Ascent Payroll Processing Software – Your Payroll Technology Partner

Payroll, although it deals with a lot of number crunching, using calculators and applying those complicated spreadsheet formulae, it is a people-oriented job, and therefore, requires to be accurate, prompt and most importantly, compliant towards the policy framework set by the national authorities. Out of the several payroll processing companies in Pune, one company that stands out is Eilisys. It is considered as one of the most trustworthy partners when it comes to facilitating an end-to-end payroll processing software.It is a tested and proven formula. The exhaustive and ever-growing list of its reputed clients, speaks for the company’s success in the payroll technology domain. This blog is an attempt to fathom the utility of the Eilisys’s Ascent payroll processing software. Keep exploring!

The quick-paced world requires quick service, quick computing, supplemented with accuracy, and heavy-duty performance. The human brain, with its own capacities and mileage to work and compute things, beyond a point in time requires rest. Of course, the conventional processes required a lot of brain application and computing capabilities. However, with the advent of technology that has invaded almost every human intervened aspect, things have graduated to automation. Payroll processing is one of them. With business evolving over the years, so have its rules and regulations, and the framework requiring strict adherence towards compliance, without any deviations! Payroll processing is a software process. To a certain point, especially transacting with the intricate policies, human intervention is rendered redundant (in fact, not useful), and the process requires automation and technological hand-holding to work things out in an accurate, quick and compliant fashion. The payroll processing software is a technology-oriented solution towards handling payroll processing.

The payroll processing software we are talking about belongs to Ascent, which, in turn, belongs to the parent company Eilisys. Eilisys has been in the business for over 17 years, engineering the most appropriate technological solutions for payroll processing, leave management software, attendance management system, analytics, expense, visitor management, meeting room manager, mobile apps, etc. Eilisys has always kept with the pace of time, and have been changing itself and augmenting the capabilities of its products over the years to cope with the dynamic needs of the industry. But, some things never change, and in case of Eilisys, it is the top quality of its products, highest levels of customer service, and yes, its endeavors to guarantee customer success and satisfaction, no matter what!

Ascent’s payroll processing software is a multi-faceted product that proves beneficial to the HR department and the finance department as well, helping both of them complying with the set of rules and regulations. The HR vertical leverages its capabilities of documenting and recording employee history, end-to-end salary management, generating comprehensive reports, full and final settlements, and many more. For the finance department, on the other hand, calculatingthe different type of taxes, loans, and advance tracking, helping create audit trails, etc. On the statutory compliance front, the payroll processing handles all the forms associated with employee payroll.

Human touch and intervention has its own incomparable value, however, when it comes to managing business processes in the modern context, employing technology becomes equally important. Ascent’s payroll processing software is a perfect example of technology working at its best to support people-oriented processes. Get in touch with the Eilisys at (+91) 20 6729 5300 and book your demo today!

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