Promote Work-Life Balance With Leave Management Software

Balancing work and life is very important so as to achieve both professional success and personal satisfaction. We all are actively engaged in work and also want to devote time to our loved ones. In order to keep both personal and professional life of employees on the right track, organizations must have to use workforce management software. This software keeps the track of all activities and in and out time of employees. See, different employees have different attitudes toward work. There are some employees who take excessive leaves whereas some employees who would rarely take a leave. Using this leave management system is essential to keep everything balanced.

Keeping the track of all sick leaves, emergency leaves, paid leaves and non-paid leaves of all employees in an organization is a strenuous task. After all, we are humans and thus mistakes can happen. In order to reduce the chances of mistakes, use of this software is the must. This software helps organizations to track what type of leaves an employee has taken in the month. This leave management software also differentiates between granted leaves and non-granted leaves so as to make correct salary document at the end of the month. By deploying leave management software, your employees are encouraged to take these granted leaves so that they can equally enjoy their personal life as well. Their efforts must be appreciated by tracking their total yearly and monthly leaves.

By using this software, organizations can easily check which employee is contributing a lot towards the company’s benefit and who is taking so many leaves. All and all, this software contributes greatly towards balancing work and life properly. It is a well-known fact that an employee who works without any breaks or vacation will soon stagnate in their professional life and not be an efficient worker. These leaves help an employee to take a refreshing break from work life so as to give some rest to both mind and body. Going on leaves is like recharging your spent batteries so that you can come back with more energy and extra fresh mind. Use of leave management software Delhi has become common nowadays owing to its great features. With the use of leave management software, organizations can:

Monitor the days of work monthly or yearly basis

Set a certain number of days per month or year which are mandatory to maintain perfect work-life balance. A leave management software will help you to know whether an employee has taken this much leave or not. For example, if you have allotted 12 paid holidays per year but the employee has taken only 3 or 4, then you can encourage them to take rest of the leaves so as to take the refreshing break. Moreover, you can also keep a strong eye on those employees who take excessive holidays.

Control the rate of absenteeism and tardiness with this leave management software

By using the leave management software Noida, you can easily monitor the leaves of employees and thus can easily control the rate of absenteeism and tardiness. It basically helps you to know about the productivity of your employee as well ensures you about their efficiency. This software is fully automated and thus there is no chance of mistake or misuse.

Benefits Of Using Attendance Management Software

Attendance Management System is the best and reliable way to keep track of employees’ working hours. This system is highly effective as it doesn’t need any type of manual instructions. See, the system of managing attendance is advantageous only and only if it is real time. This Attendance Management Software works on all facets with effortlessness and effectiveness. This is a flawless approach to eradicate all such hassle conditions at the end of the month. Any organization using this software or system will surely experience delight of seamless integration when it comes to attendance, leaves, salary formation etc. Let’s get to know some of the benefits of using this Attendance Management Software.

Reliable and Accurate

The first reason for deploying this software in the organization is that it is 100% reliable and accurate. Unlike the traditional method of reporting employee’s working hours, this software is automated and thus produces exact and accurate results. Those manual methods have several loopholes and problem but this software is genuine and authentic. It offers the right metrics of time so that one can prepare the right and fair report of attendance. Organizations must use this software so as to cut down their extra cost which in turn minimizes their loss. Come down in the favour of HCM software and enjoy hassle-free system.

Self Service

Using Attendance Management System Pune is very common nowadays as this is a self service which in turn saves lots of time and money as well. By deploying this software, organizations can not only obtain correct data but also can use the skills of that employee at some other point. This software features real time alerts for every event.

Improved Efficiency

Keeping the track of all employees and calculating the work fee for employees is undoubtedly a clumsy task. There are chances of error and moreover this is a tedious task to perform. With the help of Attendance Management Software, this task can be made simple and easy. It will thus surely improve efficiency and productivity of an organization.

Cost Effective

Another reason why this software is getting so much popularity among organizations is that this is cost effective. Pitching on Attendance Management System Hyderabad is a one-time investment as with this you don’t have to pay human for doing this task every month. It will surely save your money and also allow you to fetch error free report without wasting time.

Increase employee Productivity

Another benefit of using this Attendance Management Software is that it increases employee productivity to a great extent. See, if this software is deployed in an organization then it can easily monitor the real time activity of an employee which in turn reduces the chances of mistakes and thus increase productivity. This will also help the higher officials to know about in and out time of the employees and about their leaves and holidays. Employee productivity automatically increases with the deployment of this Attendance Management Software.

Time has changed and so are the ways to manage employees. This attendance software is ideal for all types of needs, whether simple tracking of time or important recordkeeping. Moreover, this software makes organization’s record tracking task easier. It requires no special maintenance except regular upgrades. So, deploy this software right away and get rid of any record keeping troubles.

Goodbye Manual Payroll – Welcome Automation with Eilisys Payroll Processing Software!

