Companies Using Smart HCM Software For Efficient Management Of HR Functions

Payroll management is one of the fundamental functions of any HR department. To generate efficiency in bigger firms with huge workforces, HR payroll software suites were developed. These offer to streamline the routine operations relating to salary and other benefits for the employees. Lately, we find the development and acceptance of HCM software which are oriented towards the broader management of the human capital in any enterprise. The concept of human resource management has wider connotations and the objective is to ensure the optimized productive value of the HR. This obviously maximizes the profit of the company.

In the yester century, workers were considered merely as the means to produce goods. Now they are considered as the assets of the company. Responding to the calls of human-relations and behaviour a list thinkers, greater benefits were offered to the workers and the scope of functions of HR departments grew. The modern HR management software suites are being developed while considering all the functions of desirability.

Simplifying the HR tasks

Automation of employee management is one of the attempted objectives in any HR software. The salary payout is a monthly cycle and needs to be repeated by the HR department in favour of every employee. The software allows the managers to leverage smart automation of the compensation policy for every employee separately. This is achieved through the account based system that is executed through the HR software. Based on the working hours and attendance and leaves, the salary is calculated for each employee. The core task is however performed by the software functions that capture the employee work metrics in a consistent and fail-proof manner. By making use of the smart attendance systems and account based biometric login channels, the software generates the dynamic record for every worker. This record is used for the salary slip development. Thus the core tasks have been greatly simplified through HR payroll software.

Account based access through a mobile app


Similar to the smart automation in payroll development, the customized HCM software allows more functionalities. Making use of the web and associated frontline technology, we today find the integration of mobile app that can be accessed by every registered employee with valid credentials anytime on the go. These apps replicate the account based information in a secure manner such that the employee can make inputs actively through functionalities like mailing to HR service desk, messaging and others. A dynamic interface is thus developed and a seeking worker can reach out to the managers like for getting leave extension or any other request.

Ensuring employee satisfaction

From the above discussed simplification of the HR functions and the ease derived through it, there is also a core benefit ensured! The cause of employee satisfaction which appears a distant dream for the company management is helped significantly when there is a dynamic interfacing available every time through the customized HR management software. Many functions that are otherwise difficult have been rendered easy and this eliminates the delays and dissatisfaction. A happy employee matrix remains committed to the organization goals that are achieved easily and hence better overall performance!

Ascent Best Payroll Software System – Software That Pays Off Well!

Payroll, with the complexity of the involved process and to top it up, the imperative compliance part, requires a team of professionals that are thorough with the micro as well as macro aspects of payroll management. However, that’s with the quality part. But when it comes to handling volumes, even the best of the best teams require a technology helping-hand managing the nitty-gritty and the important calculations part, along with managing the compliance one! So, here’s your solution! Yes, ascent payroll management software, your multi-dimensional and end-to-end partner offering the best payroll software services, right from calculating the pay, income tax, to managing statutory compliance, and handling various forms.

Manual payroll management, in the modern context, is certainly not a wise idea. For business owners,who even today rely upon and do it the manual way, it’s time to empathize with the employees, and realize the hardships and challenges they face while dealing with the payroll of the company! It consumes a lot of time, and besides, any inaccuracies owing to human errors would have them reprimanded, let alone the loss of reputation that would come in the limelight.Moreover, flaws in the payroll systems could eventually lead to employee dissatisfaction, inviting unnecessary concerns. The key here is to utilize technology to the benefit of the organization, by employing prudent payroll software systems that would manage the entire payroll gamut with efficiency and precision.

Ascent’s payroll management software in India is one of its kind benefiting different departments. Here are some of the benefits reaped by the finance and the HR department, and on the statutory compliance front.

Finance: Online claim based CTC reimbursement, tracking advances and loans, auto calculation of TDS, auto NEFT file and bank upload file in the banker’s format, simple integration with the existing financial accounting and ERP system, parameter-based salary JV and income tax calculation, configuring own dimensions for salary JV, previous month variation reports, audit trails for earning/deduction and for employee master data amendments, etc.

Human Resources: Salary management, salary revisions, investment declarations, attendance management and summary, recording employee history, arrears calculation, leave regularization, comprehensive reports for salary and employee master data into various formats like text, PDF, Excel, etc. bank FnF statement along with provisional form 16 on the same day, utility import for information pertaining to the newly joined employees, user-defined formula for every deduction/earning and many more.

Statutory Compliance: ESIC statement and online challan, professional tax statement, provident fund reconciliation statement, provident fund challan, form 5, 9, 10, 3A, 6A, 12A, online return profession tax return and challan, form 16, eTDS returns 24Q, Income tax ITNS 281 challan, etc.

Of course, software’s operational efficiency certainly adds to its importance and practical application. However, what’s equally, or perhaps, is slightly more critical is the statutory compliance part. Ascent’s payroll software system is fully proficient in handling the compliance part, thus relieving the business owner and the payroll administrators out of the confrontations of managing the payroll operations and at the same time ensure compliance.

Contact us and get to know more about our software or request a demo for by clicking on the REQUEST A DEMO tab and be prepared to witness the wonders technology can do you to your business!

Benefits of Attendance Management Software

People who don’t value at their time usually do not have a good day to go. This is because most of them end up wasting their incredibly valuable and resourceful days. We can surely say this as it is not unknown that time is more important and valuable than money. People should realize that time is much more valuable than the money because with the use of the money we cannot make or purchase time but by utilizing the correct time we can make money. So, good time management is very important in life.

