Payroll Management – Bring Value to Your Business

Gone are the times when every operation was done manually. Technology has drastically changed the way we live, learn and work. Whether its retail industry, the advertising industry or hospitality industry, everyone likes to have an efficient and error-free system. If you’re still relying on outdated work practices, then it is likely to give you a lot of paper logs, record books, decreased productivity and many more. Use the new advancement in employee management for getting a better-integrated payroll process experience.

Keep Your Company Updated With Payroll Software

Living in the digital era, it becomes quite difficult and inefficient to manually manage the payroll. Many business organizations prefer using payroll software to prepare and manage the payroll of their employees. One of the most important and crucial benefits of using a payroll software solution is that you can save your valuable time which is invested in doing boring calculations that seem to be never-ending. Let’s understand what payroll software is and its features.

Payroll Software

Just imagine what could be the most important business process in any company. Well, its payroll calculation and administration. Without using any payroll management, it is one of the most cumbersome and time-consuming daily activities. Generating revenues, calculating salaries/wages, taxes, and deductions and other backend processes are performed by Payroll software. Payroll software is a tool that helps in automating the process of paying salaries to the employees. You can also look for efficient payroll software in Bangalore for reducing your cumbersome tasks of calculation.

Let’s Explore the Features of Payroll Software

Payroll software is not only restricted to automatic calculation of deductions but much more than that. You can also hire a company who can create, design or provide you with custom payroll software integrated with HCM Software. Features of custom payroll software vary from one organization to another. Before you and your organization spend hard-earned money on any payroll service, take a look at the features of payroll software:

  • Most common – Automatic calculation of deductions such as taxes, insurance, retirement contributions, etc.
  • Processing of direct paycheck deposits
  • Generating tax forms
  • Deduction of wage garnishments
  • Providing crucial audit, management, and financial reports
  • Sort and track personnel records

Compared to the old paper-based systems, payroll software considerably speeds up the payroll process while drastically reducing errors and enabling HR managers to effortlessly customize paychecks for individual employees of the organizations. Enjoy features of payroll software in Pune to get rid of the burden of payroll systems operations.

Benefits of Payroll Processing Software

If you want to efficiently manage your payroll operations, Payroll software is the most appropriate, accurate and compliant manner for the same. In this modern day businesses, payroll software in Pune has become an ideal product for comprehensive payroll management operations. Whether it’s calculating salaries, taxes and deductions of employees, Payroll processing software do it all from maintaining records to tax computations. Eilisys’s Ascent payroll management software is perfect payroll software that helps save labor dollars, eliminate errors, and avoid compliance issues. Enjoy error-free payroll operation with Eilisys!!

Enhance Efficiency of Your Organization & Employees with Attendance Management System

Regardless of the size of your organization, employee time management is significant for any business owner or employers. Every business owner has presumed that it requires a great deal of money to effectively manage their employees and time. NO!! The truth is something else!!

Attendance Management Software

All thanks to automated business tools and newest technologies, employee management has become more affordable and efficient. Employee time management or employee attendance management system is more than about compliance. It is software that helps in managing attendance and work timings (arrival time and departure time) of the employees. This software provides accurate results to the HR personnel by calculating the attendance of employees and a calculating number of the days the employee was absent.

Apart from this, it also provides information regarding shifts, overtime, half-days, grace periods, flexible-timings, etc of the employee. If you are on loss due to employee downtime, it’s always good to opt for a perfect employee attendance managing system.

Finding the Right Kind of Attendance Management System

Whether you’re a big enterprise or small company, you should clearly jot down your requirements. The kind of the organization and the number of employees who use the system/software are the important determinants to choose the attendance management system. Affordable, flexible, accurate, convenient and efficient are the factors that must be included in the attendance software. The right kind of software will outweigh the cost and time occupied in the calculations. Considering the right kind of software can make the daunting task easy and simple.

Why use employee attendance software?

Thanks to technological advances, employee attendance software have drastically reduced the understanding of multifaceted HR attendance management structure, operation, rules, and regulations. Employee attendance management software has significantly accelerated the attendance process without any major errors.

Below are some of the benefits of employee attendance management software:

Reduced errors, a time-saver: With attendance software, there is no room for errors in the calculation of days present, absent and other stuff. There is no need for doing long boring calculations at the end of every month.

Ease in usage: Attendance software is easy to use and doesn’t require any grade. With the usage of HR management software, it becomes easy to prepare payrolls of the employees.

Reduce workforce: It automates the task of calculating a number of days present and absent. It becomes easy to compute salaries and other perks given by the employer.

Increase Employee Productivity: Monitoring the employee’s activity helps in increasing their productivity. This software also helps in providing information regarding in time / out time and permission/holidays taken by the employees of the organization.

Let’s Shed Some Light on HR Payroll Software

HRM or Human Resource Management is software which is specifically designed to maximize the employee performance in service of an employer’s strategic objectives. Eilisys HCM software will be a great help for the HR personnel in saving lots of time which could be utilized in other more important core activities.  It helps in managing the personal data of the employee while taking care of the leave and attendance management, payroll, and other HR functions. Improve your employee performance with Eilisys!!

How An Effective Attendance Management System Contributes To The Overall Growth Of An Organisation?

To keep a check on the productivity of all the employees in the organization, one of the important aesthetics is to monitor the attendance of the staff of the enterprise in the corporate world. While it would be no wrong to say that employees and staff of the organization contribute to the profits and productivity of the company, at the same it is highly crucial for the staff and employees to be physically present in the organization to earn their salaries. In earlier times, almost each of the organization used to rely on the traditional ways of registering the employee’s attendance, such as by maintaining a monthly register.

However, maintaining and registering manual attendance had a lot of drawbacks and its disadvantages. And to combat these errors and incorrect attendance entries is by installing biometric attendance management system which is error free and at the same time allows saving time. At Eilisys, we provide the most efficient and error-free attendance management system in Pune and other parts of the country.

How does an attendance management system work & what is the process involved?

In most of the big companies of the corporate house and world, usually, the organizations install a biometric system for registering attendance that coherently works with the help of an issued card. While following this method, each employee is given a specific and unique card that has its particular barcode. The attendance is registered when the employee swipes off the card on the attendance machine and then the attendance is marked. While some of the companies follow the method of taking the fingerprint or the thumb impression of the employee to register and manage the employee management software.

How your organization will be benefitted by employing Eilisys Attendance Management Software?

  • With the help of an effective attendance management system, you can now easily monitor and watch over the presence and absence of all the staff and employees of your organization.
  • It further facilitates to record and monitors the absenteeism patterns, leaves, and in effect in the productivity of the employees.
  • A good attendance management system will also help to make the HR payroll and data management system all effective and efficient.
  • With the help of biometric system installed in your organization, it will aid and assist the HR management to keep a check by collecting all the leave records of all the staff and employees HR payroll in the enterprise. It makes the process of monitoring the leaves and payroll of the staff hassle free.
  • Also, the biometric system uses the latest of technology updates, it allows no scope for errors and misleading attendance entries in the attendance management system. It further facilitates to avoid any manipulation and error done by the employees, which was a common phenomenon that used to occur while using the traditional methods of registering the attendance.
  • The most important and relevant benefit that comes along with the installation of the biometric attendance system is that it cuts down all the manual and paperwork involved.
  • So, with these many benefits and advantages of attendance management software, it is best in your organization’s interest to get this installed in your company.