You could have still got over with this excuse of handling things manually, had you been living in the 60s and 70s, but not when you’ve got technology unraveling your comfort zone in the modern age! And, moreover, isn’t it a hassle to compute things manually? Stressing your brains unnecessarily, and even then, not deriving the desired results! So, it is time to your break free from the vicious clutches of your comfort zone, and scale-up your payroll functions to a more automated solution – Eilisys payroll processing software, helping fetch better results, and relieve you out of the hassles of the manual payroll management.

Needless to say, how critical paying your employees in time is. Your employees may empathize with you for delaying their salaries once or twice, but certainly not when they are compelled to read your month-end apologetic emails for delays. This, however, is not the only dimension to payroll. There’s another serious one, and that is compliance! Non-compliance towards tax calculations, documentation, forms, etc. could turn precarious for your organization over a period of time, given the inconsistencies towards delivering payroll on time and incorrect calculations. Phew… so, amidst all the critical concerns, Eilisys’s Ascent payroll software system comes in as a sigh of relief for all those who’ve been looking forward to changing things. Take a look.

Payroll is a complex web, plus, it is a multi-dimensional aspect that affects different verticals of your organization, including HR, accounts, and compliance. Ascent’s payroll management software, India is one of those seldom found comprehensive payroll processing software employing the latest technology, and covering all the aspects of payroll, thereby delivering a complete payroll solution to organizations, regardless of the number of employees, complexities and business areas you work in.

Here’s how payroll software system helps you streamline the entire payroll process, and bid the manual complexities.

Payroll Software Products Chennai | Payroll Software in Delhi | Payroll Management Software India

Besides organizing the entire payroll operation, the software benefits all the verticals that work towards payroll management.

Finance Department: Creating audit trails, automated TDS calculations, tracking of advances and loans, parameter driven salary JV, digitally signed form 16, calculation of interest on EMI or equated principal basis, a simple and hassle-free integration with the existing ERP/ financial accounting, and many others.

Human Resources Department: Maintaining employee job history, managing salary holds and releases, computing arrears, bulk FnF settlement with provisional form 16 on the same day, processing supplementary payroll, facilitating report export in various formats like MS-excel, PDF, etc. investment declarations, salary revisions, attendance, etc.

Statutory Compliances: This involves managing various forms such as ESIC form 6, ESIC statement and online Challan, provident fund Challan, forms including 3A, 6A, 12A, 5, 10, 9, professional tax statement, etc.

We’ve already emphasized enough on how important payroll operations are. The only thing that remains is your decision to deploy Ascent’s payroll processing software that would help you save energy, resources, and most importantly time that you’d other be spending on treading the age-old conventional path.

Be In Control Of Employee Attendance With Eilisys Employee Attendance Software

Widening business frontiers, along with opportunities, organically foster a lot of complexities of which employee attendance management is but one. The transition between managing few employees, to handling a multiple-designation team, could be quite challenging, and if these challenges weren’t enough, the difficulties encountered while keeping track of every employee movement and the attendance part would only add to your confrontations. As a result, perhaps, you end up overpaying or at times, underpaying, both of which could lead to employee dissatisfaction. But with Eilisys employee time tracking software, the growth transition as well managing medium to large scale employee attendance operations in the long-run are simplified. Scroll through this blog, while it acquaints you with the benefits resulting out of the Eilisys’s employee attendance management system.

Technology is a simplified solution to a lot of otherwise complex business operations, however, only if you accept it and get adept at it. A lot of business owners still believe in maintaining musters and limiting themselves to the application of technology only in the form of calculators. Considering the fact that business is ought to turn more complex and demanding in the years to come, technology proves to be the only solution. So, as prudent business owners, it is necessary that you foster employee satisfaction and employee convenience, both by embracing technology and integrating it into your existing systems. If necessary, revamp your processes, but the point here is to ensure accuracy and pace, no matter what! Take a look at what does Eilisys Ascent’s employee time tracking software has in store for you.

Employee Attendance Management System | Employee Attendance Software | Comprehensive Employee Time Tracking Software

Right from sharing those exception emails to multiple employees, to managing the critical compliance part, the modern employee time tracking software does it all. It relieves you out of the pressures built on account of handling all the tasks manually, thereby leaving you with the breathing space required to think about other equally important aspects of your business. Some of the benefits of the employee attendance management system are highlighted below.

  • Managing attendance exceptions such as absenteeism, late-in, early-outs, shift variations, etc.
  • Being compliant towards labour laws through the application of overtime policies.
  • Managing various compliance reports such as form 20, leave card, overtime, muster roll, etc.
  • Sending email notifications to employees as well as their managers for proposed salary deductions or leave deductions on account of attendance exceptions.
  • Real-time tracking and monitoring of employee attendance data.
  • System based management of employee shift schedule and daily attendance.
  • Extra time management
  • Ability to generate 30 standard reports and designing your own report through the report writing tool.
  • Simple and hassle-free integration with any attendance tools such as biometric or cards.

Highlighted above are only some of the benefits. There are many more helping business owners reap the desired results and fulfilling the objectives of investing resources into a technology based solution towards managing employee attendance. For an additional insight on the benefits delivered out of Ascent’s visit employee attendance software.