Eilisys Is A One Stop Solution Provider For Human Capital Management Software (HCM)

Workforce management software is a combined set of processes that is utilized by various organizations to improve and streamline the productivity of their employees. With the aid of workforce management software, labor requirements can be forecasted effectively, and staff schedules can be successfully created and managed so that the work of an organization runs in an efficient manner. Workforce management software also helps the various companies to gain important information like the exact number of employees needed to successfully complete a given project or process in a fixed frame of time. This kind of software is also used to track the daily performance of the employees. The workforce management software comes under the ambit of human resource management and covers its various facets such as forecasting and budgeting, compliance, vacation and leave planning, staff scheduling, performance management of employees, payroll and benefits administration and various other functions. There are various benefits of using a workforce management software that include improving the efficiency of the employees, better planning of workforce requirement, a lower cost of operations and better service to the customers. Hence, workforce management software is used in various industries such as healthcare, retail, banking, insurance and many others.

Employee management software is another tool that increases the efficiency and productivity of an organization. It is well established that employees are an excellent asset to the companies and they help the companies to remain competitive. Since managers presently are hard pressed for time and they must deal with lots of workloads, meetings and appointments, they are invariably not able to give time and attention to employees and give them encouragement and praise that they wholly deserve. This is where the role of employee management software comes in and such type of software is used to record the information about the employees, their appraisals and information about bonuses and benefits provided as well. Such type of employee management software is user friendly and automates and makes simple the various functions coming under the ambit of human resource management. With the aid of employee management system, an organization can reduce the paperwork, helps in keeping track of time and attendance, helps in planning of shifts, etc. thereby helping in running the operations of a company in a smooth fashion. With the help of proper employee management software, the relationship between the managers and employees can be managed in a better fashion and employees can be motivated effectively.

HR payroll software is used to maintain the key financial records of an employee in the form of their salaries, deductions, net pay and bonuses. This is a legal requirement all over the world and hence the payroll information of every employee needs to be properly recorded and managed. It is in this context the role of HR payroll software comes in. HR payroll software is used for various purposes such as for running the payroll operations in an efficient and timely manner and to increase the profitability of an organization. In addition, with the help of HR payroll software, the manual tasks can be automated and thus reducing the scope of mistakes in payroll operations and to increase the productivity of the staff.

Thus, if you are looking for improving the profitability and efficiency of your organization by using such kind of software, then Eilisys is the one stop solution for all your needs. Eilisys provides you with high quality workforce management software, employee management software and HR payroll software. With the help of these software provided by Eilisys, you can take your organization to greater heights.


Eiilisys is providing various kinds of software in the domain of human resource management in the form of workforce management software, employee management software and HR payroll software. With the aid of such kind of software, the functions of HR can be automated, decreasing the scope of mistakes and increase the productivity of employees, thereby leading to increased profits.

Ascent Payroll By Eilisys Technologies Is One Of The Best Payroll Software Available In India

Payroll management software is used for maintaining the financial records of an employee that consists of the salaries, wages, deductions, bonus and net pay. Such kind of records must be maintained and kept by an employer as they are required legally. Payroll management software in India is required for various purposes. The general impacts that payroll management software have is that if the salaries are released late, it has an adverse impact on the morale of the employees and they may feel that their job is not stable or secure, which may lead them to underperforming and reduces the productivity. Such kind of situation also leads to quality of work getting suffered. Hence, no matter what the size of an organization may be, they must ensure that they possess the best payroll software, so that such kind of situations can be avoided. A payroll software system is a must for the organization to maintain the morale of their employees and to save taxes as well.

There are various reasons for having payroll management software in the Indian context. In the beginning, best payroll software is necessary for compliance with the legal and tax requirements and to simplify the method through which the employees are being paid. A payroll management software helps in saving time on maintaining the payrolls and considers various variable factors such as leaves, overtime and benefits. Doing all such calculations manually will take considerable amount of labor and time and a payroll management software automates all such processes and calculations. Having a payroll software system helps to automate such tasks so that employees don’t have to do it manually and repeated payroll tasks can be saved in the system so that new formats don’t need to be created again and again in a manual process.

