Ascent Best Payroll Software System – Software That Pays Off Well!

Payroll, with the complexity of the involved process and to top it up, the imperative compliance part, requires a team of professionals that are thorough with the micro as well as macro aspects of payroll management. However, that’s with the quality part. But when it comes to handling volumes, even the best of the best teams require a technology helping-hand managing the nitty-gritty and the important calculations part, along with managing the compliance one! So, here’s your solution! Yes, ascent payroll management software, your multi-dimensional and end-to-end partner offering the best payroll software services, right from calculating the pay, income tax, to managing statutory compliance, and handling various forms.

Manual payroll management, in the modern context, is certainly not a wise idea. For business owners,who even today rely upon and do it the manual way, it’s time to empathize with the employees, and realize the hardships and challenges they face while dealing with the payroll of the company! It consumes a lot of time, and besides, any inaccuracies owing to human errors would have them reprimanded, let alone the loss of reputation that would come in the limelight.Moreover, flaws in the payroll systems could eventually lead to employee dissatisfaction, inviting unnecessary concerns. The key here is to utilize technology to the benefit of the organization, by employing prudent payroll software systems that would manage the entire payroll gamut with efficiency and precision.

Ascent’s payroll management software in India is one of its kind benefiting different departments. Here are some of the benefits reaped by the finance and the HR department, and on the statutory compliance front.

Finance: Online claim based CTC reimbursement, tracking advances and loans, auto calculation of TDS, auto NEFT file and bank upload file in the banker’s format, simple integration with the existing financial accounting and ERP system, parameter-based salary JV and income tax calculation, configuring own dimensions for salary JV, previous month variation reports, audit trails for earning/deduction and for employee master data amendments, etc.

Human Resources: Salary management, salary revisions, investment declarations, attendance management system and summary, recording employee history, arrears calculation, leave regularization, comprehensive reports for salary and employee master data into various formats like text, PDF, Excel, etc. bank FnF statement along with provisional form 16 on the same day, utility import for information pertaining to the newly joined employees, user-defined formula for every deduction/earning and many more.

Statutory Compliance: ESIC statement and online challan, professional tax statement, provident fund reconciliation statement, provident fund challan, form 5, 9, 10, 3A, 6A, 12A, online return profession tax return and challan, form 16, eTDS returns 24Q, Income tax ITNS 281 challan, etc.

Of course, software’s operational efficiency certainly adds to its importance and practical application. However, what’s equally, or perhaps, is slightly more critical is the statutory compliance part. Ascent’s payroll software system is fully proficient in handling the compliance part, thus relieving the business owner and the payroll administrators out of the confrontations of managing the payroll operations and at the same time ensure compliance.

Contact us and get to know more about our software or request a demo for by clicking on the REQUEST A DEMO tab and be prepared to witness the wonders technology can do you to your business!

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