Nowadays, for organizing the system and saving money along with removing the frustrations due to the manual process, a new way named as an automated time and attendance system has been introduced. Accepting attendance management software

has not only proved to be effective in controlling time but it also has the power to convert and change the workplace wellness. By implementing an attendance management software, one can be able to increase the efficiency, manage labour costs, and increasing the profits.

In an organization where all the employees are using this software, they experience the delight of employee attendance management system along with the attendance, leave (vacation), and payroll that impacts the production and profits of the organization.

Let us discuss the different types of benefits of attendance management software.

  1. Reduce Errors:

Using this software, you can easily reduce the human error and without any confusion, it creates an orderly approach in addressing specific needs. As compared to a manual system, this employee attendance software has an accuracy rate of 99% more by deleting errors in case of data entry and calculations.

  1. Reliable and accurate:

As per traditional manual method sometimes employee forget to log in the correct timings and some of the employees also misuse the system. But, in this new software, many such loopholes have been rectified and that helps to give correct inputs and there is no chance of any confusion by keeping the accurate and reliable data.

  1. Increase security:

Employee attendance software along with the time controls the employee access and track the employee entry with biometric data collection devices. These devices remove buddy punching and also reduce costly liabilities.

  1. Save Money & cost effective:

By using these type of modern technologies, companies can certainly help to reduce the labour costs. These systems also increase the efficiency and save money because collecting, managing, calculating, and processing the data for the payroll manually also takes a lot of time. It is a one-time investment because in this case, there is no need to pay a human for doing this task. So without wasting time, you can get an error-free report.

  1. Better regulatory fulfilment:

It gives enough information like accurate data regarding the working hours, leaves, and the net amount which should be paid to the employees which are required for regulatory compliance.

  1. Increase productivity:

This process is unified and makes day-to-day operations more efficient and conveniently increasing the productivity. Not only it frees up the employees time but also it decreases the staffing overhead.

  1. Increase Employee satisfaction:

It gives the quick access by which manager and employees fix the issue without having the hassles every month end.

  1. Real-time tracking:

Cloud-based employee attendance management system provides real-time tracking. For payroll processing, it also provides automated inputs. Because of this feature, all information related to payment schedule is made available in real time. To adjust work schedule manager can also create “scheduled versus actual” reports to adjust the work schedules.

Hope this information proves to be extremely beneficial to you. By accepting this new software and systems, one can make processes hassle-free and provide a flawlessly integrated system for your organization.

Ascent Payroll Processing Software – Your Payroll Technology Partner

Payroll, although it deals with a lot of number crunching, using calculators and applying those complicated spreadsheet formulae, it is a people-oriented job, and therefore, requires to be accurate, prompt and most importantly, compliant towards the policy framework set by the national authorities. Out of the several payroll processing companies in Pune, one company that stands out is Eilisys. It is considered as one of the most trustworthy partners when it comes to facilitating an end-to-end payroll processing software.It is a tested and proven formula. The exhaustive and ever-growing list of its reputed clients, speaks for the company’s success in the payroll technology domain. This blog is an attempt to fathom the utility of the Eilisys’s Ascent payroll processing software. Keep exploring!

The quick-paced world requires quick service, quick computing, supplemented with accuracy, and heavy-duty performance. The human brain, with its own capacities and mileage to work and compute things, beyond a point in time requires rest. Of course, the conventional processes required a lot of brain application and computing capabilities. However, with the advent of technology that has invaded almost every human intervened aspect, things have graduated to automation. Payroll processing is one of them. With business evolving over the years, so have its rules and regulations, and the framework requiring strict adherence towards compliance, without any deviations! Payroll processing is a software process. To a certain point, especially transacting with the intricate policies, human intervention is rendered redundant (in fact, not useful), and the process requires automation and technological hand-holding to work things out in an accurate, quick and compliant fashion. The payroll processing software is a technology-oriented solution towards handling payroll processing.

The payroll processing software we are talking about belongs to Ascent, which, in turn, belongs to the parent company Eilisys. Eilisys has been in the business for over 17 years, engineering the most appropriate technological solutions for payroll processing, leave management, attendance management, analytics, expense, visitor management, meeting room manager, mobile apps, etc. Eilisys has always kept with the pace of time, and have been changing itself and augmenting the capabilities of its products over the years to cope with the dynamic needs of the industry. But, some things never change, and in case of Eilisys, it is the top quality of its products, highest levels of customer service, and yes, its endeavors to guarantee customer success and satisfaction, no matter what!

Ascent’s payroll processing software is a multi-faceted product that proves beneficial to the HR department and the finance department as well, helping both of them complying with the set of rules and regulations. The HR vertical leverages its capabilities of documenting and recording employee history, end-to-end salary management, generating comprehensive reports, full and final settlements, and many more. For the finance department, on the other hand, calculatingthe different type of taxes, loans, and advance tracking, helping create audit trails, etc. On the statutory compliance front, the payroll processing handles all the forms associated with employee payroll.

Human touch and intervention has its own incomparable value, however, when it comes to managing business processes in the modern context, employing technology becomes equally important. Ascent’s payroll processing software is a perfect example of technology working at its best to support people-oriented processes. Get in touch with the Eilisys at (+91) 20 6729 5300 and book your demo today!