A payroll management software maintains the data regarding the exact amount of salary that has been paid to each employee of an organization and maintains the deductions and leaves that each employee has availed. As the payroll software system is customizable, all such kind of data can be maintained easily, and one doesn’t need to refer various data sources, as all the required information is in the payroll software system itself. With the help of a payroll management software, it is ensured that employees understand the policies of the company and the audit process for the company also gets simplified. A payroll software system also is cost effective and mostly the company providing the software takes care of maintaining the system and the upgrades. This directly helps in reducing the number of employees required in maintaining the payroll and thus impacts the profitability of the company positively.

In addition, a payroll management software is secure in nature and maintains the employee data in tight security that is ensured by strict controls. This translates into specific access codes and administrative rights are provided to select few in the company to gain access to the system. On the other hand, employees can easily maintain and track the records pertaining to number of hours they have worked, leaves they have taken, bonuses and other parameters. This makes the entire system transparent and reduces the burden on payroll administrators.

Ascent payroll is one of the best payroll management software in India. Ascent payroll is one of the best payroll software and is a flagship product of Eilisys technologies. This payroll management software is flexible in nature and has features like income tax calculator, flexi reimbursements and expat grossing up tax. This ensures that Ascent payroll by Eilisys technologies is a perfect tool for fast calculation of payrolls.


Ascent payroll is a flagship product of Eilisys technologies is an excellent tool for the calculations of payrolls. Payrolls are important function in any company and the automation of this process saves both time and increases profit. Ascent payroll tool helps to increase the productivity and smoothen the payroll calculation process.

Managing Payroll Complexities with the Best Payroll Processing Software

Payroll certainly isn’t only about calculating the salaries and further crediting them to the employees. It is an entire vertical in itself dealing with a lot of intricate and interlaced operations that add to the complexities, thus making it a challenge for employers that haven’t really built the human and technical muscle power to successfully counter those complexities.

Payroll is a multi-dimensional and an impactful activity that, if managed flawlessly builds up the employee as well as stakeholder confidence, and if blocked by frequently occurring hiccups could tarnish the organization’s image in different ways. Accept it or not, that’s how critical payroll management is! It requires well-defined and complete payroll processing software that eradicates the need to spend those back-breaking late hours in the office, inspecting records and crunching numbers. That’s where Eilisys comes from! So, scroll down to explore what exactly Eilisys’s payroll processing software has to offer.

Now that you’ve realized the monetary, technical and operational challenges posed by managing payroll all by yourself, it is time you should upgrade your work processes, deploying comprehensive payroll processing software. Considering the sensitivity of payroll as indicated earlier, it becomes imperative for every professional setup to resort to a technology-empowered solution, in turn, helping you deliver accuracy and relieving you out of the time-consuming payroll operations. Here’s more to how the best payroll processing software is a prudent choice for your business.

Eilisys HCM Software | The Best Payroll Processing Companies in Pune | The Most Organized Payroll Processing Software

Payroll isn’t confined to a particular, but a multi-dimensional business process impacting different departments, and therefore, benefitting the entire concerned if supported through comprehensive payroll processing software. Different departments such as the HR, finance can leverage the benefits offered by Eilisys’s payroll process software, along with fool-proofing the statutory compliance part.

HR Department: HCM software helps the HR department to accomplish various tasks such as maintaining employee job history, processing supplementary payroll, generating various employee related reports in multiple formats like PDF, excel, processing full and final settlement with provisional form 16, managing investment declarations, salary revisions, attendance, applying a user definable formula for every deduction/ earning and much more.

Finance Department: Automating TDS calculations, digitally signed form 16, tracking loans and advances, parameter driven salary JV, income tax calculation, automating bank upload files, NEFT files into the banker’s format, integrating and configuring the company’s own dimensions for salary JV, calculating interest depending upon the EMI or equated principle, etc.

