding in the years to come, technology proves to be the only solution. So, as prudent business owners, it is necessary that you foster employee satisfaction and employee convenience, both by embracing technology and integrating it into your existing systems. If necessary, revamp your processes, but the point here is to ensure accuracy and pace, no matter what! Take a look at what does Eilisys Ascent’s employee time tracking software has in store for you.

Employee Attendance Management System | Employee Attendance Software | Comprehensive Employee Time Tracking Software

Right from sharing those exception emails to multiple employees, to managing the critical compliance part, the modern employee time tracking software does it all. It relieves you out of the pressures built on account of handling all the tasks manually, thereby leaving you with the breathing space required to think about other equally important aspects of your business. Some of the benefits of the employee attendance management system are highlighted below.

  • Managing attendance exceptions such as absenteeism, late-in, early-outs, shift variations, etc.
  • Being compliant towards labour laws through the application of overtime policies.
  • Managing various compliance reports such as form 20, leave card, overtime, muster roll, etc.
  • Sending email notifications to employees as well as their managers for proposed salary deductions or leave deductions on account of attendance exceptions.
  • Real-time tracking and monitoring of employee attendance data.
  • System based management of employee shift schedule and daily attendance.
  • Extra time management
  • Ability to generate 30 standard reports and designing your own report through the report writing tool.
  • Simple and hassle-free integration with any attendance tools such as biometric or cards.

Highlighted above are only some of the benefits. There are many more helping business owners reap the desired results and fulfilling the objectives of investing resources into a technology based solution towards managing employee attendance. For an additional insight on the benefits delivered out of Ascent’s visit employee attendance software.

Eilisys Is A One Stop Solution Provider For Human Capital Management Software (HCM)

Workforce management software is a combined set of processes that is utilized by various organizations to improve and streamline the productivity of their employees. With the aid of workforce management software, labor requirements can be forecasted effectively, and staff schedules can be successfully created and managed so that the work of an organization runs in an efficient manner. Workforce management software also helps the various companies to gain important information like the exact number of employees needed to successfully complete a given project or process in a fixed frame of time. This kind of software is also used to track the daily performance of the employees. The workforce management software comes under the ambit of human resource management and covers its various facets such as forecasting and budgeting, compliance, vacation and leave planning, staff scheduling, performance management of employees, payroll and benefits administration and various other functions. There are various benefits of using a workforce management software that include improving the efficiency of the employees, better planning of workforce requirement, a lower cost of operations and better service to the customers. Hence, workforce management software is used in various industries such as healthcare, retail, banking, insurance and many others.

Employee management software is another tool that increases the efficiency and productivity of an organization. It is well established that employees are an excellent asset to the companies and they help the companies to remain competitive. Since managers presently are hard pressed for time and they must deal with lots of workloads, meetings and appointments, they are invariably not able to give time and attention to employees and give them encouragement and praise that they wholly deserve. This is where the role of employee management software comes in and such type of software is used to record the information about the employees, their appraisals and information about bonuses and benefits provided as well. Such type of employee management software is user friendly and automates and makes simple the various functions coming under the ambit of human resource management. With the aid of employee management system, an organization can reduce the paperwork, helps in keeping track of time and attendance, helps in planning of shifts, etc. thereby helping in running the operations of a company in a smooth fashion. With the help of proper employee management software, the relationship between the managers and employees can be managed in a better fashion and employees can be motivated effectively.

HR payroll software is used to maintain the key financial records of an employee in the form of their salaries, deductions, net pay and bonuses. This is a legal requirement all over the world and hence the payroll information of every employee needs to be properly recorded and managed. It is in this context the role of HR payroll software comes in. HR payroll software is used for various purposes such as for running the payroll operations in an efficient and timely manner and to increase the profitability of an organization. In addition, with the help of HR payroll software, the manual tasks can be automated and thus reducing the scope of mistakes in payroll operations and to increase the productivity of the staff.

Thus, if you are looking for improving the profitability and efficiency of your organization by using such kind of software, then Eilisys is the one stop solution for all your needs. Eilisys provides you with high quality workforce management software, employee management software and HR payroll software. With the help of these software provided by Eilisys, you can take your organization to greater heights.


Eiilisys is providing various kinds of software in the domain of human resource management in the form of workforce management software, employee management software and HR payroll software. With the aid of such kind of software, the functions of HR can be automated, decreasing the scope of mistakes and increase the productivity of employees, thereby leading to increased profits.