Why Choose Attendance Management Software to keep up with Modern Employee Attendance Management Techniques?

Do you still believe in conventional employee attendance management? Some may leverage the success and the comfort that they’ve had until now, in order to strengthen the argument. But, the question here is until when? If you look out of your window, you’d find your competitors or other business owners enjoying the benefits employee attendance management software, so why not you? It demands an investment in the beginning, but it is a sustainable solution bringing a lot of advantages such as cost-saving, saving revenue leakages, keeping better track and record of the attendance of your employees, and accurately computing the monetary element attached to it. All of this, only in one software, and that’s Eilisys’s employee attendance software. So, how exactly does Eilisys’s employee attendance management system help you? Find it out through this blog.

Advantages of Employee Attendance Management Software | Employee Attendance Software Benefits

Right from retaining employee interest through the right salary, overtime and leave calculations, to saving revenue loss for the organization; Eilisys offers a broad range of operational, technical, administrative as well as commercial benefits through its employee attendance management system. Let us take a look at the benefits of the employee attendance management software from the employer as well as employee perspectives.

Benefits for Employers

  • It is extremely simple, quick and hassle-free for the administrators and the technical associates to integrate the system with the existing biometric devices, swipe card machines, fingerprint devices, etc.
  • The software isn’t rigid. It could be customized in accordance with the requirements of the organization and its policies.
  • Simple and quick access to real-time data and detailed status of the attendance of your employees, including employee overtime, leaves, shift schedule, working hours, etc.
  • Shift supervisors, line managers, and if required, vertical heads could access information associated with the approval of employee leaves, half-days, etc.
  • The system allows easy integration with the company’s existing payroll software, thereby automating employee salary calculations.
  • The software keeps track of employee movements such as employee login, logout, swipes throughout the day, break timings, late check-ins, and early checkouts, etc. This helps supervisors and managers to calculate employee salaries based on their working hours and leaves availed throughout the month.
  • The system also allows employers to examine the overtime done by employees, and if those overtimes are approved or otherwise.
  • Employers or HR administrators can generate attendance reports in various formats including MS-Excel, PDF, HTML, and many other customized formats.

Benefits for Employees

Employees too constitute an important part of the attendance management systems or processes. Eilisys’s employee attendance management software brings a lot of benefits to the employee’s desk as well. Some of them are enlisted below.

  • Employees can apply for web sign in and sign out.
  • The software facilitates employees easy access to real-time information about their attendance and leaves at all times. The availability of real-time information helps employee plan their leaves in an organized manner.
  • Besides, employees have easy access to punch in and punch out reports. This helps to reduce the number of employee complaints about incorrect leave calculations, incorrect salary deductions, etc.

Regardless of whether you run a small company or a larger one, deploying an employee attendance management system is critical in the long run, to help save revenue, and retain employee as well as stakeholder trust. For an employee attendance software, get in touch with Eilisys at (+91) 20 6729 5300.