Statutory Compliance: ESIC form 6, ESIC statement and online challan, professional tax statement, PF reconciliation statement, PF and pension nomination (revised form 2), income tax ITNS 281 challan, form 16, eTDS returns 24Q, PF challan, various forms such as 3A, 6A, 12A, 5, 10, 9, ECR online return professional tax return cum challan.

One of the most preferred payroll processing software within the trade, Eilisys has been serving several reputed organizations across the country and has built a reputation as the best payroll companies in Pune and other cities of the country. Besides payroll, HCM software offers other software systems including attendance, leave, analytics, meeting room manager, visitor management, ESS, etc. Delaying the incubation of technology in your business process, would result in nothing but furthermore delays in delivering the required and eventually in loss of priceless time and revenue. Hence, as the old adage goes, the sooner, the better it is! So, get in touch with Eilisys today, and book your package of payroll processing software today!

Tracking Employee Movement through Ascent Employee Time Tracking Software

Being stuck with the conventional employee attendance tracking techniques could incur you unrealized expenses, and moreover, could compel you to live with the inaccuracies resulting out of manual errors. Perhaps, while the conventional techniques have worked all through these years, with technology disrupting most of the manually intervened processes, and transforming into an imperative requirement, a technology-based solution to managing employee time tracking would soon find a place within your HR systems. Eilisys’s Ascent Employee Time Tracking Software is a comprehensive solution to all your time tracking needs, thus relieving you out of the hassles of maintaining an exclusive workforce to document employee movements and live with challenges such as inaccuracies, delays, etc. This blog would interest business owners who are looking forward to deploying sensible HR management software.

Employee attendance management is something that impacts multiple verticals at the same time. It is a major area of concern for the human resources and the accounts department from the viewpoint of managing exceptions, managing on-duty approvals, managing overtime, tracking employee movements, measure employee punctuality, and above all computing payroll in an accurate and timely manner.

Lately, despite the advancements of technology and the benefits it continues to bring on the table, a lot of business owners, even today, rely on manual documentation and tracking techniques. While some realize the hassles of living with it, some are resistant towards changes and reluctant towards inducting technology within their work processes. Here, business owners must understand the fact that technology is the only long-term solution to every business process in the modern context, and hence, getting an employee time tracking software on-board proves to be a prudent choice! It facilitates attendance tracking in multiple ways including biometrics, swipe cards, RFID, web punch, fingerprints, etc. based on the client’s preference and requirement. Let us now discuss some of the tangible benefits reaped out of the Ascent’s HR management software.

Ascent Employee Time Tracking Software | End-to-End HR Management Software

Ascent Employee Time Tracking Software offers various functionalities across different dimensions of employee attendance and leave management.

  • Compliance management through reports such as muster rolls, leave cards, overtime, audit registers, form 20, integrating labour laws through the application of overtime policies, etc.
  • Facilitating exception regularization through on-duty or punch regularization application, managing attendance exceptions such as missed punch, absenteeism, late-in, early-out, shift variations, integrating the organization’s internal deduction policies for attendance exceptions, sending automated emails to employees and managers for proposed salary or leave deductions owing to attendance exceptions.
  • Daily employee attendance management, shift-scheduling at the manager’s fingertips, real-time visibility and available of employee time tracking and attendance data,
  • Extra-time management through overtime configuration and eradicating revenue leaks by integrating the organization’s pre-approved overtime plan in the system.
  • Enables supervisors and managers to schedule shifts along with work flow based approval process. The system also provides configurable template for employees following a specific pattern of working.
  • Business owners, HR administrators, and the finance team can generate more than 30 comprehensive reports in multiple formats.
  • Business owners, HR administrators, and the finance team can generate more than 30 comprehensive reports in multiple formats.

Ascent Employee Time Tracking Software is a smart solution towards managing the nitty-gritty of employee leave and attendance. It certainly offers value for money, owing to its accuracy, simple integrations and configurations, timely availability of data, and most importantly automation. It relieves HR professionals out of manual operations, thus saving a lot of time and efforts allowing them the bandwidth to focus on other core activities. To request for a demo, call (+91) 20 67295300 or write an email at sales@eilisys.com